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Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is the surgery of jaw bones and teeth. Therefore, it covers quite a number of dental procedures or medical procedures that involve artificial modification of dentition.

dental surgery covers a wide plethora of dental procedures that doesn’t necessarily require going under the knife or cutting the gums. It also involves putting on teeth prosthetics and putting in bone implants,To the general public, dentistry and dental surgery are mostly associated with fixing teeth. However, dental medicine isn’t only about fixing your teeth but also covers other aspects of craniofacial complex, such as the temperomandibular structure and other supporting structures. In turn, dental surgery procedures don’t only cover root canals and removal of wisdom teeth that are impacted

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Dental implant

A dental implant is a right treatment for anyone missing one or multiple teeth due to injury, disease, decay or any defect. Implants are suitable for patients of all ages even when the jaw stops growing after puberty. Determining basic dental health is a key stage in any treatment plan. Elite offers reliable and an excellent option for tooth replacement. Our devoted team guides you step-by-step.

A dental implant is an artificial replacement, usually made from titanium. Typically, implants have three parts:

  • The implant: A screw that serves as a root which is permanently attached to the jaw.
  • The abutment: A connector that holds and supports a tooth or set of teeth.
  • The crown: It is usually made of zirconium or porcelain. Crown is the part of the tooth that is visible.