Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 241: Battle the Warriors!



After finishing speaking, the middle-aged asked Lin Yun solemnly: “Trial, what questions do you have?”


Lin Yun asked directly, “Mo Tianshang, who came here to practice 30 years ago, which floor did he finally reach?”


The middle-aged man thought carefully for a moment, and then replied: “Like you, he also broke into my level. However, his realm at that time has reached the ninth-level samurai.”


“But in the end, he still lost to me and didn’t make it to the last floor.”


The meaning of the middle-aged words is obvious: Even the genius of the ninth-level warrior realm has been defeated by me. You are a mere fourth-level warrior, and there is no hope at all. It is better to give up as soon as possible.


Lin Yun’s expression was still calm when he heard the middle-aged words, but he quietly activated the violent ring in his hand.


I saw a flash of red light from the Ring of Rage, and violent energy spurted out from it, instantly filling Lin Yun’s body, making Lin Yun’s aura rise steadily.


Mid-Level 4 Samurai…


The late stage of the fourth-level samurai…


The pinnacle of the fourth-level samurai…


In the blink of an eye, Lin Yun broke through to a fifth-level warrior.


Seeing this scene, a flash of surprise flashed in the middle-aged eyes, obviously not expecting Lin Yun to have such a hand.


Before the middle-aged man could recover from the shock, Lin Yun’s realm rose again, like a surging river.


It wasn’t until the realm broke through to the sixth-level warrior that Lin Yun’s momentum stabilized.


“It turns out that you still have such a trump card, so it’s no wonder you were able to reach this level.” The middle-aged looked at Lin Yun with a surprised face, apparently thinking that Lin Yun was relying on the Ring of Violence to get to this level.


But he didn’t know that, in fact, Lin Yun didn’t rely on the Ring of Violence at all, but instead relied on his own strength to break through layer by layer.


“Let’s make a move!” The middle-aged man took out the sword from behind, poured a lot of vitality into the sword, and aimed at Lin Yun with the tip of the sword.


Before, he disliked Lin Yun’s realm being too low, so he had no intention of fighting. And when he saw that Lin Yun’s realm had improved, he instantly became high in fighting spirit.


Lin Yun also unceremoniously pulled out the skull sword from his waist, and then burst out with vigorous vitality, which converged into the shadow of the Devil’s Sword behind him.


At the moment when the Sword of Demon God appeared, a look of surprise flashed in the middle-aged eyes: “Is it a heaven-level martial arts? No wonder you are able to break into this place in a mere fourth-level warrior realm.”


The golden light on the sword of the devil is injected into the sword of the skull, and a layer of golden light film is plated on the surface of the sword, making the sword of the skull extremely dazzling.


According to Lin Yun’s guess, the test on the last floor of the trial tower is likely to be related to spiritual power. Otherwise, the three practitioners would not have collapsed and become idiots.


Since it’s a test related to mental power, it is necessary to reserve enough mental power to break through the last level, so Lin Yun can’t use the Demon Slayer Sword now.


Once the Demon Slayer Sword is used, so all the mental power is exhausted, then it will be completely finished when you go to the last floor.


Therefore, Lin Yun can only rely on his own strength to defeat the enemy at this level!


Death Sword Art—the first move!


Stomp on the ground with one foot.


Lin Yun’s body suddenly shot off the ground, and the ethereal figure carried a sharp sword light and galloped towards the middle-aged man.


A flash of surprise flashed in the middle-aged eyes, obviously not expecting Lin Yun’s speed to be so fast.


He responded quickly, raised the sword in his hand, and hurriedly resisted.




The two swords collided instantly.


At the moment when the blades collided, the golden light covering the skeleton sword also collided violently with the vitality on the middle-aged sword.


The two energies were instantly annihilated and transformed into violent shock waves, which exploded in a spherical shape at an incomprehensible speed in that thousandth of a second.




Only heard an explosion, and the clothes on the two were instantly shattered, and the ground under their feet also sunk down instantly, forming a pit with a diameter of five or six meters.


The seemingly hard and smooth stone floor shattered into pieces like pieces of paper at this moment, and turned into countless fragments that were thrown into the air, and scattered around with the shock wave of the explosion.


The two who were confronting also flew backwards in synchronization with the shock wave of the explosion.


Lin Yun flew upside down for more than ten meters and stabilized on the ground more than ten meters away.


The middle-aged man also flew upside down more than ten meters. After landing, he looked at Lin Yun with surprised eyes, obviously shocked by the power of Lin Yun’s sword.


After this blow, the middle-aged man no longer dared to be careless, and hurriedly gathered a lot of vitality on the sword, obviously preparing to use his martial arts.


But before he could use his martial skills, Lin Yun rushed forward. The ghostly figure flashed and turned directly into a blurry phantom, appearing in front of the middle-aged like a ghost.


The Sword of Extermination—The Third Form!


Lin Yun waved the skeleton sword with one hand, causing the skeleton sword to disappear in an instant, leaving only countless afterimages of the sword light, which were intertwined vertically and horizontally into a dense sword net, which slashed towards the middle-aged.


A flash of surprise flashed in the middle-aged eyes again, obviously shocked by Lin Yun’s fierce swordsmanship. But this time, he had already taken precautions, and before the dense net of swords came, he had already raised his sword to resist.


But even so, he was still a little bit overwhelmed. He was beaten down by Lin Yun’s swordsmanship, which was almost at its extreme, causing him to be in a hurry.


Even Lin Yun himself did not expect that his strength would become so powerful after the transformation of the previous layers.


In just a few seconds, the swords in their hands collided hundreds of times.


Countless violent and raging sword qi, like invisible sharp blades, shot out from the two sides when they clashed.


The sword energy fell on the surrounding ground, leaving shocking cuts on the seemingly solid stone floor.


“Drink!” The middle-aged man suddenly shouted, his figure retreated a dozen meters, and then an extremely strong vitality erupted from his body.


Original energy gathers behind him, forming a phantom shadow.


The surface of this scale exudes a faint green light, and it is obviously a mysterious martial spirit.


Lin Yun did not rush up, but stood vigilantly on the spot, carefully observing the middle-aged spirit.


There are many kinds of spirits, with strange shapes and different abilities.


^vLook at the sY version kM Chapter 7 Section Y# on g;


The spirit of each warrior is a special ability. This special ability is also the trump card of every martial artist.


Unless you have an overwhelming advantage in strength, you must not act rashly until you know the ability of the enemy’s spirit.


Lin Yun didn’t know Jiang Wuying’s martial soul ability before, and he suffered from the loss of his martial soul ability, so he was knocked off the cliff by him.


So now facing this middle-aged spirit, Lin Yun must not be careless.


Seeing that Lin Yun didn’t pursue the victory, the middle-aged man who started his martial arts turned back to attack and charged towards Lin Yun on his own initiative.


“Five-star sword!” When the middle-aged man charged, he kept waving the sword in his hand, and the blade shuttled back and forth in the air at an extremely fast speed. …


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