A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 1042: Rolling



Chapter 1042 Rolling


In the Tianhe realm, one star represents ten drops of real essence, and in the Tianhu realm, one star represents one hundred drops of real essence!


“This person is far more powerful than me!”


After Chen Feng made this judgment, he did not stop at all, and immediately planned to run away.


However, before he escaped, he didn’t just turn around and run. It would be very stupid to sell his back to the opponent directly, and it would be easy to be killed by the opponent directly.


Chen Feng roared, and the nine-headed phase Liu Wuhun suddenly appeared behind him, and the soul-splitting needle stabbed Deng Xiangcai fiercely.


However, Deng Xiangcai seemed to be prepared, just as the soul-splitting needle was about to pierce his head, a yellow mask appeared on the surface of his body.


This yellow mask is extremely thick and seems to be able to resist mental attacks.


After the soul-shattering needle pierces the yellow mask, it directly dissipates the rupture of the yellow mask to the thorn.


However, it did not cause any harm to Deng Xiangcai!


Deng Xiangcai looked at Chen Feng and said with disdain: “Our Alchemist Association has already inquired about your skills.”


“Haha, still want to attack me? It’s just a dream!”


He looked cold: “Little bastard, die!”


Speaking, he threw a heavy punch.


After this punch was thrown, it carried an extremely large momentum.


A beam of yellow light shrouded directly towards Chen Feng. Being enveloped by this beam of yellow light, Chen Feng felt like his body was being pinched by a big hand, and his bones seemed to be shattered.


Chen Feng roared up to the sky, but he was never the one who was willing to admit defeat, and he would never be caught without his hands.


Chen Feng blasted his right fists one after another, shattering the five mountains with thunder!


This is his strongest punch. Crazy Thunder Shattering Five Mountains and Deng Xiangcai collided with this punch.


Chen Feng was directly knocked out for hundreds of meters, and the bones of both arms were all shattered, drooping behind him like soft noodles.


The internal organs were shaken to the point that they had been displaced, and he vomited blood frantically.


At this point, he was seriously injured.


And after his lightning ball hit Deng Xiangcai, Deng Xiangcai grinned and didn’t care, letting the lightning ball hit his body.


With a loud bang, a black wound about the size of a fist was knocked out of his body.


The flesh inside is festering and charred.


Deng Xiangcai’s face suddenly became more gloomy and ugly, and said in a cold voice: “I didn’t expect, little bunny, your power is quite powerful!”


“Even though we are so far apart in strength, yet you can still cause harm to me!”


“But it can only cause a little damage. Even if there are a hundred such injuries, it will not be fatal to me.”


“And you? You’re going to be seriously injured by my punch, haha!”


Speaking, he stepped forward and threw out another punch, exactly the same as before.


Chen Feng felt that he couldn’t seem to have the strength to resist. He gritted his teeth and let out a roar full of unwillingness in his throat.


He used all his strength to sever the mountain!


Deng Xiangcai did not dodge or evade, letting the Duanyue knife slash at himself.


With a loud bang, the Duan Yue Dao seemed to be slashed on a huge piece of steel.


Deng Xiangcai’s body surface was cut with a two-foot-long wound, but the wound was only less than an inch deep, and a little blood flowed out.


Deng Xiangcai tightened his muscles and the wound healed quickly.


Seeing this scene, Chen Feng couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of powerlessness in his heart.


“This Deng Xiangcai is too strong! Even if I try my best, I can’t do any harm to him!”


“My strongest ultimate move can only cause him a slight injury! And he can beat me to the ground with just one punch.”


Deng Xiangcai said proudly: “I have been practicing martial arts since I was a child. It has been 50 years since I was seven years old!”


“I’m already steel and iron. Attacks like yours are like tickling me.”


He let out a smug laugh, then stepped forward, looked down at Chen Feng, and said coldly: “Okay, now it’s time to send you on your way!”


Speaking, his fist smashed towards Chen Feng.


His fists were very slow, and there was a sinister light in his eyes, as if he had seen the scene where Chen Feng was smashed to death by his own punch.


And the reason why he is so slow is to give Chen Feng enough time to be afraid of fear.


He likes to torture his enemies like this.


Just when his fist was about to hit Chen Feng, suddenly, his pupils shrank slightly, and there was an extremely dangerous feeling.


Then, he saw that a dark elixir suddenly appeared on the surface of Chen Feng’s body.


The strong sense of danger came from this medicine pill, and he immediately retracted his fist, but it was too late.


Chen Feng directly smashed the medicinal pill on him, and then the Tianhe flowed wildly, all the real energy in the body revolved rapidly, drained everything, and ran wildly.


In the blink of an eye, hundreds of meters have been run.


And behind him, there was a loud explosion!


Chen Feng showed a sneer at the corner of his mouth and shouted: “Little thank you, it’s not a respect.”


“Deng Xiangcai, wait, I will kill you!”


It turns out that the pill that Chen Feng had just appeared in his hand was the Thunder Pill.


The Sky-shattering Lei Dan was specially refined for him by Elder An, and it is extremely powerful.


This time, Deng Xiangcai was blasted right by Zhentian Leidan, and he was directly blasted out dozens of meters away, and many wounds appeared on the surface of his body.


The wounds were all dark, and even some of the flesh was directly blown to rot.


He became angry and let out a fierce roar: “Chen Feng, I decided to violate the rules of the secret hall this time.”


“After catching you, I must torture you well, and then kill you.”


Speaking, he frantically chased in the direction of Chen Feng’s escape.


His injury wasn’t serious, but it was enough to affect his speed.


And Chen Feng’s shocking steps are extremely fast, but after all, the difference between the two’s strength is too great. Even so, Chen Feng is still being drawn closer by him!


In the Aomori Mountains, the mountains are high and the forests are dense, and Chen Feng fled wildly in the dense forests.


He felt that his chest and lungs had become a big furnace.


The breath was hot, and the whole body was in pain, and the head was dizzy.


The whole person, almost fainted at any time.


He was seriously injured, and he was desperately trying to stimulate the potential in his body, so it would naturally become like this.


But Chen Feng didn’t dare to slack off at all, because behind him, the terrifying and powerful aura was chasing him. Never stop for a moment!


The two chased and fled for five hours.


At this point, the night has passed, and even the sun is rising.


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