Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 242: Control weight



For a time, there seemed to be a magic circle with a five-pointed star pattern, pressing directly towards Lin Yun.


Lin Yun hurriedly raised his sword to resist, and in a blink of an eye, he swung dozens of swords, forming a vertical and horizontal sword net that collided with the five-pointed star sword light.


Ding ding ding…


The sound of gold and iron clashing has never stopped.


In just a split second, the swords in their hands collided dozens of times.


Then the sword qi of the two annihilated each other, forming a shock wave that exploded all around, knocking them back a few steps at the same time.


After taking a few steps back, Lin Yun was about to launch the next attack, but suddenly found that the skeleton sword in his hand sank, as if he had been crushed by a mountain in an instant, becoming extremely heavy.


Lin Yun, who has hundreds of thousands of pounds of strength, could not hold the skull sword in his hand at this time, and the skull sword fell horizontally to the ground.


It is only over one meter high, but the skeleton sword smashed the ground downwards exaggeratedly, forming a pit with a diameter of five meters!


It can be seen that the quality of this skeleton sword at this time is so great!


Seeing this scene, Lin Yun instantly understood what the abilities of this middle-aged martial spirit were.


Weighing is a weighing tool that represents weight. And the Martial Spirit in the form of a weighing mass must also be related to the ability to control the weight.


Skull Sword’s sudden weight change speaks for itself.


“It seems that the ability of your martial spirit is to control the weight of objects.” Lin Yun looked at the skeleton sword on the ground, then turned to look at the middle-aged man.


The middle-aged didn’t hide it, and said to Lin Yun with a proud face: “You guessed it right, whether it’s the objects that I directly touch or the objects that I touch indirectly, I can change them in a short period of time. weight.”


“In other words, anything I hit doubles in weight in a short period of time, and this effect can be repeated.”


“One hit by me doubles the weight, two hits quadruple the weight, three hits eight times… and so on, the final limit is twenty times.”


Hearing this, Lin Yun’s expression changed slightly. He knew very well what kind of concept the weight of an object was doubled and superimposed twenty times.


The middle-aged raised the sword in his hand, and the corner of his mouth raised slightly: “In the previous confrontation, the sword in our hand has collided more than twenty times. This means that the quality of your sword is its original quality. A million times!”


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“Even if the sword originally weighed only 100 jin, it would now weigh 100 million jin! No matter how powerful you are, it is absolutely impossible to lift a sword that weighs 100 million jin!”


“The duration of my ability is one minute, and the sword will not regain its original weight for one minute. There is no weapon for this minute, see how you want to fight me?!”


After the middle-aged man finished speaking, he charged towards Lin Yun with his sword again.


Lin Yun’s thoughts moved, and another sword appeared in his hand instantly.


This sword is the mysterious treasure that Lin Yun had looted from Jiang Shian before.


Since he obtained the skeleton sword, Lin Yun left the sword in the cold, put it in the storage ring as a backup, and never took it out and used it.


At this time, the Skull Sword cannot be used, so this sword can come in handy.


Although this sword is not as powerful as the Skeleton Sword, it is not much worse.


When the sword appeared in his hand, Lin Yun immediately injected the golden light of the Demon God’s Sword into the blade, coating the blade with a golden light film.


It was just between lightning and flint, the middle-aged figure holding a sword, had already come to Lin Yun.


And the sword in his hand also swung extremely fast at that moment, and the sword light woven into a five-pointed star pattern back and forth slashed straight at Lin Yun.


Lin Yun didn’t dare to take any more moves, but hurriedly dodged away.


The five-pointed star sword light cut across his body and landed on the slate behind him, instantly splitting the slate in that area!


Seeing this, the middle-aged pursued the victory and launched a more violent attack on Lin Yun. For a while, the afterimages of the sword light continued, attacking Lin Yun like a surging river.


Lin Yun knows that as long as he takes the middle-aged attack, the quality of the sword in his hand will double. Therefore, he no longer dared to use his sword to resist, and could only be beaten by the middle-aged like a bereaved dog.


Middle-aged has an advantage in realm, and the speed is not necessarily slower than Lin Yun. At this time, with the help of his martial soul ability, he suppressed Lin Yun to death, leaving Lin Yun in a completely passive state, with no chance of fighting back.


Under the fierce attack of the middle-aged man, Lin Yun finally couldn’t stand it. The middle-aged man seized the opportunity and stabbed Lin Yun in the heart with a sword.


It was a sword of shock that had been poised for a long time in middle age.


That sword was as fast as lightning, even if Lin Yun was still in a state of dread, he couldn’t avoid it at all, he could only raise his sword to resist.


At this time, however, Lin Yun had no intention of raising his sword to resist, but raised his left hand and grabbed the stabbing blade.


Before Lin Yun grabbed the sword, the sword stabbed Lin Yun’s heart in one step.


However, the tip of the sword only penetrated two inches into the chest muscle, and it was blocked by the diamond-hard ribs, unable to advance inward at all.


A look of shock flashed in the middle-aged eyes. He didn’t expect Lin Yun’s body to be so strong!


Before the middle-aged man recovered from the shock, Lin Yun grabbed the blade with his left hand, and at the same time raised the sword with his right hand and stabbed it forward, stabbing straight at the middle-aged man’s heart.


The middle-aged eyelids twitch.


Exchanging injuries for life? This kid is ruthless!


Without thinking about it, the middle-aged man immediately turned sideways, avoiding Lin Yun’s sword at the critical moment.


After Lin Yun stabbed with a sword, he then swept to one side, trying to cut off the middle-aged man.


The middle-aged man hurriedly wanted to retract the sword that was pierced, but the sword was tightly grasped by Lin Yun’s left hand and could not be retracted at all.


In desperation, the middle-aged had no choice but to abandon his sword and flee, taking a few steps back to distance himself from Lin Yun.


After withdrawing more than a dozen meters away, the middle-aged man stopped and looked at Lin Yun with surprise: “If I were any previous tester, after being stabbed by my sword just now, I would immediately collapse. down, but you didn’t.”


The middle-aged man couldn’t help but marveled: “Your body is stronger than any previous tester, and their bodies have also been tempered by the previous layers, but they still can’t hold my sword, and you can Now, what does your body do?”


Lin Yun naturally wouldn’t tell this middle-aged man that he had practiced the strongest defense technique in God’s Domain, so his body would be so strong. After all, this was Lin Yun’s biggest secret!


After being forced back in middle age, Lin Yun also did not pursue the victory, and still stood in the same place as before.


Because Lin Yun knew very well that the effect of the Furious Ring could only last for one minute.


One minute is approaching, and the effect of the Ring of Rage is about to wear off.


Sure enough, Lin Yun didn’t expect it, but in the blink of an eye, the violent energy in his body faded away like a tide, and all collapsed back into the violent ring.


And he himself is like a deflated ball, his momentum is continuously attenuated, and in a blink of an eye, he returns to the realm of a fourth-level samurai…


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