A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 1511: Master Foundry



One thousand five hundred and eleventh chapter casting master


Speaking, he stepped forward and slapped it directly.


Young Master Wang hurriedly resisted, but it was of no use at all. His strength was no different from none in front of Chen Feng.


He was directly beaten by Chen Feng and was seriously injured, and he was unable to fight back. Then Chen Feng stretched out his hand and pulled out his tongue alive.


Young Master Wang let out a shrill scream, but when his tongue was pulled out, he couldn’t even let out a scream, only a whimper in his throat.


Chen Feng smiled and said, “This is the price you pay for insulting my junior sister. Since your mouth is cheap, then I will abolish your tongue!”


Then, he kicked out fiercely, kicking directly under the crotch of the prince.


Young Master Wang let out another shrill scream, and everyone couldn’t help but clench their crotch, their expressions changed, and they clearly heard the sound of a crisp egg.


Wang Gongzi clutched his crotch, screamed and rolled back and forth.


Chen Feng smiled and said, “Since you dare to hit my junior sister’s idea, then I will abolish your subordinates!”


Then he used his hand to make a knife and cut it out with one knife, directly cutting the prince in two with one knife.


Wang Gongzi was directly cut in half, and his two body sections were separated, but he was not dead, and his upper body was still crawling on the ground.


But everyone knows, he can’t live.


Chen Feng smiled and said: “Since you dare to offend me, then of course you will die, but I will not let you die so easily. After you are cut in half, you can even live for three days and three nights, but everyone will save you. Not you!”


Speaking, he kicked out, directly kicking Wang Gongzi’s body beyond the first sword of Daqin!


Everyone was horrified, looking at Chen Feng with awe.


Chen Feng is not only powerful, but also ruthless, making people extremely fearful.


The shopkeeper was also shocked by Chen Feng’s ruthless means. He realized that this young man who had made a name for himself in the Great Qin Empire was a character who could never be easily provoked. If he offended him, he really dared to kill.


So, he immediately stepped forward respectfully and said, “Young Master Chen, I don’t know what you want to do for our first sword in Daqin this time?”


Chen Feng smiled and said, “I want to buy two weapons.”


The shopkeeper showed a look of joy on his face, his eyes lit up, and he smiled: “Then you really came to the right place, our first sword in Daqin, there is nothing else, just a lot of weapons of various colors.”


“In terms of the quality of weapons, it is definitely number one in the entire Daqin!”


As soon as Chen Feng reached out, he interrupted his incessant boasting and walked forward.


The shopkeeper hurriedly nodded and followed behind. Chen Feng walked into the depths of the pavilion for a while, and then said to him, “I heard that the first sword of the Great Qin. It has one of the few casting masters in the Great Qin Emperor.”


“To be honest, I came here this time, not to select finished products, but to ask the forge to help me forge two weapons.”


“What? Help you forge two weapons?” The shopkeeper was stunned when he heard this.


Then, he said with some embarrassment: “We do have a master casting master here, and we can count them in the Great Qin Emperor, but unfortunately, this master will not be easily cast for people, and now it is only a year of forging. Just two or three weapons.”


Chen Feng suddenly smiled and stretched out a finger, and said slowly, “One million primeval stones!”


The shopkeeper hesitated: “What do you mean?”


Chen Feng said: “As long as he does it, no matter how good or bad he is, I will give you one million primeval stones.”


After hearing this, the shopkeeper’s eyes lit up, but he was still a little hesitant.


Chen Feng stretched out another finger: “Two million primeval stones!”


The shopkeeper’s face was already drifting, and then Chen Feng stretched out another finger: “Three million primeval stones!”


The shopkeeper swallowed his saliva quietly and slapped him heavily: “It’s done, I’ll go to persuade the casting master for you!”


Chen Feng nodded slowly, a smile on his face.


He knows this kind of people very well. They are so embarrassed because they don’t have enough money.


Since they feel embarrassed, then spend money until they are not embarrassed!


The shopkeeper left the hall for a full hour before returning. After returning, he said to Chen Feng with a smile on his face: “Master Chen, I have persuaded the casting master, so I will take you there. How?”


Chen Feng smiled and said, “It’s work.”


The two of them followed behind the shopkeeper and walked towards the depths of the pavilion.


When I got to the deepest part of the pavilion, I didn’t go to a higher place, but went underground.


A winding staircase leads to the depths of the ground, as if there is no end. After walking down thousands of steps, Chen Feng estimated that he had already penetrated hundreds of meters underground, and a straight line appeared in front of him. aisle.


The further along the passage, Chen Feng felt that the air was getting hotter, the temperature continued to rise, and even a red light visible to the naked eye continued to float past.


Chen Feng estimates that this is likely to lead to an underground lava cave.


Sure enough, not as he expected, at the end of the passage, the big iron gate opened, and in front of him was a fiery red world.


There are thousands of meters here, and there are hot and flowing lava rivers and lava lakes everywhere.


Between these lava, there are huge rocks, and at this time, there are countless strong men wearing short clothes and sweating profusely, standing on the rocks.


Each of them is holding something like a fishing rod, and at the end of the rod is a small iron basin.


They used fishing rods to salvage downwards continuously, and used iron basins to salvage in the lava. Chen Feng looked closely and found that there were clumps of silver-white metal solution floating in the lava.


I don’t know how these metal solutions were formed. They gathered there in groups, like fish, and were left to be salvaged.


The shopkeeper proudly said to Chen Feng: “Mr. Chen Feng, this is where our first sword of Daqin forged weapons!”


“These metal solutions are the essence of metal deep in the ground. They are smelted in this lava by the fire and drift around, and our people only need to use fishing rods to salvage them one by one. , it doesn’t cost much, not even effort.”


“And these metal solutions are of extremely high quality, with very strong toughness and strength, so the refined weapons are also extremely powerful.”


Chen Feng nodded, it turned out to be the case.


The shopkeeper took the two of them and walked towards the deepest part of the lava.


The most central position here is a towering stone platform.


The stone platform is divided into three floors. On the first floor and the second floor, dozens of people are standing there, with an iron felt in front of them, waving a huge hammer in their hands, constantly beating and forging weapons.


And the highest point of the stone platform is an old man in black robes.


He is very old, and his face is deeply wrinkled, like a ravine.


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