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Facial Rejuvenation Includes varieties of major permanent and long-term plastic surgery, less invasive mid-range surgical procedures, and non-invasive mid-range surgical procedures, and non-invasive.

What you need to know about Facial Rejuvenation

Signs of aging may be more visible on the face than any other area of the body. Facial rejuvenation is a strategy using a variety of treatments to combat a variety of forces at work in an aging face.
  • Exposure to sun, wind,excessive heat and cold.
  • Chemical and biological pollution.
  • Hormonal changes, depleted collagen production, thinning of the skin due to free radical damage, facial bone changes, and slacked facial ligaments
  • Improper daily habits in term of skincare, diet, exercise and cigarette smoking.
  • Medical conditions including skin disorders , acne, and chickenpox, which may produce scarring.
  • Miscellaneous physiological functions can produce freckling pigmentation spots(lentigos), dry spots (keratoses), broken capillaries, and hyperpigmentation from hormonal changes (which may be induces by pregnancy or birth control medications.)
  • Genetics.

Facial Bones Change with Age

A recent study helped us better understand how aging affects facial bones. New information about shifting bone structure and bone loss has an impact on how plastic surgeons treat patients seeking cosmetics procedures. that is why facial implants are so important.

Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Microdermabrasion, vibraderm, chemical peel, and laser skin resurfacing improve skin texture, the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, freckling, dry spots, and pore size. Somesking resurfacing procedures offer supplemntary benefits such as reducing the appearance of brocken capillaries and improving collagen production. Laser scar removal can assist with aging scars.

Facelift Variations

There are many types of faccelifts, In general, Facelifts differ by:
  • Type of incision
  • The number of tissue layers treated during the procedure
  • The area of the face
  • The degree of invasiveness.
The Main types of Facelifts include:
  • SMAS
  • Short scar facelift
  • The mid-facelift(mini-facelift)
  • Secondary facelift
  • Nonsurgical sterm cell facelifts
  • Orthignathic surgery (bone reconstruction)
  • Deep plane lift
  • Endoscopic Facelift
  • Combination Procedures
  • Thread lift
  • Facial Implants

Time Machine Process

Facial Rejuvenation can mean different things to different people. There are non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments and procedures used to improve slight facial imperfections, including stem cell facelift. There are plastic surgery procedures that can dramatically improve the appearance of the face. All of these are forms of facial rejuvenation. The most successful approach may be a combination of procedures and treatments for a comprehensive facial rejuvenation strategy.

Beautification, this is what plasticsurgery is all about

The combination of procedures is a MUST for Dr. Chebaro, because in the combination there is the key to success for a real beautification.

What to expect from Elite Plastic Surgery Clinic?

Up-to-date information, procedures, and skills, Dr. Chebaro is a Board-certified from the American Board of Plastic Surgery in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and also from the American Board or oral and Maxilloacial surgery in both cosmetic and orthognathic surgery. With more than 20 years of practice and thousands of procedures in this field.
An example of procedures combination: Endoscopic brow-lift, SMAS facelift, neck-lift, eyelid sugery, chin implant, fat transfer, skin Laser resurfacing.(You can see perfect result at 6 month past-op)