Everlasting Chapter 4884: Suppressed



Chen Feng said this, and immediately made the other party laugh angrily, but then he became a little nervous.


Obviously, Chen Feng and Wanquan Daoist belong to the kind that are not easy to mess with. Not to mention their strength, their attitude is still very tough.


In any case, both sides want to **** the brand of Rigel’s Sword.


Just when the two sides were about to shoot, the long sword brand in front of them suddenly became stronger, and they began to actively attack Chen Feng and others.


“It is the power of the opponent’s body that is returning.” Chen Feng said.


“There is also the blessing of the origin of this party, I know that things are not so simple.” Wanquan Daoist said.


It looks like we can only join forces.








Several people communicated, and at the same time they had to deal with the attack of the brand in front of them.


Bunch of sword lights kept attacking Chen Feng and the others, and under the violent momentum, they even killed Chen Feng and retreated.


After all, this is the opponent’s territory, and it can exert the strongest attack power. Chen Feng and the others have to be suppressed to a certain extent.


Finally someone was injured, and even Chen Feng had wounds on his body.


“It’s not very good, two Daoists, I think we should give up.” The two Primordial Priests began to choose to flee.


It’s easy to come in, not so easy to go.


This branded area is directly blocked, and there are billowing energy constantly rushing around. It is difficult for these two Primordial Priests to rush out under the attack of the branded.


Chen Feng took out the mountain.


When Chen Feng wanted to come, as long as he used this method, he would most likely change the situation of the battle.


Who knew that when Shenshan appeared for a moment, Chen Feng felt the pressure rising straight.


The phantom of Rigel’s sword became more and more condensed, and a stronger sword of origin appeared.


It was only then that Chen Feng understood that the other party had been eyeing him for a long time, and now he belonged to the door.


“But it’s not so easy to deal with me just by this means.” Chen Feng urged Shenshan to continue rampaging, and everything around was shattered.


Chen Feng is also constantly performing boxing.


After all, the body of the Sword of Rigel didn’t come back, so Chen Feng soon had the upper hand. Just when Chen Feng wanted to take the opportunity to collect the brand here, suddenly a stronger force enveloped him.


What followed was a sea change.


When Chen Feng knew all this, his heart was ashes.


There are five big mountains around, and Chen Feng is tightly trapped in the middle. Even if Chen Feng urges the mountain to collide, it is useless, even if it is matched with the origin of the volcano.


It turned out that the five sacred mountains had been eyeing Chen Feng before, but only later did they find an opportunity to shoot.


“I didn’t expect to be trapped. Under this situation, I couldn’t rush out at all, but since the other party trapped me, he didn’t come up to solve me, which means that the other party can’t exert his full strength now, but he still treats me. Not good.” Chen Feng said.


Now that he knew that he couldn’t rush out, Chen Feng decided not to shoot anymore, but used means to protect himself.


Although these five sacred mountains are very powerful, Chen Feng still has a certain degree of confidence to protect himself in the current situation.


“It’s a really depressing thing, I don’t even know what’s going on, I’m stuck here like this, maybe the other party has noticed that there are more good things in me, maybe it’s It was because of the pure sight of the sacred mountain that I chose to shoot at me.” Chen Feng said that there is only himself here, and the five sacred mountains have only dispatched part of their strength.


Maybe they are still in the branding field of the Sword of Rigel, if that’s the case, I am afraid that the situation of Wanquan Daoist and the others is very bad.


“So I’m waiting for the opportunity. I hope that the offensive momentum of the Gate of Origin will continue to grow stronger. If they stop the war, then I’ll be truly unlucky.” Chen Feng said.


Chen Feng is still very anxious. If the Gate of Origin can defeat this Origin, then he will naturally be rescued, but for so long, the two sides have explained it many times, will it really succeed this time?


Chen Feng also has no bottom in his heart. The former Fallen River looks ferocious, but it is impossible to overthrow the origin of one party.


Chen Feng is thinking, do you want to fight?


The most important thing is not being able to understand the situation outside and not being able to make important choices.


In this way, Chen Feng hesitated while observing the surrounding situation, but the blockade of these five mountains was too perfect, and there was no gap at all.


Only reckless.


Chen Feng still waited for a while, carefully observing the situation of the five mountains.


Because of Chen Feng’s analysis, Chen Feng knew that even if he used all his strength, he would not be able to rush out, because my mountain was linked by Fang Qiyuan.


So just wait for the chance.


Finally, Chen Feng felt the power fluctuations in the five mountains. Although he didn’t know whether it was good or bad, Chen Feng launched the attack immediately.


The sacred mountain appeared with the energy tower, and then rammed into a sacred mountain at the same time.




This impact can literally destroy a small origin.


Although he didn’t rush out, Chen Feng noticed that the five sacred mountains were shaking.


“Then continue.”


Chen Feng knows that his own shot will definitely affect Taisu Origin through the immortals, which will help the attack of the Gate of Origin side.


Chen Feng doesn’t know what’s going on outside, but can make some guesses.


Sure enough, the Fallen River, which is constantly invading, has also noticed the change in the origin of this side, so the attack is more fierce.


It can be said that the momentum is like a broken bamboo, and the sailing is smooth, and Chen Feng also feels that the power fluctuations emanating from the five sacred mountains are getting stronger and stronger, and even under his own attack, the sacred mountains are shaking a little.


Chen Feng saw hope, and while attacking, he was still using the art of devouring to plunder the power of the mountain.


Just when Chen Feng thought he could rush out, the power of these five sacred mountains became stronger, and it was useless to let Chen Feng attack.


Chen Feng understood that Gate of Origin and their attack momentum should have been affected, maybe they have stopped now.


So Chen Feng immediately stopped attacking and began to use his strength to protect himself. Fortunately, Shenshan did not attack himself.


“Did you fail? If so, when will you wait?” Chen Feng was very disappointed.


Even if Chen Feng is disappointed, it is useless, after all, Chen Feng has already tried it.


So we can only continue to wait for the opportunity. After a period of time, these five mountains still remain unchanged.


Chen Feng even wondered if the war between the two sides had stopped. If so, he could only wait for the next war.


So it’s been a long wait. During this time, maybe we will have some changes.


It turns out that the accident happened earlier than Chen Feng imagined.


The power of the five sacred mountains began to become stronger and stronger, and they were constantly exerted on Chen Feng, wanting to kill Chen Feng directly.


Chen Feng can no longer protect himself by relying on the sacred mountain alone. If he is not careful, the sacred mountain may be taken away by the other party.


At this time, Chen Feng would not retain his strength at all. First, he used the power of volcanic origin, and then he used the power of vortex origin.


The origin of the two sides plus a sacred mountain, Chen Feng barely blocked the opponent’s attack.


“No matter how strong it is, it is only rooted in one origin. I don’t believe that it can get me.” Chen Feng sneered.


The power of the other party is endless, and Chen Feng is also supporting it with difficulty. I don’t know how long it has passed, and the five sacred mountains have regained their power.


Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief.


But after a period of time, the other party shot again. This time, in addition to the five sacred mountains, there was also the sword of Rijus. The other party wanted to kill Chen Feng directly. This time, Chen Feng took out the energy tower, still It blocked the opponent’s attack.


Although it is said that the Sword of Rijutsu left some sword marks on the sacred mountain, it is not time for Chen Feng to care about these.


“It’s not good, it seems that the war between the two sides has really stopped. Otherwise, this sword will not be withdrawn. Can I persist?” Chen Feng thought with some worry.


However, Chen Feng is still thinking on the bright side. Even if the two sides stop the war, such a powerful existence as the Sword of Rigel should be on one side. If they all gather together, they will use the power of origin to cast a spell on him. Pressure, then it is really your own doomsday.


Sure enough, after a period of time, the sword of Rigel disappeared, and came to Taisu Changhe again, cooperating with the five sacred mountains to continue suppressing Chen Feng.


This time, Chen Feng replaced his origin with his own path, supporting him in pain.


The other party saw that Chen Feng couldn’t help but finally stopped.


In this way, the origin of Taisu will come to consume Chen Feng’s power every once in a while.


“If you really push me, I won’t make it easier for you.” Although Chen Feng consumed a lot during this time, he was constantly changing on top of the Primordial Yuan that he had suppressed before.


Chen Feng wants to liberate the origin of corrosive energy. If he can fully release the power of this powerful origin, Chen Feng believes that he will most likely be able to get out of trouble.


It seems that Chen Feng is persevering, but in fact Chen Feng is also looking for opportunities to fight back.


In this way, I don’t know how long it has passed, and the other party has consumed the mana cultivation base that is only obtained by adding up Chen Feng’s two Primordial Yuan.


Finally no longer appear for a long time.


Chen Feng guessed whether the war had started again~IndoMTL.com~ and then carefully observed the situation outside.


“I should know if I have the door of the origin of death, or I didn’t take me seriously, so I didn’t give me a reward before.” Chen Feng had to think in the worst direction.


After waiting for a long time, Chen Feng once again waited for the suppression of the other party.


“Hey, let’s continue, I feel that you can’t help me, and this time the power you burst out has also weakened a little bit, so the site of Taisu’s origin is still being lost. In this case, you should let me go, and then surrender to the gate of origin, where is the practice different, resistance will only end up with nothing, and everything will be swallowed up by the gate of origin.” Chen Feng laughed.


It’s useless to just talk to these sacred mountains. Chen Feng also knows this. He is too idle. After all, he has been trapped here for a long time.


Finally, one day, a wave of violent fluctuations passed from the outside, and Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. What did this mean? It showed that there was a loophole in the blockade of the five sacred mountains.


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