Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 245: The Year of the Fall



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Facing the murderous Reincarnation Emperor, Lin Yun in his previous life suddenly burst out laughing.


His laugh, so sad, so sarcastic.


After a few wild laughs, his face became extremely indifferent. Completely disheartened and heartbroken.


He looked coldly at the two familiar and unfamiliar people in front of him, and said hoarsely: “Fairy Zixia, I treat you with all my heart as the love of my life. You ruthlessly killed me like a passerby!”


“Reincarnation Heavenly Emperor, I regard you as the best brother in my life. I have helped you defeat the Demon Emperor many times. Not only are you ungrateful for the pictures, but you are coveting my Demon God Core Crystal, and you even planned to murder me!”


After he finished speaking, his icy face instantly became extremely ferocious, and the blood-filled eyes suddenly burst out with endless killing intent!


“Do you really think that if you can’t use spiritual power and immortal energy, this emperor has no other cards?”


In the previous life, Lin Yun raised his head and roared, and pulled out the Demon Sword.


The complete Devil Slaying Sword was unsheathed, and the sky and the earth suddenly changed, triggering an apocalyptic vision.


“Final Form – Solution!”


Lin Yun’s voice in his previous life was full of magic, like a command.


As soon as his voice fell, the Demon Slayer Sword released an overwhelming terrifying sword pressure, crushing all beings in the world.


Just when the Devil Slayer Sword was about to release its ultimate form, the blade trembled suddenly, and then stopped releasing instantly.


A final circle moves on the blade.


This magic circle ripped apart the space, forming a seemingly endless black hole inside the Demon Slayer Sword.


All the energy above the Demon Sword was mercilessly drawn into this black hole.


“This is… the ultimate space magic circle!”


Lin Yun had a look of surprise in his previous life. He wanted to try his best to stop the magic circle from running, but he couldn’t use his spiritual power and immortal energy at all. can not do this.


“The Devil Killing Sword was actually set up with the ultimate space magic circle! When did it happen? Could it be ten years ago…” Lin Yun in his previous life suddenly realized.


Fairy Zixia still looked indifferent: “Yes, it was indeed ten years ago, when I asked you to borrow the Demon Slayer Sword, I moved my hands in the Demon Slayer Sword.”


“It turns out that you have been plotting against me since then!” In the previous life, Lin Yun’s eyes were bloodshot, and he stared at Fairy Zixia.


All immortal energy was exhausted, his spiritual power was sealed, he could not activate his martial spirit, could not perform exercises, and could not use martial arts. He was already a candle in the wind.


And now, he doesn’t even have his last trump card, the Demon Slayer Sword, and everything is over!


“Give up your resistance, no matter how hard you try, you can’t be our opponent.” The Emperor of Samsara said with a proud face, and the six light spheres surrounding him turned into six beams of light when he spoke, and instantly It runs through the body of Lin Yun in the previous life.


Then, six beams of light intertwined around Lin Yun in the previous life, connecting into a geometric cage, imprisoning Lin Yun in the previous life.


After being imprisoned by the beam cage, Lin Yun’s body in the previous life was immobile for a moment, as if he was frozen.


Fairy Zixia said indifferently: “I’m sure that the Demon God Core is on him. In order to avoid another incident, we must first kill him completely, and then slowly search for the Demon God Core from his body. “


After hearing this, the Reincarnation Heavenly Emperor had a thought, and instantly floated into the air in front of his previous life, Lin Yun.


Flip the left hand, and a palm-sized spar sphere appears out of thin air.


The Heavenly Emperor of Samsara looked at Lin Yun coldly, as if he was looking at a corpse: “I will use the power of “judgment” to seal your soul forever in the soul jade, what other last words do you have to say? “


Looking at Fairy Zixia’s indifferent expression, and Samsara’s gloomy smile, Lin Yun’s mouth curved into an inexplicable sneer: “Don’t let this emperor’s soul have a chance to be reborn, or wait for this emperor to rebuild. Thirty years, I will let you go to Yellow Springs!”


This sentence is full of three-dimensionality. It seems to have traveled through time and space, crossing mountains and mountains, crossing rivers and seas all the way. After going over and over again, it finally returned to the origin, back to the original place.


“Go and dream!” The Reincarnation Heavenly Emperor stretched out his right hand and placed his palm on the Baihui Point on the top of Lin Yun’s head in his previous life.


And the reincarnation **** and Buddha behind him also folded his hands together to form a mysterious seal.


A mysterious and mysterious force vibrated throughout the space.


Ultimate God and Buddha Power – Judgment!


After the Reincarnation Heavenly Emperor finished speaking, a powerful suction force appeared in his palm, and he actually sucked out a mass of transparent human-shaped spiritual body from the top of Lin Yun’s head in his previous life.


After leaving the body, this transparent spiritual body was immediately imprisoned by the mysterious power exerted by the Reincarnation God and Buddha, and then was sealed in the spar sphere.


After doing all this, the spar sphere burst into a dazzling light, obviously the soul of Lin Yun’s previous life was restless.


In the previous life, Lin Yun’s body fell to the ground powerless, his eyes dissipated at the same time, and his pupils were as silent as death.


At this time, Fairy Zixia floated in front of the spar sphere and said indifferently: “Emperor Wangu’s ability is against the sky, I’m afraid his soul escapes the seal.”


After speaking, Fairy Zixia stretched out her hand and shot a purple beam, which shattered the spar sphere.


The spar sphere was instantly scattered into countless fragments, turned into countless red lights, and drifted away towards the three realms of the void, as if a meteor shower had started…


Lin Yun from his previous life fell into the hands of Fairy Zixia and Heavenly Emperor Samsara!


Lin Yun, who does not belong to this time and space, just stood aside, watching everything that happened in his previous life, but couldn’t help.


He could only swear in his heart that after 30 years of rebuilding, he would let them go to Huangquan!


After reliving everything that happened when he fell in his previous life, the scene in front of Lin Yun’s eyes suddenly changed and was instantly replaced by another scene.


Or rather, another time and space.


A young man wearing a black robe and holding a black cross divine sword was roaming the sky above the sky.


From the perspective of appearance, this black-robed youth is exactly the same as today’s Lin Yun, but he is much more mature than today’s Lin Yun.


And the black cross sword in the hands of the black-robed youth is the supreme artifact of Lin Yun’s previous life – the Demon Slayer Sword.


There is no doubt that the black-robed youth in front of him is the future Lin Yun.


At this time, he is embarking on a journey to return to the realm of the gods and seek revenge for Fairy Zixia and Reincarnation Heavenly Emperor.


Killing, death, war…


Lin Yun silently watched everything that happened in this time and space, and what he experienced in the future. After a long time, he finally had an epiphany.


The test on this level turned out to be the heart of the tester’s martial arts. Only a martial artist with a firm heart of martial arts can pass this test. This is not only a test, but also an understanding of martial arts, a chance, and an insight.


After understanding the intention of the Phantom Emperor, Lin Yun then traveled through time and space as a bystander, went through countless reincarnations, and saw countless different futures of his own…


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