Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1109: Peace



Daowu world, here in the Wumeng, the whole Wumeng is in a panic these days, and what worries the small families of the Wumeng is that they still don’t know what happened here in the Wumeng Children, they only know that the accident happened to the Tan family. The owner of the Tan family has already run away, and they don’t know where they went.


And this also makes those who are related to the Tan family very worried. They keep going to see Pei Yu, hoping to hear some news from Neng Pei Yu, and also hope that Pei Yu can help them. They are connected with the Tan family. If that is the case, if the Tan family is unlucky in the future, they will also be unlucky.


And on this day, suddenly, countless people wearing armor appeared in the Wumeng. Under the leadership of some people from the Taoist world, they directly surrounded some families of the Wumeng, and then they All the people in these families were escorted out, and without any explanation, they were directly pressed outside the city, and they were all killed. If there was any resistance, they were killed on the spot, and the people killed this time were enough. thousands.


This kind of thing has never happened here in the Wumeng. So many families, regardless of age, were executed. This method really scared all the people in the Wumeng. They started They tried desperately to find out what happened. The most important thing was that they were worried that this time, the incident would affect them. Wumeng City, which was very lively in peacetime, has been quiet a lot recently. In a hurry, even if I saw an acquaintance, I just nodded, even if it was a greeting.


Then a news spread in the Wumeng, and it soon spread to the leaders around the Wumeng. The news is very simple. It means that from now on, the Daowu world will be officially incorporated into The Wujia Empire has become the Daowu State of the Wujia Empire. The governor is still Pei Jing, and the Wujia Empire is ready to send troops to unify the Daowu world.


This news seems to have grown wings. It spread throughout the Dao Martial World in the shortest time. In places like Qingmu Ling, they didn’t know what Wujia Empire was, but now they all know it. Now, for a while, the atmosphere of the entire Daowu world became tense.


Soon, the news was confirmed, and several leaders around the Wumeng and Wumeng immediately announced that they had merged into the Wujia Empire. At the same time, the Wujia Empire sent troops to the Daowu world, and the Daowu world led the army and merged into the army of the Wujia Empire.


This news made everyone in the Daowu world a little bit unable to react. How could the Daowu world become a state of an empire overnight? What’s going on? Although some people in the Dao Martial World already know the existence of the Wujia Empire, and they also know that it is very easy for the Dao Martial World to enter the Different Martial World and the Iron and Steel World, but they still did not expect that what happened would actually happen. So fast, it really surprised them.


What people in the Daowu world don’t know is that the iron and steel world is doing the same thing. After the mix, they re-entered the Three Realms, but since then, the army has become an independent existence, and officials at all levels in the Three Realms have no power to govern the army.


It’s good to say that in the different martial arts world and the iron and steel world, the entry of the army did not cause any confusion, but there is a bit of chaos in the Daowu world now, because everyone in the Daowu world now knows that what happened this time It’s not a joke, the Wujia Empire is indeed going to unify the entire Daowu world. For a time, the lords of the Daowu world all panicked. Some of the lords of the small lords began to contact them frequently to discuss what they should do next. manage.


As for the leaders of the Wumeng and Wumeng, after the initial chaos, they soon quieted down, and then the army stationed at them began to advance in all directions, although they hadn’t attacked yet. Other leaders, but as long as they are not blind, they will attack sooner or later. As a result, those who lead are even more afraid.


Although they also have an army, their army can’t compare with the army of the Wujia Empire in terms of quantity and quality. Looking at the planes, tanks, machine guns, steam armors in the Wujia Empire’s army, There are also things like the nuclear armor, looking at the weapons in their hands, the troops who are leading, really have no determination to fight them.


At the same time, Pei Jing also sent a letter to the lords of the lords who had not surrendered as the governor of the Wujia Empire Daowuzhou. They surrendered, handed over military power, and handed over the power of appointment and removal of personnel. They can still hold the post of lord in each region, but there must be a supervisory department in each region, and new officials will be stationed in each region. They must Fully cooperate.


Now the conditions have been clearly laid out in front of those lords. Those lords looked at such conditions and really didn’t know what to do for a while. They were reluctant to hold the power in their hands, although they said that as long as They can hand over military power and personnel appointment and dismissal power, and they can still be the lords of a territory, but because of the existence of the Overwatch Council, they can’t be like before. When they become a local emperor, they really become an official of the Wujia Empire. .


But it’s not without benefits, the upside is that they’re safe, which doesn’t sound like a good thing, but it’s true, that’s the benefit, they’re safe, that’s the biggest benefit, Because that means that their lives will not be in danger, their family will not be destroyed, they can still be lords, although the power is much smaller, but their family can still enjoy the glory and wealth, which is already very good .


Although they are a little reluctant to give up, many lords still agree to join the Wujia Empire, hand over their military power, and are willing to become a lord of the Wujia Empire. When the emperor of the earth, he can only wait for the army of the Wujia Empire.


The combat effectiveness of the army of the Wujia Empire also made those who surrendered to the leaders, fortunately, the army of the Wujia Empire directly wiped out the 100,000 army of a territory and took over the entire territory without much effort. , in only three days before and after, that territory has already had a different owner, and the lord family of that territory was immediately destroyed, leaving no survivors.


The others are still watching, wondering if they can get more benefits for themselves, or if the families who want to negotiate with the Wujia Empire handed over their power in the first place, and they all surrendered, so The entire Daowu world was quickly calmed down, and the Daowu world was completely settled in a short period of time.


Afterwards, people in the Daowu world discovered that their lives did not seem to have changed much. If there was any change, their lives had become better. From the different martial arts world and the steel world, legends Countless good things came, all of which they had never seen before, but these things were really useful, and soon those people forgot the previous Wumeng and various lords, and they all admitted The identity of his own Wujia Empire subjects.


In the purgatory world, Zhao Hai and the others were not affected by these things in the Taoist world. After Zhao Hai issued the order to destroy the Tan family, he called Liu Quan and the others over and asked Let’s take a look at them. How are they discussing these days? Liu Quan and the others have indeed discussed it. They have refined the powers of the governors of each state. With some refinement, it can be said that it is completely ready.


After getting their reply, Zhao Hai nodded, and then he directly gave them an order to let them merge the Daowu world into the Wujia Empire according to the original plan, and at the same time give Pei Jing issued an order, and he must take all the Daowu world in the shortest time, and at the same time let the Daowu world not make big troubles.


It is precisely because of such an order that Pei Jing would do that. Of course, the cooperation of Liu Quan and the others is indispensable. Under the leadership of Hemo, Xiang’er and Alice, the cabinet will immediately It was established, the Overwatch Council was also established, and even the Law Enforcement Array was established. After a short period of turmoil, the entire Wujia Empire became quiet. This turbulence was caused by many civilians in the Wujia Empire. They don’t know what’s going on, because their lives haven’t been affected in any way.


Zhao Hai entrusted all these things to the people below, but he followed Pei Xing and Master Yuxuan to track down the affairs of the Tan family, the owner of the Tan family, and the people of the Pei family. It was sent to Zhao Hai for the first time. In addition to these, there were those who escaped with the Pei family owner.


Zhao Hai looked at the two messes in front of him and didn’t say anything. He picked up a piece of clothing. I came to the purgatory world before, and was later sent by the head of the Tan family to guard the cross-border teleportation They also helped the Tan family to escape. They may also know that it would not be good to do so by themselves, so they were in the first place. Time ran away with Qin Yang, the head of the Qin family.


The clothes that Zhao Hai is holding now is the clothes of one of them. Zhao Hai picked up the clothes, and then the magic formula in his hand moved a few times, and then a formation talisman fell directly here. On the piece of clothes, the next moment the man in the clothes flew straight out of the volcano, Zhao Hai stood up and followed him out.


Prince Pei Xing and Master Yuxuan also followed quickly. They really wanted to know what Zhao Hai wanted to do, so they all followed, and they saw Zhao Hai flying out of the volcano with a good piece of clothes. Go, they left the area of ​​the volcano in a short while, and then the dress flew into a wood beside the volcano, and finally landed in a clearing in the woods, and there are hundreds of miles away from No. 73 volcano. miles away.


Zhao Hai glanced at the place where the clothes fell, then he sniffed, and then he waved his hand, the soil on the ground there flew to the side, and he saw it was about two meters deep underground. There are many corpses buried. These corpses have decayed, but it can be seen that they have not died for a long time, and they have not turned into bones yet.


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