A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 1486: Does it hurt to hit you in the face?



Chapter 1486 Does it hurt to hit you in the face?


He looked at Chen Feng, laughed and said, “Feng Chen, do you know me? My medicinal cauldron is a dignified fourth-grade peak medicinal medicinal cauldron, and it is an extremely rare and powerful existence in the fourth-grade medicinal medicinal cauldron. I heard that you don’t even have your own medicine cauldron, right?”


“I heard that you are still using a very broken whiteboard to make a medicine pot…”


He looked at Chen Feng with a sense of superiority.


At this moment, Chen Feng smiled slightly, the golden dragon ring flashed, and with a swipe, his five-goat round tripod appeared.


Five rays of light flashed in succession.


Everyone exclaimed: “This, this is the fifth-grade medicine cauldron?”


“I didn’t expect that Feng Chen actually owns a fifth-grade medicine cauldron, and the background is too deep! He has such rare treasures.”


“Haha, Han Jie is a joke, mocking Feng Chen and saying that Feng Chen doesn’t have a medicine cauldron, but Feng Chen’s medicine cauldron is far stronger than his.”


Han Jie’s face suddenly flushed red, and he was blocked halfway through his words, like a chicken strangled by the neck, his face was a little ugly.


He just satirized that Chen Feng didn’t have a medicine cauldron, but he didn’t expect Chen Feng to come up with a medicine cauldron that was far superior to him, which made him feel that he had lost face.


Chen Feng looked at him, shrugged, and said with a smile, “Sorry, I seem to have a good medicine cauldron.”


“Hmph, what can you do with the medicine cauldron alone?” Han Jie said with a sneer, “I heard that you don’t even have your own flame, and there are a few who can enter the fourth round without your own flame. ?”


“It’s a fluke…”


Before he finished speaking, Chen Feng snapped, a flame appeared in his palm, shook it towards him, and said with a smile, “What are you looking at?”


After the people around looked at it, some people couldn’t help but burst into laughter, looking at Han Jie with a hint of ridicule in their eyes.


Many people let out a low whistle: “This Han Jie is really interesting, he was slapped in the face twice in a row!”


“Haha, this Feng Chen is also interesting. Every time Han Jie mocks him, he immediately comes out and slaps Han Jie in the face!”


“Haha, look at Han Jie’s face, it’s like a pig’s liver, it’s a shame!”


Everyone can see that although Chen Feng’s flames are mixed in color and not pure, they don’t look like high-end things, but they are actually his own flames.


Han Jie’s face is indeed very ugly. He was slapped twice in the face by Chen Feng, which made him embarrassed. He felt like a clown. It was a shame.


Chen Feng smiled and said, “Han Jie, are you happy with these two slaps?”


Han Jie glared at Chen Feng and said coldly, “With such a mixed flame, at first glance, it is not a high-end item, so how dare you show it off?”


“Furthermore, refining medicine, in the final analysis, it is the ability to refine medicine!”


Chen Feng looked at him and said with a smile: “Yes, that’s what I think, so I’ve been silent, but someone has been chattering all the time. Maybe you think you can give the medicine pill by mouth. Is it refined?”


Many people laughed: “This Feng Chen’s mouth is too poisonous!”


Han Jie was stunned for a moment. Then, his face was extremely ugly. The laughter around him was like a slap in the face. He felt that he had been greatly humiliated.


He looked at Chen Feng and said grimly, “Okay, Feng Chen, hello!”


“Since this is the case, I will use my strength to slap you in the face in a while, to let you know that I am the real genius, and you are a waste of words!”


Chen Feng said with a smile: “Now you’re trying to be quick!”


Han Jie glared at him fiercely, then, without speaking, began to lower his head to concoct alchemy.


His technique is indeed very skilled, and his speed is very fast. It can be seen that he is indeed powerful.


Chen Feng smiled lightly and ignored him, just refining his own.


In the suppressed state, the Red Lotus Earth Fire can only show one-tenth of its power.


Chen Feng read the prescription carefully, then he closed his eyes, the content of the prescription slowly flowed in his mind, extremely skilled, without any mistakes.


Chen Fengfeng just started refining. He directly poured the medicinal materials into the five-ram round tripod, and then the red lotus in his right hand flickered and pressed it under the tripod.


With a snort, the flames in the cauldron rose up, wrapping around the medicinal herbs!


Suddenly, Chen Feng felt a very awkward feeling in his heart. This awkward feeling made him feel that no matter how the medicinal materials were smelted, no matter how the medicinal materials were fused, they could not be fused together, let alone Condensed into elixir.


They couldn’t combine at all. This awkward feeling became stronger and stronger, making Chen Feng feel uncomfortable!


I felt uncomfortable everywhere, and even started to feel irritable.


Furthermore, the further down the practice, the more annoying it is. In the end, Chen Feng almost wanted to kick the medicine refining cauldron down. It seems that this is the only way to express the annoyance in his heart!


At this moment, Chen Feng suddenly heard a loud bang beside him. He looked sideways and saw an alchemist slamming down the alchemy cauldron in front of him with one foot. swirling.


Half of the medicinal ingredients that had been smelted into liquid medicine fell directly out.


Elder Liu, who was watching next to him, announced coldly and loudly: “Out!”


The young pharmacist stood on the spot, looking at his hands in despair, as if he couldn’t believe that he had done such a thing just now.


Seeing that he was still there, Elder Liu said coldly: “Take him down!”


Two guards in heavy armor strode forward and said, “Please!”


The alchemist obediently followed them and was taken away by the two of them.


Then, there were more than a dozen people who were extremely manic and caused trouble and were taken away.


Chen Feng was shocked and secretly said, “There is a problem!”


He immediately calmed down and wanted to make his heart feel like water, but it didn’t work at all, he was still extremely irritable.


Suddenly, at this time, in Chen Feng’s dantian, the heart fire of that cluster of red lotuses suddenly churned.


Chen Feng saw the flames lingering around, and it seemed that it was condensed into countless words. Chen Feng immediately looked at it attentively. When he saw it, his whole mind was immersed in it!


After reading all these words, Chen Feng stood there for a while, suddenly he opened his eyes, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and said softly to himself: “So that’s what happened!”


“It turns out that I am the real enlightenment. Even if others have some so-called enlightenment, as long as I am not like this, they are fake enlightenment!”


“They may be able to make some medicine pills, but it is absolutely impossible to make them perfect, and I am different!”


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