A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 1489: The essence of all gold



One thousand four hundred and eighty-nine chapters of the essence of gold


The walls of the warehouse are all made of a special metal, and the door is no exception, it looks extremely strong!


Chen Feng slammed a fist on the gate, and with a bang, a loud bang of gold and iron symphony, a wave of air rippling.


The entire warehouse trembled violently, but the door in front of Chen Feng was still as solid as a rock!


Chen Feng showed a slight smile on the corner of his mouth: “It really is a special metal. It is worthy of being a tyrannical building that has stood for thousands of years and existed in ancient times, but do you think I can do nothing to you like this?”


Speaking, on Chen Feng’s arm, a golden light suddenly flickered, already using the power of Little King Kong.


The power of Little King Kong diffused on his arm, and Chen Feng threw nine punches one after another, bang bang bang bang, the door trembled frantically.


When Chen Feng’s ninth punch hit it, a gap finally appeared at the connection between the gate and the warehouse wall.


The gap is small, but it means that he has the possibility of being destroyed, and it is by no means unshakable.


Chen Feng was about to make persistent efforts and continue to fight with the power of Little King Kong, but at this time, suddenly. He felt that there was a very powerful aura coming from the crack.


Chen Feng was shocked: “What’s the reason for this? Could it be that there is a powerful being hidden inside?”


Soon, Chen Feng knew what was inside.


It turned out that from the cracks, the bronze-colored, outdated metal gaps actually floated out blobs of bronze-colored clouds the size of a human head.


These clouds and mists are as light as veils, and they seem to be dispersed with a wave of the hand.


But when Chen Feng stretched out his hand to break through, his hands suddenly sank, and he said in horror, “This cloud and mist actually weighs hundreds of thousands of kilograms. !”


Four words flashed in Chen Feng’s mind immediately, and exclaimed: “It turns out to be, the essence of ten thousand gold!”


There was a smile on his face, and the smile became stronger and stronger, and finally turned into a laugh: “I didn’t expect that this time I was so lucky!”


“I just wanted to take a trip to Yuwen’s warehouse, but I didn’t expect that there would be another harvest!”


“Haha, this essence of ten thousand gold is extremely rare. If you can get these essence of ten thousand gold, it is worthwhile to come here!”


It turns out that the essence of ten thousand gold is formed gradually after thousands of years of precipitation and entanglement after an extremely rare and rare metal is cast into some kind of weapon or some kind of utensil.


It is the powerful essence separated from the inside of the metal. The reason why those weapons and tools exist and are stable is that these cloud-like metals permeate all over the body.


And once the essence of ten thousand gold is taken out, the artifact will be completely destroyed.


At the same time, the essence of ten thousand gold is also an extremely powerful and long-lasting refining material. It is not only a refining material, but also has many other magical uses.


But with Chen Feng’s current strength, he only knows that it is a refining and casting material. It is extremely rare and precious, far exceeding ordinary materials.


If I had to make an analogy, Chen Feng estimated that the bronze-colored essence of gold in front of him was at least equivalent to the ninth-grade spiritual material, and even surpassed the spiritual material!


But now, it’s a hassle how to collect these treasures.


Chen Feng held the essence of ten thousand gold in his hand and wanted to send him to the competition area of ​​the golden dragon ring, but the golden dragon ring flickered for a while, and the essence of ten thousand gold was not able to enter.


Chen Feng tried several times, but nothing worked. He sighed softly: “It seems. It should be difficult to store something like the essence of ten thousand gold in the space ring.”


At this time, seven or eight ten thousand gold essences floated out from the gap, and before that, there were nine ten thousand gold essences in total.


Chen Feng showed a wry smile on the corner of his mouth, a full nine of the essence of gold.


“Each flower of ten thousand gold essence weighs hundreds of thousands of catties and cannot be put into the golden dragon ring. Is it possible for me to hold it?”


“Also, even if I hold it, with my current strength, I can only remove two or three flowers, and I can’t move any more.”


Chen Feng tried to take the essence of ten thousand gold and walked two steps, but found that the spirit of ten thousand gold did not cooperate at all, did not move forward in his direction at all, but was pulling back!


When Chen Feng was at a loss, he suddenly seemed to feel the breath of the essence of ten thousand gold. In the depths of Chen Feng’s dantian, a white shadow flashed, and then rushed towards the outside.


Chen Feng saw that the white shadow was the White Dragon Martial Spirit that had been silent for a long time in Chen Fengfeng’s dantian, which Chen Feng absorbed from Yunbuyu!


Chen Feng was shocked: “What is the White Dragon Martial Soul going to do?”


Unexpectedly, after the appearance of the White Dragon Martial Spirit, it circled the essence of ten thousand gold twice, and then made bursts of tweets, as if it was very happy.


And Chen Feng also saw that, with the white dragon martial spirit swaying around the outer edge of the essence of ten thousand gold, the bronze clouds that were very thin compared to the core were actually moving at an extremely fast speed. disappear.


While the White Dragon Martial Soul’s body has not grown larger, his body has become extremely condensed, much more condensed than before.


In the white, there is a bit of black iron added, which makes it look extremely heavy!


Chen Feng’s heart suddenly moved, and a thought came to his mind: “Is it possible that this essence of ten thousand gold can be swallowed by the White Dragon Martial Spirit?”


Next, the performance of the Spirit of Ten Thousand Gold also confirmed Chen Feng’s guess.


Have been very arrogant just now, this spirit of ten thousand gold, who refused to accept that disobedience, began to tremble suddenly after the white dragon’s spirit was entangled, looking very frightened.


After the White Dragon Martial Spirit turned around for a few times, it suddenly opened its mouth and devoured it towards the Spirit of Ten Thousand Gold.


In one bite, he bit down a large piece of the essence of ten thousand gold. The essence of ten thousand gold could not make a sound, but Chen Feng’s mental level clearly felt an extremely strong mental fluctuation.


The essence of gold is trembling, whining, and afraid!


But, it didn’t work!


In front of the White Dragon Martial Spirit, he couldn’t even move. After the White Dragon Martial Spirit took a big bite, his size quickly increased and doubled directly. When he was absorbed by Chen Feng, he was only more than 500 meters long. And now it has become more than a thousand meters long!


Then, the White Dragon Martial Spirit clicked again, and started to chew it, and soon swallowed more than half of the essence of ten thousand gold.


At this time, the White Dragon Martial Spirit has grown from more than 1,000 meters long to more than 2,000 meters long.


In addition, the whole body is very thick black iron color.


And after swallowing this group of golden fingers, this black iron dragon martial spirit seemed to have no satisfaction, and rushed towards the second group of ten thousand gold spirits.


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