Emperor’s Domination: Chizi (readers must see very important)





“Meh-meh-mea–” The sound of an acoustic sheep’s cry echoed in the silent mountains.


Li Qiye climbed up the hill, the night wind was rushing and cold, but at this time he was so anxious that he was sweating. At the age of thirteen, he climbed the mountains on both hands and feet, and the night looked particularly lonely and horrifying.


Although the night looks terrifying, Li Qiye’s heart is burning with anxiety.


Li Qiye, he was born in a tenant farmer’s family, his parents were poor people, he began to herd sheep at the age of seven.


Li Qiye, his family name is Li, because he cried for seven days and seven nights when he was born, and was named Li Qiye.


Today, Li Qiye herded the sheep as usual, but when he drove the sheep back in the evening, he found that one sheep was missing. This sheep was not found in the entire hill.


Thinking of the ferocity of Zhang Dahu’s landlord, who lost a sheep, Li Qiye felt anxious and anxious.


Now that the entire hill has been searched, there is no shadow of the sheep. At this time, Li Qiye thought of one place, but there was only one place he didn’t look for – the Immortal Devil Cave!


Looking up at the night in the valley in front of you, it was like a wild beast. It opened its big mouth and devoured people at any time. In my ears, I could hear the cry of wolves and ghosts. I looked at the blurred night of the fairy cave. Li Qiye shivered involuntarily.


Xianmo Cave, a place with a fierce reputation in the local area, it is said that there is a demon living in it. Anyone who enters it will be eaten. After entering, no one can come out alive.


However, at this time, Dahu Zhang’s whip sound echoed in Li Qiye’s ears. If he lost a sheep, Dahu Zhang would definitely beat him to pieces!


Thinking of this, Li Qiye couldn’t help but grit his teeth and walked towards the immortal demon cave in front of him, like the giant mouth of a beast. In the blink of an eye, his figure disappeared into the darkness.


“Ah—” In the bleak night, a scream rang out in the fairy demon cave, and Li Qiye’s terrified voice sounded: “You, you, what are you doing—ah—” Then, the screams quaked. But stop.


“Alright, alright, alright, this immortal crow has finally been made, and only lacks a soul. I just borrowed your soul today!” I don’t know how long it took, and a deep and gloomy voice sounded from the Immortal Demon Cave. .


“Pa-pa-pa–” After a while, a rapid sound of flapping wings sounded, and a strange crow-like bird flew out of the fairy cave.


“Fly, let’s fly, this seat will use your soul to remember the burial place, fly over the relics, as long as the Nine Realms are still there, this seat must find it!” In the fairy magic cave, a deep and gloomy voice echoed .


Since then, between the heavens and the earth, there is a crow soaring, entering the burial ground, entering the fairy city, crossing the vicious realm… involuntarily, flying across the nine realms, after all kinds of hardships, it will not die for millions of years!


As time passes, the times change, one invincible character rises one after another, and one giant falls one after another.


Slowly, I don’t know when it started, a mysterious crow began to appear. A mysterious crow who got rid of his imprisonment began to find a way to master his own destiny.


From the God of Medicine, to Immortal Emperor Fei, to Immortal Emperor Xuexi, Immortal Emperor Mingren, Immortal Emperor Tunri, Immortal Emperor Bingyu… and finally to Heilongwang.


Behind each of these invincible giants, there is a shadow of a crow, the shadow of a crow seeking to dominate its own destiny.


Generations of invincible giants have risen, and generations of gods have fallen away, but after thousands of years, the crow still faintly appeared in the long river of time.


A crow who is unwilling to be controlled by fate, confronts the most terrifying existence in the world, and controls the changes of one great era after another in thousands of years! ;


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