A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 1040: Three swords to kill!



Chapter 1040: Three-knife beheading!


“That’s right, Hall Master, abolish him, let’s torture him!”


Chen Feng didn’t say a word. At this moment, he had already rushed in front of Feng Wuqing, let out a snarling roar, and leaped several dozen meters high, raising his hands to cut off the moon knife.


Then, with a fierce roar, the Broken Mountain Sword slashed down fiercely.


Three phantoms of the Duanyue Sabre in the air were attached to the real body of the Duanyue Saber, and with the might of thunder, they slashed towards the bottom.


At first, Feng Wuqing didn’t care.


Chen Feng had also used this trick before, and he cracked it easily, so he still punched it lightly and didn’t care.


When the Broken Mountain was about to reach the top of his head, he felt that the Broken Mountain this time was different from before.


The power has at least doubled, as if it can cut down the mountains, and the momentum is extremely tyrannical.


Feng Wuqing was startled and shouted, “How could it be so powerful?”


He immediately stimulated the real energy in his body, and the real energy poured out frantically.


The momentum of this punch increased sharply, hitting the Broken Mountain.


A punch and a knife are slammed together. At this moment, the air seems to freeze, time seems to stop, and the whole picture freezes here.


It paused for a moment, and then in the next moment, there was a sudden loud bang, and Feng Wuqing’s fist was immediately cut in two and smashed to pieces!


Then, the Duanyue Sword slammed into Feng Wuqing’s body.


Feng Wuqing screamed and spurted blood, while the monster under his crotch let out a scream. The four huge legs as thick as water tanks were directly shaken into two pieces and fell heavily to the ground.


Chen Feng was shaken back ten meters and fell to the ground.


Chen Feng growled sharply; “Come again!”


Speaking, he jumped into the sky again, and slashed the mountain again with a knife, and slashed over.


Feng Wuqing only has the ability to parry, this time he mobilized ten successful forces, tried his best, and threw his fists wildly, roaring sharply: “Little bunny, I don’t believe it anymore, how could I not be your opponent? ?”


Behind him, a Tianhe suddenly appeared, with seven stars twinkling in it.


But the comparison between these stars and Chen Feng is completely unremarkable, and the light is very weak!


The fact that Feng Wuqing can’t accept is that after Chen Feng cut out this knife, he slashed Feng Wuqing with blood.


This time, it directly shattered his bones.


Then Chen Feng landed on the ground again. He laughed wildly and shouted wildly: “Come again!”


Speaking, he jumped into the sky again, severing the mountains and madly out.


After Chen Feng slashed twice in a row, his spirit and energy had completely reached a peak.


Suddenly, as if he had come to his senses, the power of Duanshan Mountain suddenly increased by 20%, reaching 120% of the power.


At this time, Feng Wuqing let out a terrifying roar.


He faintly felt death coming, and there was a hint of despair in his eyes.


He screamed and fought with all his strength, but to no avail.


A scream sounded, Feng Wuqing was cut in two directly, and the giant beast the size of a hill under his crotch was also cut in two by Chen Feng.


Blood gushing frantically, internal organs rolled out, and the spirit beast let out a mournful cry, and those who died directly could no longer die.


As for Feng Wuqing, he slashed directly in the waist, and the upper half of his body flew out, with a strong look of disbelief on his face.


He looked at Chen Feng and roared loudly: “How is it possible? How could you kill me so easily?”


“I am the Seven Stars of the Tianhe River, two stars higher than you!”


Chen Feng sneered: “Frog at the bottom of the well, what’s impossible? You think there are many more impossible things!”


As soon as the words fell, Feng Wuqing’s upper body was directly smashed by the rushing force of the powerful sword.


Feng Wuqing, a seven-star powerhouse in the Tianhe border, was killed by Chen Feng with three swords!


The strength of Chen Feng of the Tianhe Five Stars is comparable to other Tianhe Seven Stars powerhouses, because the jade-colored True Essence in his body is highly condensed, far superior to other ordinary True Essences by a hundred times, and its power is extremely tyrannical!


Originally, the men in black under Feng Wuqing’s hands were extremely arrogant and provoked Chen Feng one after another.


Because in their opinion, Chen Feng is by no means Feng Wuqing’s opponent, and he can easily be killed by Feng Wuqing.


But what they didn’t expect was that Feng Wuqing was killed by Chen Feng with three swords, and it seemed that there was no way to fight back.


All of them were stunned.


Feng Wuqing was the strongest among them, and they were all easily killed by Chen Feng, so how could they be Chen Feng’s opponents?


Only then did they know how powerful Chen Feng was, and they all looked at Chen Feng with a look of extreme fear.


Suddenly, one of the men in black shouted, “Brothers, let’s run!”


The men in black ran out.


Chen Feng snorted coldly: “Want to run? Can you run away?”


He slashed with one knife, directly killing a man in black.


Then, the left fist was punched, and the thunderbolt punch burst out, knocking the other man in black into a piece of coke.


In an instant, ten men in black have been killed by him.


At this time, some men in black saw that they couldn’t run away, and their eyes flashed fierce and fierce.


“If he wants to kill us, let’s kill the Qianyuanzong people! Even if we die, we must let the Qianyuanzong people be buried with us!”


Many people in black all shouted: “Okay, kill these people from the Qianyuan Sect!”


They knew that they were not Chen Feng’s opponents and could not escape death, and they even started to attack the disciples of Qianyuan Sect who were helpless next to them.


In the blink of an eye, all these Qianyuan Sect disciples were killed.


Chen Feng’s eyes were splitting, but there were hundreds of people in black, and he couldn’t stop them at all.


Chen Feng’s pupils were blood red, and he roared sharply: “All of you, all of you are going to die!”


Speaking, he rushed into these people and waved the Yue Dao with his hand, and each wave could take at least one person’s life.


In less than a cup of tea, the hundreds of people in black from the Law Enforcement Hall were all beheaded by Chen Feng.


The strong wind swept through Chen Feng’s robes.


Chen Feng stood among the corpses, with a cold smile on his face: “The Alchemist Association, wait, this is just the beginning!”


“Feng Wuqing is dead.”


An old and dry voice sounded, without any emotion in it, and the voice was light, as if the content was an autumn leaf falling outside the window.


Here is a small courtyard deep in the Danyang County Branch of the Alchemist Association.


The furthest buildings around are miles away, very quiet, and no one can disturb them.


The yard is very small, and the house is also small, with blue brick floors and white ash plastered walls, full of elegance and sparseness.


An old man sat cross-legged with a small Zhuoji in front of him.


At this time, his hands were meticulously and attentively manipulating the tea set, washing the tea set clean, then holding up a pot of already brewed tea and gently pouring it into the two cups.


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