Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 2781: Density of Chaos Behemoths



What Li Tianming didn’t expect was that the first person to complete the transformation was Lan Huang.


This guy, unless he encounters Wu You, is the most low-key among his siblings.


In the associated space, the endless power of mountains and seas surrounds it and condenses it into a world dome!


Because of their increase, Li Tianming’s accompanying space is also increasing, and now it can be said to be endless and endless.


Among them, Lan Huang, Xianxian, Yinchen, and Jiji are all the ‘culprits’ who expand the associated space!




At this moment, the world dome uttered a thick, roaring dragon roar, the sound wave oscillated, the dome cracked open, and two big dragon heads, one brown and one blue, rushed out from the shattered cloud of world smoke!


These two dragon heads are magnificent, and most importantly, they are too big!


Li Tianming was relaxed, and in his eyes, he saw a very obvious 910,000 star points, which condensed into a 91 star field, and the radiance shone.


“More than 900,000 stars, this is the pinnacle of the boundless realm!”


From the perspective of the companion animal, Li Tianming once again touched the pinnacle of a world, flying all the way from a star to 900,000. He deeply understands how many ups and downs he has experienced!


From the Yanhuang Continent to the Sun, to the Infinite Realm!


On these two dragon heads, Li Tianming can make a judgment.


“Lanhuang should have become one of the largest companion beasts in the Infinite Realm. It should be comparable to the top star-derived beast on the dark star! It is also much bigger than its sister Wuyou!”


This guy can’t be idle, and as soon as the transformation is completed, it can’t help but run out of the companion space.


“Come on!”


Li Tianming estimated the interior space of the Infinite Kowloon Emperor’s burial.


It’s pretty good!


Simply put, Lanhuang, if placed on a Yangfan-level star source world, even if it doesn’t expand, it can crush half a star.


“Boss, do you despise me?”


Lan Huang said, Li Tianming was in a mess in the wind, and the whole world was buzzing.




Li Tianming raised his head and glanced at its seventh star dirty talk like the Star Sea God Ship…


“From now on, I can actually be small!” Lan Huang said solemnly.


“Small? How small do you want to be?” Li Tianming asked staringly.


“You can just watch it.” Lan Huang twisted his body and said mysteriously.




Li Tianming just nodded, and then he saw a magical scene, that is, Lanhuang, which has always been known for being huge and boundless, that huge body began to compress. The limit of its compression exceeded Li Tianming’s imagination time and time again. force.


Until the end!


A two-headed dragon with a body length of only five meters, removed its tail and head, and only more than three meters, appeared in front of Li Tianming.


Li Tianming was completely stunned.


He has never seen such a pocket version of Blue Wilderness!


This guy was just born and much bigger than he is now.


“I’m a jerk!”


Li Tianming’s eyes widened and he was speechless. He stretched out his hand and touched it and found that such a blue desert was actually real, and there were still more than 900,000 stars in his eyes, just because It has become smaller, and if you don’t look carefully, you might think it’s ninety-one star points!


“Boss, although I’ve become smaller, I’m even more fierce. Can’t you try it?” Lan Huang said.


“You have the most star particles. This compression, the star particles in your body did not decrease, but extremely compressed, and the density increased by more than tens of thousands of times?!”


Yinghuo’s shrinking size is actually a density change.


However, its body is not as big as Lanhuang, so the degree of compression is not as exaggerated as Lanhuang.


As for Miaomiao, it is similar to Zizhen. The star particles in the body have been increasing, and the density has also been increasing, but it is not long. Incarnate in the chaos state of emperor and demon, it is blessed with thunder and lightning, and it expands. Increased the combat power of flesh and blood.


The same goes for ghosts and gods!


The ghosts and gods in the abyss of different degrees can easily reach thousands of meters, but they can also become smaller, which is also the reason for the compression. But because their adaptation state is kilometers, so the compression does not necessarily increase the combat power.


In other words, ordinary ghosts and gods can already control the density of star particles in their bodies.


Yinghuo can be controlled from the beginning!


The human race, including the beastmaster, the spiritual practitioner, the phantom **** practitioner, the Yuanyi tribe, etc., even Lin Xiaodao and the others, cannot do it.


The first is that the number of star particles is small and cannot expand, and the second is that there is no such talent.


The shrinking of the Blue Wilderness is somewhat different from the shrinking of ghosts and gods!


Because it has shrunk, the magnitude of the change is too great, and the density has increased to a terrifying level. It was originally a powerhouse in terms of flesh and blood. With this compression, Li Tianming felt that its physical body was almost comparable to Zizhen!


Zizhen’s sixth universe map, Lan Huangcai’s ninth star realm!


This shows that Lan Huang’s control over his own star particles has also improved.


“If you can change it at will, I can help you when you meet a smaller opponent in the future, and I will take you to boss!” Lan Huang winked.


“Just you, take me to fly?”


Li Tianming smiled contemptuously. He took out the Eastern Emperor Sword and slashed it for a while. He found that after this guy was compressed, the ‘tortoise shell’ was harder. It was as flexible as Yinghuo in switching between large and small bodies, and was more adaptable than ghosts and gods. Sex seems a lot stronger.


“The mustard beasts of the Shuntian clan in Zhongzhou will never grow up, but they are similar to Miaomiao. But Miaomiao can grow through the chaos of the emperor, but they can’t!”


In general, the primordial chaotic behemoths are indeed quite variable, and basically have no weaknesses.


“Bumping you!”


After Lan Huang was despised, he forced Li Tianming to fly out.


“It’s hard to imagine how fierce it would be if the power of all beings were transferred to it?”


In the current Lanhuang, Jin can be used as a war machine, and Retreat can fight side by side with Li Tianming, no longer cumbersome.


900,000 stars, its change is not too early, but at the very least, other companion beasts other than Yinghuo in the immeasurable realm are temporarily unable to freely control the changes in body size and density like ghosts and gods.


The second successful evolution is Ji Ji!


Its pink stellar source is visible to the naked eye, and the stellar source power it contains is stronger, but it is still the same, only grows tall, and does not have any means for the time being.


Next is Xianxian.


What surprises Li Tianming is that it can also change in size like Lanhuang, but she must first transform into a flower fairy state, and then integrate into a spirit body. The spirit body and the flower fairy are integrated to fight. Under certain circumstances, some of its magical powers will be enhanced, and the other part will be weakened!


It can be said that it and the changes in Lanhuang have provided more possibilities for Li Tianming.


Next is Yinghuo and Miaomiao, which were completed at about the same time.


Both of them have undergone considerable transformation, which surprised Li Tianming.


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