A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 1488: Breakthrough!



The first thousand four hundred and eighty-eight chapters are hard!


Above the stand, Li Yu pointed at Chen Feng and laughed loudly, his voice arrogant and arrogant.


Fang Zijing’s face is very ugly.


At this moment, Chen Feng suddenly turned around, looked at Fang Ziru, smiled and said, “If you remember correctly, Vice President Fang, you said before that your disciple is the real genius.”


“It seems that it’s just like that, it seems that it can’t compare to me!”


Speaking, he stretched out his right hand, slapped, slapped twice in the air, and said with a smile, “Vice President Fang, does your face hurt?”


Fang Zijing’s face was even more ugly, he snorted coldly, and turned to leave.


At this point, the fourth round of the competition is all over, and the fifth round is advanced. Yes, there are only eight people left.


In other words, there are at most two more rounds before the final moment can be reached!


That night, Yuwen’s house.


Because of the incident of being intruded by Chen Feng before, the Yuwen family’s recent defense is very tight. Silver armor guards are patrolling everywhere, every three steps and one post, and every ten steps.


In the depths of the dark alley in the distance, a figure hidden in the dark night glanced up at the scene with a slightly disdainful smile on the corner of his mouth.


Then, his figure flashed, and with a swish, like lightning, he disappeared directly, and he came directly under the city wall of Yuwen’s house.


Then he pressed his hand lightly, and he flew up, quietly climbed over a huge wall dozens of meters high, and landed lightly.


He found the direction and swept away somewhere.


There are a lot of silver-armored guards, especially in some key places, where the important people of the Yuwen family live here.


They are afraid that Chen Feng will attack these important people’s ideas!


However, these silver-armored guards are like nothing in his eyes, and they have no effect at all.


This person is obviously Chen Feng. This time, he did not approach any important person in the Yuwen family, but went directly to the depths of the Yuwen family.


Soon, before coming to a great hall, the great hall was dark, and I don’t know what material it was made of, and it felt extremely solid.


In addition, there are hundreds of silver armored guards standing outside, and the defense is extremely strict.


There are torches all around, which illuminates everything around it as bright as day, and it is obviously impossible to sneak into the past.


So, Chen Feng took a deep breath, stood up from the shadows, and strode towards the palace gate.


Soon, those guards found him and yelled, “Who? You dare to break into my Yuwen’s house!”


“This is the warehouse area. Anyone who trespasses will be killed! Hurry up and get out!”


These guards waved their weapons and scolded, and their attitude was extremely arrogant.


They’ve been under a lot of stress these days, so they’re putting all their anger on this person.


Some of the guards even walked towards Chen Feng with grim faces, hehe smiled and said, “Little brat, it just happened to abolish you, let us relieve our anger.”


Chen Feng raised his head, the fire flickered and fluttered in the wind, illuminating Chen Feng’s face.


And when these guards saw Chen Feng’s appearance clearly, they all took a deep breath, their faces showed shock and fear, and they all let out an exclamation.


“Chen Feng, it turned out to be Chen Feng!”


Some people recognized Chen Feng, while the rest of the people who didn’t recognize Chen Feng’s appearance also shivered with fright when they heard the word Chen Feng, and their faces instantly turned pale.


Chen Feng, this name is now in Wuyang City, and it can almost be said to be thunderous!


As soon as this young man entered the imperial capital, he had a conflict with the Yuwen family. At that time, the Yuwen family did not take him seriously, thinking that he was an ant and that he could be easily crushed.


But soon, everyone in the Yuwen family was horrified to find that the speed of this ant’s strength was extremely astonishing, becoming more and more powerful.


Even in the end, even the Yuwen family didn’t dare to provoke him.


And just a few nights ago, this young man broke into the forbidden area of ​​Yuwen’s house, killed the only two remaining super masters of Yuwen’s family by himself, and stole the treasure of Yuwen’s family!


This makes the word Chen Feng almost synonymous with demons in Yuwen’s house.


When they heard that Chen Feng was here, they were all scared to death.


The guards who went out even stepped back.


Chen Feng looked at them with a smile and said slowly, “What are you doing backing up?”


The guards were trembling with fear, and they couldn’t say what they said: “We, we didn’t do anything, we didn’t do anything…”


“Oh? Didn’t do anything?” Chen Feng sneered: “Didn’t you want to waste me just now? Come on, give you this chance!”


These guards waved their hands again and again: “Don’t dare, we dare not…”


“I think you guys are very daring!” Chen Feng sneered, suddenly dashing forward and punching out.


Those guards were bombed and killed without even having time to scream.


With a smile on the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth, he slowly walked forward. In front of him were the hundreds of silver-armored guards.


And every time Chen Feng took a step forward, the hundreds of silver armored guards took a step back.


Chen Feng actually did it all by himself, forcing them to retreat again and again.


In the end, they had retreated to the door of the warehouse, and there was no way out behind them.


Chen Feng’s mouth suddenly drew an icy arc, and said in a cold voice: “Now, I’ll give you two choices, either die! Or get out! Choose for yourself!”


His voice. It was like the cold wind of the winter and twelfth lunar month swept in, making these guards icy cold, unable to help but shiver a few times, their faces turned pale, and their teeth were chattering.


Suddenly, a silver-armored guard shouted sharply: “Brother, we are the guards of the Yuwen family. The Yuwen family has raised us for so many years. This is the time to be loyal and try our best!”


“Are you going to retreat like this? Brothers, kill me!”


This person is obviously a commander-in-chief. With a loud roar, more than a dozen people responded immediately and followed him forward.


Chen Fengfeng showed a sneer at the corner of his mouth, but just snapped his fingers.


Suddenly, there was a sonic boom in the air.


Then the next moment, these dozen people all exploded from the inside out, with a bang, they exploded, and they all exploded into a **** fog.


Everyone looked at Chen Feng with shock, as if looking at a god.


“God, is this still human?”


“How powerful is this, those are all masters at the ninth level of the Soul Condensation Realm or even the first level of the Martial Lord Realm, and he snapped his fingers lightly and died like that? No? Destroyed?”


They no longer had any fighting spirit in their hearts, and they shouted and fled outwards.


Soon, I ran away without anyone.


Chen Feng showed a smile on the corner of his mouth and slowly moved forward to the warehouse.


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