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What Facelift Can do

A Facelift surgerv accomplishes several goals, A facelift tightens and lifts the underlying muscle and soft tissue to restore the cheeks, jawline and neck area to a more youthful postion and contour. The excess loose skin that develops over the years is also excised during the facelift procedure, The goal of facelift surgery is not to make everything tight. but to return the face to a natural, refreshed and more youthful look. A facelift may take 10 years off your appearance, but unfortunately does not halt the aging process.Most patients will find that their rejuvenated appearance will last somewhere between 8-10 years. A facelift will not typically improve the fine lines in the skin texture. Improving the overall skin quality and wrinkles typically requires a resurfacing procedure such as a chemical peel or laser resurfacing. The facelift procedure mainly addresses the lower portion of the face and neck. To significantly improve the upper portion of the face and eyes. adjunctive procedures such as a forehead lift or eyelid surgery may also be beneficial.

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