Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 243: The realm is soaring!



Seeing Lin Yun’s realm regressing, the middle-aged man instantly understood something: “So, it seems that the improvement of your realm depends on the ring you wear on your hand, which is really interesting.”


“But the power that that kind of thing gives you is only temporary after all. There is no such thing that gives you the power now, let’s see how you can defeat me!”


At the same time as he spoke, the middle-aged man came to the Skull Sword and picked up the Skull Sword on the ground with ease.


Although it has not been more than a minute since the weight of the skull sword changed, the middle-aged man can cancel the ability effect of his martial arts at any time.


When he held the Skull Sword in his middle age, he instantly released the ability applied to the Skull Sword, allowing the Skull Sword to return to its original quality.


The strength of this middle-aged man is already incomparably formidable. At this time, he has a high-grade skeleton sword in hand, which is even more powerful.


Lin Yun, on the other hand, not only has his realm regressed to a fourth-level warrior, but the skeleton sword has fallen into the hands of the enemy. His strength has been greatly reduced, and it is difficult to compete with the enemy in front of him.


But even so, Lin Yun had no fear at all. He calmly pulled out the sword that pierced his chest and threw it on the ground at will, staring coldly at the middle-aged man.


The feeling of being confident, as if he still had some cards left to play.


The middle-aged person instilled a lot of vitality on the skull and sword, and then looked at Lin Yun with great interest: “Boy, what cards do you have, just take it out!”


Lin Yun didn’t answer, just silently put away the sword, and then with a palm, a dark sword with a cross-shaped hilt suddenly appeared in his hand.


At that moment, an ancient and mysterious aura filled the entire hall, which made the middle-aged feel a palpitations.


“This is…” The middle-aged man couldn’t help but stagnate, looking at the divine sword in Lin Yun’s hand with surprise.


There is no doubt that the divine sword in Lin Yun’s hand at this time is one of the three supreme divine weapons in his supreme divine domain – the Demon Slayer Sword!


Lin Yun originally planned to defeat the enemy at this level through his own strength. However, he didn’t expect that the enemy’s spirit ability was so tricky that he couldn’t defeat it within a minute.


It is impossible to defeat the enemy within one minute, and after one minute, the effect of the Ring of Rage disappears, and it is even more impossible to defeat the enemy.


Therefore, Lin Yun now has to take out the Demon Slayer Sword. He can only pass this level first, and then think of a solution for the next level.


Lin Yun will never hesitate to decide what to do.


He holds the scabbard in his left hand, the hilt in his right hand, and yanks both hands.




A divine sword with only half a foot left in its blade was unsheathed, and the monstrous red light burst forth in an instant.


A destructive sword pressure swept the entire hall like a tsunami!


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After being shrouded by this powerful sword pressure, the middle-aged felt like he couldn’t breathe. He knelt down in front of Lin Yun tremblingly, and looked at Lin Yun with frightened eyes: “Then…what the **** is it?”


His voice trembled as he spoke, and the martial spirit behind him also disintegrated.


The aura on Lin Yun’s body climbed upwards, his black hair fluttered in the wind, and his black clothes were agitated by the wind.


Lin Yun didn’t answer, but just held up the broken Devil Slayer Sword with both hands. All vitality and spiritual power were drained by the Demon Slayer Sword at one time.


In that instant, the red light on the remnant blade of the Demon Slayer suddenly surged, illuminating the entire hall brightly.


“You can go back and do business.” Lin Yun spit out a sentence coldly, and then slashed the middle-aged with a sword.


A terrifying sword energy that opened the sky and split the earth surged out from the end of the broken sword, and slashed the middle-aged body with a destructive force.


The middle-aged body was instantly slashed by the sword energy, and it was neatly divided into two from the middle.


After slicing the middle-aged man in half, the sword qi split the indestructible smooth floor, and then slashed the entire hall in half.






When everything calmed down, Lin Yun was already lying on the ground, gasping for breath.


And the middle-aged corpse, which was separated into two halves, is also constantly sublimating, turning into pure energy and gathering towards Lin Yun.


Lin Yun was immediately enveloped in this energy, and then it was as if he was bathing in the spring breeze, quickly relieving both physical and mental fatigue.


Different from the energy Lin Yun obtained in the previous layers, although this energy did not make any changes to Lin Yun’s body, it directly caused Lin Yun’s cultivation to soar upward.


Mid-Level 4 Samurai…


The late stage of the fourth-level samurai…


The pinnacle of the fourth-level samurai…


The concentration of this energy is very high, and they are madly strung in Lin Yun’s body, breaking through the bottleneck of the realm in an instant, allowing Lin Yun to be promoted to the realm of a fifth-level samurai.


But it’s not over yet!


After breaking through the realm, Lin Yun’s cultivation is still climbing.


The middle stage of the fifth-level samurai…


Later level five warriors…


The pinnacle of the fifth-level samurai…


It wasn’t until after breaking through the sixth-level samurai realm that the high-concentration energy was completely exhausted, and Lin Yun’s realm finally stabilized.


In a blink of an eye, Lin Yun instantly increased two levels.


Different from the special effects of the Berserk Ring, the level of improvement at this time is not temporary, but permanent!


What Lin Yun didn’t expect was that not only was his realm improved, but this energy also restored his vitality and spiritual power to the best state.


In this way, Lin Yun doesn’t have to worry that he doesn’t have the extra mental power to break into the seventh floor after using the Demon Slayer Sword.


While Lin Yun rejoiced in his heart, the voice of the Phantom Emperor resounded in the void again.


“Congratulations to your tester, you successfully passed the sixth floor, the realm test.”


“Next, you will enter the last floor of the trial tower. It must be carefully reminded here that the last floor is extremely risky, and the testers are very likely to lose themselves in the trial. become an idiot, so choose carefully.”


The Phantom Emperor’s tone this time is very solemn, indicating that the next choice is no trivial matter.


“You also have a chance to choose. If you give up the trial, please enter the green light gate. If you continue the trial, please enter the red light gate.”


As soon as the voice of the Phantom Emperor fell, two gates of light, one red and one green, appeared in front of Lin Yun again.


Just the difficulty of the sixth floor is already so great, let alone the mysterious seventh floor.


Lin Yun also relied on the Demon Slayer Sword to defeat the enemy on the sixth floor.


In the past, there were three geniuses who passed the sixth floor by their own strength.


However, those three geniuses all turned into idiots after going to the seventh floor.


This shows how terrifying the difficulty of the seventh floor is.


But even if he understood this in his heart, Lin Yun still had no intention of backing down. Without even any hesitation, he stepped directly into the red light gate without thinking…


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