A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 1029: Qianyuanzong was destroyed



The 1029th chapter Qianyuanzong was destroyed


“He was born in a poor family, and he did not detect any martial arts talent since he was a child. However, when he was more than ten years old, he had a chance encounter and met a god-like being with unimaginable strength, and he set foot on the martial arts. Road.”


Chen Feng took a deep breath and said, “Is there really a god?”


“At that time, he was really amazing and talented.”


“I practiced martial arts for one year, but at the age of eleven, I broke through to the realm of God’s Gate. At the age of thirteen, I broke through to the realm of Tianhe, and at the age of fourteen, I broke through to the realm of condensing souls.”


“By the time he was eighteen, he was already the number one expert in a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles!”


“He fought from the south to the north and built a huge empire with one hand! This huge empire spans millions of miles, with countless masters and tens of billions of people under his command.”


“Countless powerful warriors work under his command.”


“The current state of Qin was only a part of its territory at that time!”


“Thousands of people admire him! Countless people worship him day and night, and countless temples of him have been built everywhere.”


“In the eyes of everyone, he has become a god, a **** of martial arts!”


Chen Feng took a deep breath after hearing this, this yin and yang emperor is really a genius of the sky, and he is extremely powerful. He has established such a feat at such a young age!


Zhou Wanru obviously admired him very much, with little stars appearing in her eyes, and said in a tone of admiration:


“It is said that he is a body of yin and yang, and he has created a very powerful magic art, which is specially aimed at his body of yin and yang, so he is also called the emperor of yin and yang!”


She asked Chen Feng, “Do you know what the body of Yin and Yang is?”


Chen Feng wanted to say that he knew, but seeing Zhou Wanru’s expression of wanting to show off, he smiled slightly and said, “I really don’t know, you can tell me well.”


Zhou Wanru quickly showed off to him again.


Chen Feng listened very seriously. Seeing Chen Feng being so serious, Zhou Wanru’s bragging thoughts immediately surged up.


She said brightly, “And he was only twenty-three years old when he achieved such a huge foundation and established an empire!”


“But strangely, when he was thirty, he suddenly disappeared and disappeared without a trace.”


“It stands to reason that with his strength, there should be no problem in living to hundreds of thousands of years old! As a result, he suddenly disappeared when he was in his prime, and no one has ever seen him again.”


“Suddenly, it disappeared on the Dragon Vein Continent.”


Chen Feng said in surprise: “Then where did he go?”


“No one knows this, there are many guesses.”


“Some people speculate that his strength has reached a higher realm, smashing the void and going to other places.”


“And a more reliable guess is that he was too glorious and too prominent in the first half of his life. In fact, this was all in exchange for his life. His life was much shorter than others. At the age of thirty died.”


Chen Feng asked again: “Then, is there any legend about his tomb?”


“Yes, of course there is.” Zhou Wanru said: “It is said that he exhausted the strength of the whole country and built a huge tomb before his death.”


“In this tomb, buried his life’s secrets, endless treasures, and even his magic skills!”


In his eyes, there is a hint of longing: “The person who gets the treasure of this tomb can become a master of the world in a blink of an eye!”


She giggled and said, “It is said that this emperor’s burial is in our Qingzhou territory.”


Chen Feng asked: “There are so many good things in his tomb, isn’t there anyone looking for it?”


“Yes? Why is no one looking for it?” Zhou Wanru said, “Since he disappeared, countless warriors have tried to find the location of his tomb.”


“But alas, no one can do that. Not even a clue!”


Chen Feng nodded, a little clear in his heart.


He secretly said in his heart: “It seems that the tomb of the Great Emperor Yin Yang is the giant tomb of all spirits, hidden in Qingzhou.”


Chen Feng’s heart was full of passion and excitement.


He was extremely excited when he thought that he had obtained clues to the tomb of the Great Emperor Yin Yang.


Zhou Wanru yawned and said, “I already know this, it’s getting late, I’m going back to sleep!”


Chen Feng smiled and said, “Okay.”


On the second day, Zhou Wanru and Xu Shanchuan left.


Before leaving, he dragged Chen Feng and reluctantly talked for a while.


The two of them were sent away, and Chen Feng and Sun returned to Dongming City. He came to Dongming City mainly to say goodbye to Duan Yushu.


The next day, Chen Feng left Dongming City.


Chen Feng’s crotch is a monster. This monster was gifted by Sun, and it is called Chasing the Wind Snow Wolf.


The level is not very high, and the combat power is average, but the speed is very fast!


As soon as he left Dongming City, Chen Feng suddenly felt an extremely palpitating feeling in his heart.


This feeling is the second time he appears. The first time he felt this feeling was when he was very young.


That time, when the master left the sect, two days later, he was extremely frightened but could not do anything, so he could only anxiously wait for the master in the grass hut.


As a result, the master who was seriously injured and on the verge of death was waiting!


This feeling of palpitations made Chen Feng feel a pain in his heart, as if tens of thousands of ants were biting his heart.


Let him die and feel anxious.


Chen Feng murmured, “How can this happen? How can this happen?”


“Did someone close to me hurt? Who is it?”


Chen Feng suddenly turned in a direction. He was originally heading towards the Ziyang Sword Field, but at this time he turned and headed towards the direction of Qianyuan Sect!


The chasing snow wolf he drove frantically ran in the direction of Qianyuanzong.


At this time, the Qianyuan Sect was already caught in a sea of ​​fire.


Countless people dressed in black entered the Qianyuan Sect, killing people when they saw them, burning houses when they saw them, and robbing things when they saw them.


Wild slaughter.


These black-clothed men basically have one or two blood-colored ripples on top of their black-clothed clothes, and they are the gods’ gate realm.


Compared to Chen Feng at this time, they were vulnerable, but compared to these weak disciples and elders in the Qianyuan Sect, they were extremely powerful.


The disciples of Qianyuanzong were not their opponents at all, and they were easily killed by them.


At this time, inside and outside the Qianyuan Sect, it has become a ruin, with bricks and rubble everywhere, and burning wood everywhere.


The palace has been overthrown, the ground is full of corpses, the death is appalling.


There are also many female disciples, disheveled and fearful, who suffered inhuman humiliation before they died!


There are tens of thousands of disciples of the outer sect, none of them survived, and all of them have died.


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