Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5736: 10 robbery jars



Chapter 5736 Ten Tribulations Destroying the World



Lu Ming, Ye Qing and Xue Yuyu, with all their strength, kept attacking the Huoxian clan’s giant warships. The defensive formations on the warships were constantly fading. Some of the immortal creatures were shattered and destroyed.



It was just a cup of tea. On the battleship, cracks appeared in the mask formed by the defensive formation. On the battleship, the runes that formed the formation burst out of blue smoke and dissipated into nothingness.



Cracks appeared in the defensive mask, and terrifying power penetrated into the warship from the cracks. In an instant, a large number of true immortals, including the immortal king, were turned to ashes.



The power of the cosmos is too strong, and it is not something that a true immortal or an immortal king can compete with. Just a little bit can make them disappear.






Xue Yuyu used his body as a blade to cast the Blade of Destroying Immortals, slashing out a stunning knife, hitting the crack in the defensive mask.



The power of Xue Universe’s knife is so powerful that it directly expands the scope of the crack and turns it into a huge crack.



Infinite sword energy rushed into the giant battleship and flew everywhere. A large number of Fire Immortal creatures were hit by the sword energy and fell screaming.



Even some half-step universes were seriously injured by being hit by a large amount of sword energy.






Immediately afterwards, Ye Qing used the Blue Sky Technique and bombarded it again, causing the crack to expand again, and the devastating force rushed into the battleship, causing more Fire Immortals to perish.



A half-step universe could not escape, and was hit by a force and was beaten into a cloud of blood.






“Immortal Emperor, help!”



On the battleship, there was a mess of porridge. The immortal beings of the Fire Immortal race were flying around like headless flies. Some people even thought of flying outside and wanted to escape the battleship.



At this time, Immortal Emperor Huo Fen, who had been healing his wounds, opened his eyes. His hands suddenly slapped on the deck. With his palms as the center, the powerful power of reality turned into strands of silk that filled the air. out, covering the entire gigantic warship.



Immediately, the runes on the giant battleship radiated dazzling brilliance, and the entire battleship trembled violently, with terrifying power fluctuating.



“The self-destructing warship, the ancestor is to self-destruct the warship.”






Some half-step universes of the Fire Immortal race, their faces changed wildly, and they rushed outside desperately.



And the creatures of other Fire Immortals were even more chaotic and terrified.



They knew very well that Immortal Emperor Huofen wanted to self-destruct the battleship to attack the three cosmos powerhouses, but once the battleship blew itself up, the creatures on the battleship, except Immortal Emperor Huofen, probably wouldn’t be able to survive.



In order to repel the powerful enemy and protect himself, the Immortal Emperor Huo Fen no longer cares about the people of the Huo Immortal Clan.






Ye Qing also gave a soft drink and stepped back.



Lu Ming and Xue Yuyu didn’t stop at all and retreated violently.






The moment they retreated, the battleship exploded.



This giant battleship was built by the Creator himself. Not only were the materials rare and precious, but the runes on it contained the power of the Creator. Once it exploded, it would be no trivial matter.



The exploding hull turned into destructive energy, rushing in all directions.



The Fire Immortals on the battleship bore the brunt of it, being swept in by the forces of destruction. In the screams, they turned into dust. As time passed, they would be assimilated by Chaos and become a part of Chaos.



Lu Ming, Ye Qing and Xue Universe, even if they retreated in time, they were swept in by the energy of destruction.



The three of them quickly retreated while fighting with all their strength. Even so, they were still injured.



Soul Yihe’s puppet battle body was covered in bruises, many feathers fell off, and several blood holes were pierced through his body.


Fortunately, Lu Ming controlled the puppet battle body and avoided his position, so he himself was not injured.



Xue Yuyu, there are also a few hideous wounds on his body, Ye Qing, a little better, but also suffered some minor injuries.



Looking at the Huoxian clan’s giant battleship, it has completely disintegrated and turned into a pile of pieces.



Almost all of the Fire Immortal masters on it were wiped out, not even one half-step universe escaped.



After paying such a heavy price, I was finally surrounded by Immortal Emperor Huo Fen and rushed towards the endless chaos in the distance.



Immortal Emperor Huofen also knew very well that the self-destruction of the giant warship would not kill Lu Ming, Ye Qing and Xue Yuyu, but it was enough to create an opportunity for him to escape.



“Don’t worry, you won’t die in vain. After I’m healed, I’ll let these people be buried with you.”



Immortal Emperor Huofen’s eyes were cold and full of murderous intent, and he secretly swore in his heart.






Ye Qing, Lu Ming and Xue Yuyu, regardless of their injuries, chased after Immortal Emperor Huo Fen.



Immortal Emperor Huofen is too dangerous. Once he escapes, the consequences will be disastrous.



If he hides in the dark and makes a sneak attack, no other creatures can escape from the universe except the universe.



If he hides in the dark and suddenly launches an attack on a certain universe, destroying the universe, it will be easy.



However, Immortal Emperor Huo Fen fled first, coupled with the power of burning truth desperately, the speed was too fast, and the three of Lu Ming couldn’t catch up for a while.



It seemed that Immortal Emperor Huofen was about to escape into the boundless chaos. Suddenly, a sword light appeared in front of Immortal Emperor Huofen.



The sword light is incomparably huge, with a length of hundreds of millions of miles, exuding terrifying fluctuations, and has the power to open up the world.



This is cosmic power.



Immortal Emperor Huo Fen’s face changed greatly, he never imagined that there was actually the existence of the cosmos in the dark, and he took advantage of this time to shoot at him.



With a roar, Immortal Emperor Huo Fen’s fast forward figure suddenly stopped, and he pressed his hands forward, and the true self universe emerged and blocked in front of him.



The incident happened suddenly, and it was too late to run other immortal techniques to resist, and the true self universe can appear as long as the mind moves.






The war sword slashed in the real self universe of Immortal Huo Fen~IndoMTL.com~ real self universe, sunken like a ball, the huge sword light cut through the real self universe, slashed in the real self universe On the emperor, Immortal Emperor Huo Fen groaned, and his body flew out like a cannonball.



Suddenly, on the left and right sides, two large glowing hands stretched out and pressed down on Immortal Emperor Huo Fen.



Immortal Emperor Huo Fen, who was seriously injured in the first place, was hit by the sword light, and no matter how hard it was to avoid, he was hit by two palms, and with a bang, his body exploded.



But Immortal Emperor Huofen hadn’t died yet, his body quickly condensed, and he wanted to escape, but above his head, a pitch-black clay pot appeared. Burning Immortal Emperor, swallowed it into a clay pot.



“Ten Tribulations Destroying the World, Cangtian Clan…”



Ye Qing let out a low growl, her eyes extremely solemn.



Lu Ming and Xue Yuyu stood on either side of Ye Qing, and their faces were extremely ugly. Their eyes were directed towards Chaos in front of them.



Under the cosmos, they can’t see it yet, but they can see it clearly. In the chaotic air, there are three figures that are coming and gradually emerging.



The earth-shattering aura emanated from the three of them, overwhelming the sky and sweeping the entire battlefield.



Cosmic Realm!



The three cosmic realms!



(End of this chapter)



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