Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 200: The horror of the ghoul!



Lin Yun didn’t answer when he heard Su Xing’s words, but just stared at the corpse monster in front of him with full attention.


According to the corpse aura of the corpse monster, it is not difficult to see that he was at least a strong martial artist during his lifetime.


And now that the corpse has been refined into a corpse after death, the strength is probably even stronger than before his death!


In the face of a strong martial artist, Lin Yun did not dare to neglect him at all.


Because before this, Lin Yun consumed too much mental energy. Now it has become very difficult to use the Demon Slayer Sword.


Even if it was just a single strike with the Demon Slayer Sword, it was enough to make Lin Yun collapse into a coma.


If Lin Yun took out the Demon Slayer Sword and killed the corpse demon at this time, he would definitely be killed by Su Xing after he fell unconscious.


So before Su Xing’s death, Lin Yun must not use the Demon Sword.


As for the Demon God Core, it can’t be used.


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In this ancient tomb with many dangers, there may be unknown dangers. If you rashly use the demon core crystal, and you are in a coma for a day, the consequences are simply unimaginable!


In this embarrassing situation, Lin Yun had to be vigilant.


After speaking to Lin Yun, Su Xing discussed it with Fan Jian and others.


Several people nodded, and soon reached a consensus.


“Let’s go!”


Su Xing shouted, but he stood still, but controlled a few golden corpses and rushed towards the corpse monster together.


Under the interference of the corpse demon’s corpse qi, it was difficult for Su Xing to control a large number of zombies at the same time, and he could only concentrate on controlling the few stronger golden corpses.


“How dare you control this king’s corpse to attack this king in the future, it’s unforgivable!” The corpse monster raised its head and roared loudly, and a landslide and tsunami-like killing intent suddenly erupted, filling the entire tomb.


The next moment, its figure suddenly flashed, and it turned into a phantom, which instantly crossed a distance of several meters and appeared in front of the two golden corpses controlled by Su Xing.




With two muffled noises, the two golden corpses, whose strength reached the realm of a fifth-level warrior, were instantly torn into two halves by the ghoul!


“Good…a terrible power!”


Seeing this, everyone was so frightened that they kept shivering, and they couldn’t help but back up again and again.


Lina even lost her weight and nearly fell to the ground.


When everyone felt scared, several other golden corpses had come around the corpse monster, forming a siege to the corpse monster.


However, in the next instant, the corpse demon turned into a phantom again, passing through several golden corpses through the gap, and countless black corpses standing motionless on the spot, and came to Fan Jian, who was closest to it.


An extremely terrifying face was stuck in front of Fan Jian so abruptly, less than half a foot away from Fan Jian’s face.


In that instant, the corpse slapped a slap like lightning.




Only a screeching sound is heard.


Fan Jian had no time to react, and was slapped by the corpse monster, smashing his head into pieces!


His head burst open like a watermelon, and the red blood and milky white brains splashed together!


The corpse grabbed the headless corpse with both hands and slammed it to the sides.




The entire headless body was instantly torn into two halves, and flew out to both sides at an extremely fast speed, hitting the walls on the left and right sides respectively, and was directly knocked into two pools of flesh.


This scene shocked everyone instantly.


Fan Jian died so quickly.


A powerhouse at the peak of a sixth-level warrior is so vulnerable in front of this corpse monster!


What a terrifying strength!


Everyone could not help but stunned inwardly, trembling with fear.


Is this the power of a ghoul?


It’s terrifying!


Under the shock of the ghastly power of the ghoul, everyone’s will to fight completely collapsed, and they were so frightened that they wanted to turn around and run away.


But at the terrifying speed of the ghoul, can anyone really escape?


Everyone is well aware that the chances of escaping are almost zero.


Rather than run away, join forces and fight to the death!


“Don’t be afraid, everyone, we will all show our cards and deal with it together!” After Fan Jian died, Su Xing actually served as the team leader and told everyone.


Everyone didn’t mind this, and they all took out their last cards and cooperated with Su Xing to launch a feint against the corpse monster.


After all, everyone is now a grasshopper tied to the same thread. If they don’t work together to kill the corpse, they will all die!


Xie Ding dragged his severely injured body, used his martial spirit again, and entered a state covered by oracle bones.


Chen Bingbing lifted the long bow, extracted all the vitality in the body, and condensed seven blue arrows on the bowstring at one time.


Even Linna, who is not a combat type, also cooperated with taking out the last few thorn seeds and instilling a lot of vitality into it.


And Lin Yun was actually arranging something on the spot by himself, completely ignoring the powerful corpse monster in front of him, as if he didn’t take the upcoming battle of life and death seriously at all!


Su Xing glared at Lin Yun angrily, and then swarmed towards the corpse monsters who controlled all the zombies like moths to flames.


Because of the influence of the corpse demon energy, Su Xing could not accurately control the zombies to do complex movements, but it was still possible to make them gather in a designated place.


At this time, Su Xing wanted all the zombies to gather at the location of the corpse, and wanted to trap the corpse with the corpse sea tactics.


As long as the ghoul is trapped, it will be much easier to attack it later. At least don’t worry about it being too fast to hit it.


A large number of zombies gather from the outside to the inside, constantly shrinking the encirclement of the ghoul.


When the zombies were about to approach the corpse, the corpse casually raised its left foot.


Just a random swipe.




In an instant, the ground seemed to be hit by a meteorite. With the location where the corpse’s feet fell as the center, the ground with a radius of four meters sank abruptly, forming a pit full of spider web-like cracks. The floor in the pit was torn like a piece of paper. .


The terrifying shock wave was mixed with hot air waves and floor fragments, and it exploded in all directions with a destructive force, sweeping the surrounding zombies like a stormy sea.


The dozens of zombies who were the first to bear the brunt of the shock wave were all hit by the shock wave and flew out.


And the pile of zombies that followed were all shaken backwards and fell to the ground.


However, these fallen zombies quickly got up from the ground again and continued to encircle and suppress the ghoul.


Just when a large number of zombies re-surrounded, Su Xing turned and glanced at Lina: “Take advantage of now!”


Lina immediately understood Su Xing’s intentions, and hurriedly threw the thorn seeds that had already been infused with vitality towards the location of the corpse monster.


As soon as the thorn seeds landed, they immediately took root in the ground, growing thick thorn vines, entwining the corpse monster and a large number of black corpses together, forming a huge cocoon composed of thorn vines and zombies.


All the trapped black corpses were unable to break free from the shackles of the thorn vines.


In front of the ghoul, these thorn vines are meaningless…


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