A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 1039: The decisive battle against Feng Wuqing!



Chapter 1039: The decisive battle against Feng Wuqing!


A team is advancing on an official road leading to the location of the Alchemist Association in the Aomori Mountains.


There are dozens of carts in this team. About half of these carts are used to pull goods. There are various spiritual stone medicinal materials, precious weapons and so on.


There are also some martial arts books, which are thrown on it at will, and more carts are not used to pull goods, but to pull people.


These people. They are all from the Qianyuan Sect, and basically they are all young, handsome and pretty female disciples.


They had their meridians sealed, their hands and feet tied, and they were thrown on carts like live pigs and sheep.


Around the cart, hundreds of people dressed in black with blood-colored ripples embroidered on their clothes, riding on monsters, chatted and laughed unscrupulously.


Sometimes when it comes to sex, a female disciple of the Qianyuan Sect was pulled directly from the cart and held in her arms, which was extremely obscene and obscene.


Walking at the front, surrounded by the crowd was Feng Wuqing. Feng Wuqing was riding a huge first-grade monster, watching this scene leisurely.


Seeing the suffering of these Qianyuan Sect disciples, his eyes showed a hint of happiness, and he laughed:


“Boys, you can play whatever you want. You’re welcome. You can torture as much as you want, and don’t be afraid of dying.”


“Anyway, there are hundreds of them, haha!”


His eyes showed extreme hatred, and he said in a cold voice: “Those of Qianyuanzong, the more miserable people die, the happier I will be!”


He hated Chen Feng so much that he completely took out his anger at Qianyuan Sect.


A man in black, after listening to this sentence, was even more unscrupulous, let out a burst of crazy and arrogant laughter, and even directly pulled the clothes of the female disciple of Qianyuan Sect in his hands, and directly Stripped.


Then, pressing on the monster beast, he started to take off his trousers. He actually prepared to do that unscrupulous thing on the monster beast in broad daylight.


The female disciple was desperately struggling and crying, but her skills were blocked and she didn’t have a trace of qi, how could she be able to move?


The man in black threw two big slaps on her face with extreme ferocity, hitting him directly to the point of blinding his head and bleeding from the corners of his mouth.


This female disciple had a look of despair in her eyes, and tears rolled out.


She knows that her destiny is doomed!


She was completely desperate, the man in black was about to pounce with a lewd smile.


And suddenly, at this time, in the dense forest by the road, a cold electric light flashed.


Then, the black-clothed man screamed in agony, and his head flew straight out, blood splashing on the female disciple’s face!


Seeing this scene, all the people in black were shocked.


Someone shouted, “There are enemies, there are enemies!”


And the faces of those Qianyuan Sect disciples all showed hope.


These men in black were on guard, but there were still a few cold lightning flashes in the jungle, which directly killed several men in black.


These men in black were all cut off with one sword, and there was no room for resistance at all.


Suddenly, these men in black were a little panicked, and Feng Wuqing said angrily, “What are you panicking about?”


Then, he rushed into the jungle and shouted: “Who?”


A cold voice came from the jungle: “The one who killed you!”


Then, all the men in black shrank their pupils. They saw a tall and tall figure wearing a green robe, slowly walking out of the dense forest and blocking the entire team.


This person is dragging a giant knife in his hand. This giant knife is almost as long as two of her, and it drags a deep imprint on the bluestone ground.


He stared at Feng Wuqing, his face expressionless and his eyes extremely cold.


“Is that you? Chen Feng?” Feng Wuqing raised his brows slightly when he saw Chen Feng, and said coldly:


“I’m still thinking, where must you have escaped, where are you hiding in a dark corner, but I didn’t expect that you would dare to come out on your own, how daring?”


“Are you crazy? Do you want to be buried with Qianyuanzong?”


“Don’t you know? As long as you fight with me, you will definitely be killed?” Feng Wuqing laughed.


Chen Feng said coldly, “Are you finished?”


Feng Wuqing flashed a ruthless look in his eyes: “What if you finish? What if you don’t finish?”


Chen Feng said coldly: “You can die when you’re done!”


“What? You said I’m going to die? You mean you can kill me?” Feng Wuqing was stunned for a moment, then let out a burst of disdainful laughter:


“Chen Feng, you are so arrogant, I am a master of the Tianhe Seven Stars. When the two of us fought against each other two days ago, you were beaten so miserably by me, and you were defeated and lost. Now you dare to speak such nonsense? “


His expression suddenly became extremely ferocious: “Since you are courting death, then I will fulfill you!”


“Just in time, I killed you today and wiped out the remnants of your Qianyuan Sect!”


Chen Feng pursed his lips tightly, his face full of resoluteness.


He didn’t say a word, he just dragged the giant sword with his right hand, and then strode towards Feng Wuqing.


Every time he took a step forward, his momentum increased.


When he rushed forward for dozens of steps, his aura had reached its peak.


Behind him, a Tianhe suddenly appeared, and five stars twinkled in the Tianhe.


Although the five stars are not many, each one is extremely bright and conspicuous.


Seeing this scene, Feng Wuqing was shocked and shouted: “Tianhe Five Stars? You have already broken through to the Tianhe Five Stars?”


“Two days ago, you were only three stars in Tianhe, but you have made a breakthrough so quickly!”


He was really shocked. You must know that it is extremely difficult to break through the Tianhe Realm.


It took him so long to break through from three stars in the Tianhe realm to seven stars, and it took him a full four years.


And in just two days, Chen Feng has broken through two stars and two small realms in a row. How can this not shock him?


Besides he was shocked, there was a strong jealousy in his eyes, and he said coldly: “You are so talented, I absolutely cannot keep you, and I must kill you to avoid future troubles.”


Then. The corner of his mouth twitched, revealing a contemptuous smile, and said disdainfully: “Besides, even if you are five stars in the Tianhe River, you are still two stars lower than me, and I can easily kill you!”


The men in black under his command flattered: “Yes, the hall master is right!”


“How could Chen Feng be the Hall Master’s opponent? There is a huge gap of two stars between the two!”


“Hall Master, be merciful, don’t kill him accidentally, won’t we have a lot less fun in the future?”


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