A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 1028: Who else?



Chapter 1028 Who else?


“Compared to him, we are trash, we are ridiculous!”


And the City Lord Luo looked a little embarrassed. After a long time, he twisted his beard and said, “It turns out that his strength really exceeds mine, so I can’t see through his strength!”


At this time, the eyes of everyone looking at Chen Feng were no longer disdainful and contemptuous, but full of respect and fear.


Dragon Vessel Continent, the strong are respected, and the strong will be admired by all.


At this time, everyone thought even more: “It turns out that the hooves of the purple deer were not obtained by him through luck, but he really killed with his strength.”


“It’s ridiculous that we were so suspicious of him before!”


At this time, the one who was most shocked was undoubtedly Zhou Jiasheng.


Zhou Jiasheng let out a terrified shout: “I don’t believe, how can this trash be so powerful? I absolutely don’t believe it!”


At this time, Chen Feng turned his eyes to him, and his eyes were full of murderous intent.


He had a stern smile on his face and said, “City Lord Zhou, haven’t you always wanted to clean me up? Haven’t you always wanted to compete with me?”


“Okay, now I’ll give you this chance, come on!”


Zhou Jiasheng instinctively shouted: “Okay!”


But then, he regained consciousness and came back to his senses, and suddenly, his face showed extreme horror.


He looked at Chen Feng with horror on his face, waved his hands and said, “No, no, I won’t fight you!”


Chen Feng smiled slightly: “It’s too late if you don’t want to fight now.”


“Just now, you provoked me several times!”


Zhou Jiasheng’s eyes showed fear, he suddenly turned around, and ran away frantically.


He knew that he was by no means Chen Feng’s opponent.


“You still want to run away at this time?” Chen Feng smiled coldly: “If you want to run, can you run away?”


Like a big bird, he volleyed up from the ring, pounced directly behind Zhou Jiasheng, and threw a punch.


Zhou Jiasheng let out a roar like a trapped beast struggling like a beast, turned around, and threw his fists fiercely.


But he is not Chen Feng’s opponent at all. After Chen Feng punched out, he directly shook him into a **** fog.


The one-star powerhouse in the Tianhe border was killed by Chen Feng!


Chen Feng returned to the ring, stood proudly, faced the audience, and said coldly, “Who else?”


The scene was silent, and no one dared to speak!


Everyone was defeated by Chen Feng!


The one-star powerhouse in the Tianhe realm was instantly killed by him, and the two-star powerhouse in the Tianhe realm was severely injured by his punch. Who is his opponent?


Xu Xuanshui’s eyes on Chen Feng were very complicated. Chen Feng’s strength was very strong, and he never thought that such a strong man would appear in Dongming City, and he would directly take the top position in this competition.


But he still said in a deep voice: “Congratulations to Chen Feng, who is the top of this competition, congratulations to Dongming City, you will be in charge of the Ziling Mountains for a year.”


At this time, Xu Shanchuan also got up from the ground.


He looked at Chen Feng and said, “Chen Feng, you are indeed very powerful, far superior to me. I was too ignorant before!”


Chen Feng said with a slight smile: “This person is also bright and upright.”


“However,” Xu Shanchuan continued, “I also have a senior sister who is visiting the mansion at this time.”


“Although you can defeat me, you are by no means my senior sister’s opponent. If I lose to you, I will lose my prestige of inheriting the Heavenly Sect, and my senior sister will definitely reinvigorate this prestige!”


Chen Feng laughed, Xu Shanchuan really cares about his reputation.


Chen Feng said: “Okay, then you can call your senior sister out, let’s have a test.”


Xu Shanchuan said: “Okay, you wait here first.”


Speaking, he immediately returned to the mansion.


A moment later, Xu Shanchuan came back, and behind him was a woman in a goose yellow dress!


Xu Shanchuan faced Chen Feng before coming to the crowd, and said proudly: “This is my senior sister, who is already a three-star cultivation base in the Tianhe Realm! The strength is very powerful, and he is one of the proud sons of my Chengtianmen.”


He looked at Chen Feng and said confidently, “Chen Feng, no matter how strong you are, you are definitely not my senior sister’s opponent.”


But at this time, he did not notice the strange expression on Chen Feng’s face.


Then, Xu Shanchuan turned around and said to the woman, “Senior sister…”


As soon as he finished speaking these two words, he saw that there was a bright smile on the beautiful face of Senior Sister.


Then, he rudely pushed him away, flew over the ring, walked quickly to Chen Feng, and smiled at Chen Feng very enthusiastically:


“Chen Feng, we are really destined to meet again.”


Xu Shanchuan stared blankly at this scene, his mouth wide enough to stuff an egg.


Chen Feng laughed and said: “Yeah, it’s a coincidence, Wanru, your breakthrough speed is very fast!”


“The last time I saw you was one star in the Tianhe border, and now it’s three stars in the Tianhe border.”


It turned out that this girl was actually Zhou Wanru.


Zhou Wanru laughed and said: “The reason why I broke through so quickly, I have to thank you!”


“With the realization in the Demon Wolf Valley, after returning to the sect, I will break through two levels!”


The two were talking very affectionately, and Xu Shanchuan was stunned.


After a while, I came back to my senses and said dumbly, “Ah? Senior Sister Zhou, do you two know each other?”


Zhou Wanru laughed, patted Chen Feng’s shoulder heavily, and said cheerfully: “We don’t just know each other? We are friends of life and death! The relationship is very close.”


Then, she beckoned to Xu Shanchuan, and said carelessly: “Come here, come here, brother Chen Feng. What is Chen Feng, no big or small! Chen Feng saved my life! If it wasn’t for him, I would have already died in the Demon Wolf Valley.”


Xu Shanchuan touched his nose. He was full of reluctance, but he listened to Zhou Wanru’s words very much, so he still walked in front of Chen Feng and obediently called Brother Chen Feng.


Chen Feng laughed, patted him on the shoulder, and pretended to be leaning on the old and betraying the old and said: “You are young, you have good strength, if you work hard, you have a chance to surpass me!”


Zhou Wanru smiled: “Chen Feng, you really are.”


Everyone in the surrounding stands stared blankly.


When Zhou Wanru came out, when they heard that they were the proud sons of Chengtianmen, they were all very excited, thinking that this was Chen Feng and definitely not an opponent.


But I didn’t expect that this person was close to Chen Feng, and Chen Feng actually saved her life?


At this point, the results of this competition have come out, and everyone dispersed after seeing nothing else.


While Xu Xuanshui winked, he invited Chen Feng and others to be guests in the mansion.


Zhou Wanru pulled Chen Feng to talk.


After dinner, the two chatted while drinking tea.


Chen Feng suddenly had an idea, thinking that Zhou Wanru was born in Chengtianmen and is the daughter of the deputy sect master. She must know more of these things than herself.


So he asked her in a side-by-side manner about the Myriad Spirits Tomb and the Great Emperor of Yin and Yang.


“You mean the Great Emperor Yin-Yang?” Zhou Wanru glanced at Chen Feng, feeling a little surprised. She didn’t know why Chen Feng suddenly brought up this topic.


But since Chen Feng asked, she replied, “I don’t know much about the Yin-Yang Emperor.”


“Only once, I heard my father and the door owner talk about it!”


“It is said that the Great Emperor Yin Yang was born in Qingzhou.”


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