Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 201: Let’s fight together!



The corpse raised one hand, and the thorn vines wrapped around its arms were instantly uprooted.


Tear with both hands, the thorn vines wrapped around the abdomen are torn like noodles.


With a random punch, the head of a black corpse exploded like a watermelon, and the blood mixed with the brains suddenly shot backwards.


With a light palm, the chest of a black corpse burst open on the spot, and the **** internal organs burst out instantly.


In the blink of an eye, the corpse demon broke through the dual obstacles of thorny vines and black corpses, as if it was as easy as breaking through a layer of paper fences.


At this moment, Chen Bingbing’s fingers that tightly grasped the bowstring loosened.


Seven blue arrows shot out of the string, turning into seven blue light and shadows, shooting at the corpse at the same time from different angles.


The angles of these seven arrows seem to be random, but they form a small array of arrows invisibly, blocking all the dodging directions of the ghoul.


However, Chen Bingbing did not expect that the corpse demon does not need to dodge at all!


I saw the corpse raise its left hand, just a random wave.


The strong vitality poured out from its palm, like a violent storm, sending all the arrows shot towards it flying.


Then the corpse stepped back with one foot, and actually displayed a set of bizarre movement techniques, roaming unhindered among the countless zombies, and broke through the siege of the zombie army in a blink of an eye.


The speed of the corpse is too fast, and its every step, every movement, is like a phantom, dazzling and dizzying.


After the ghoul emerged from the siege, Su Xing folded his hands and threw forward, throwing all the hidden weapons that had been caught between his fingers.


The hidden weapon that flew out of the hand instantly turned into dozens of blurry phantoms and shot at the corpse at an extremely fast speed.


It was dozens of high-speed rotating cross darts, and each dart was carrying a deadly poison.


These highly poisonous poisons are extremely poisonous, falling into paralysis within three seconds of being poisoned, and dying of shock within three minutes.


Suffice it to say, getting hit by these cross darts, even a little scratch, is deadly!


These cross darts were originally used by Su Xing to plot against Lin Yun. But at such a critical juncture, Su Xing couldn’t help hiding. After all, if he didn’t kill the corpse first, he wouldn’t be able to survive.


Even Su Xing didn’t know whether the poison on the cross dart had any effect on the corpse. However, he had no choice but to take out the cross dart and try it out.


What Su Xing didn’t expect was that the corpse just casually moved left and right a few times, then lightly avoided all the cross darts.


After avoiding all the cross darts, the corpse galloped straight towards Chen Bingbing.


At this moment, Lin Yun had already stood in front of Chen Bingbing, and turned on the spirit and subtle state, and the momentum of the whole body was rising steadily.


Su Xing followed closely and came to Chen Bingbing to fight side by side with Lin Yun. The two of them faced the corpse monster that attacked like a **** of death.


When the ghoul and the three were close at hand, a magic circle lighted up under their feet.


The moment the magic circle lights up, the corpse monster’s footsteps stagnate, and it will instantly be in place.


Everyone looked surprised, and then turned to look at Lin Yun. Because at this time the corpse monster was trapped in the magic circle, it was the area where Lin Yun had arranged something by himself.


Everyone suddenly understood that what Lin Yun had just arranged for himself was actually the magic circle that trapped the corpse demon!


Thinking of this, everyone secretly stunned Lin Yun’s talent, and admired Lin Yun from the bottom of his heart.


A seemingly fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy was able to set up a powerful magic circle that could trap the corpse in such a short period of time at the juncture of life and death!


It’s hard to imagine, is he really just a teenager?


Even Su Xing had an inexplicable feeling at this time, thinking that it would be a pity to kill the young man in front of him!


Before everyone came back to their senses from the shock, Lin Yun said lightly, “This confinement formation can’t hold it for too long, so hurry up now!”


After finishing speaking, Lin Yun poured the power of the Devil’s Sword and all the vitality in his body into the sword in his hand at once.


Chen Bingbing pulled the bowstring again, extracted all the vitality in the body, and condensed a giant arrow several times larger than the normal arrow.


Su Xing also took out a unique long sword, which was his last trump card!


Because the hilt and blade of this sword are designed with sophisticated mechanisms, which are filled with countless poisonous silver needles.


Under normal circumstances, no one would have thought that this sword would have hidden secrets inside. In battle, it would only resist the sword, but could not avoid the silver needle suddenly shot from the sword in time.


With this sword, Su Xing had already plotted against several powerful enemies in the ninth-level warrior realm by surprise.


Those powerful enemies are not willing to fall on a weapon until the moment they die.


When Lin Yun and Su Xing used their trump cards, Xie Ding, who was covered in oracle bones, and Linna also gathered up their courage to come behind the corpse monster.


The corpse monster is surrounded by five people in the magic circle. Although it can’t move, it is still domineering: “You thieves, all of you must die!”


After finishing speaking, the corpse demon smoked from its seven holes, and an extremely terrifying vitality erupted from its body, which converged behind it into a four-meter-high skeleton giant virtual image.


This skeleton giant has not yet been fully solidified, and everyone has already roughly seen its appearance. It held a beheading sword in its right hand, and held up a circular shield in its left hand. The entire torso exuded green light, and it was obviously a mysterious martial spirit.


“This monster still retains its martial soul?” Xie Ding’s eyes widened, his pupils shrank inward, his eyes were full of horror.


“You can’t let him activate the power of the martial soul, kill it quickly!” Su Xing shouted, and took the lead to stab at the corpse demon with his sword.


Chen Bingbing loosened the bowstring after him, and the giant blue arrow galloped away from the string, shooting straight at the corpse’s head.


Xie Ding also plucked up his courage, raised the axe with both hands, and slashed towards the corpse monster’s vest.


At this moment, the corpse monster suddenly raised its head to the sky and howled, and a sound wave carrying spiritual energy suddenly spread out like a tsunami.


The flashing magic circle under the corpse demon’s feet suddenly dimmed as soon as the sound wave dispersed.


After being hit by the sound wave, everyone was instantly dizzy and only felt the world spinning.


Chen Bingbing, Xie Ding, and Linna all lost their balance instantly, and one fell to the ground with an unstable center of gravity.


Only Lin Yun and Su Xing were left, and they still continued to attack the corpse beast.


When the light of the magic circle dimmed, the body of the corpse was able to move. I saw that its head was slightly tilted to one side, and the arrow that Chen Bingbing had shot earlier flashed past its ear.


Immediately afterwards, Su Xing, who rushed to the corpse monster, also stabbed the corpse monster in the chest with a sword.


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The corpse raised its hand upwards at will, gently pinching its two fingers. The blade that pierced it suddenly stopped between its two fingers.


However, at that moment, the corner of Su Xing’s mouth drew a cold smile…


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