Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 4187: Heaven and Earth



Nie Tian looked at the Dark Dragon’s Head Gate not far away, frowned and asked in a low voice, “Why is there no one guarding?”


The Sacred Dragon’s Slash was a place where the dragons were imprisoned for repeat offenses. There was no one outside the sinful dragon prison, which made Nie Tian feel very strange.


“You’ll know when you get closer.” Zhu Rushuang stared at the gate of the Dragon Head of the Sin Dragon Prison and responded in a low voice.


Nie Tian frowned, but didn’t move.


He is completely unfamiliar with the Sin Dragon Prison, and of course he will not act rashly before Zhu Rushuang’s action.


Zhu Rushuang glanced at Nie Tian, ​​showing some appreciation.


Nie Tian is different from the young warriors she has seen before. Not only is his talent and strength excellent, but his temperament is calm and tenacious.


If it was an ordinary young man just now, I’m afraid that it would really be close to the Sin Dragon Prison. But Nie Tian remained motionless. This steadiness was something that many young warriors lacked. Best wishes


Xiyi is already a leader among the younger generation of the Dragon Clan, and may even become the Dragon Emperor in the future.


But Zhu Rushuang felt that compared with Nie Tian, ​​Zhu Xiyi was not a little bit worse.


“It should be considered a fortune of the dragon clan for a person like him to be a dragon shepherd.” Zhu Rushuang said in his heart with a slight twitch at the corner of his mouth. “


Look at my footwork, follow me closely, and don’t go wrong. “After a while, Zhu Rushuang spoke in a deep voice, and then began to slowly approach the gate of the faucet. She


‘s gait is eccentric, implying extremely complex changes. very


Obviously, she’s avoiding something with her footwork.


Nie Tian frowned, carefully observed Zhu Rushuang’s footsteps, and then walked awkwardly like a cat drawing a tiger. just


At the beginning, Zhu Rushuang walked very slowly, obviously afraid that Nie Tian would not be able to keep up. good


Nie Tian’s learning ability is very strong. After walking dozens of steps, he slowly sees the mystery in his footwork, and he walks more and more smoothly. “


The surrounding area is full of hidden restrictions, and it is not easy to sin in the Dragon Prison. “At this moment, the little fat cat’s voice sounded, and he couldn’t help exclaiming.”


Prohibited? Nie Tian frowned and said with a stunned expression, “Why can’t I feel anything? “


His perception ability, although not strong, is definitely not weak, plus the assistance of the eternal night demon fox, the general formation enchantment prohibition, etc., he can perceive one or two. But


At this moment, he can’t feel any breath at all, which is a bit strange.


“These restrictions are hidden in the void, using some kind of special space-time method, which almost completely covers up the breath.” The little fat cat explained, and said: “Nie Tian, ​​you have to follow this woman closely, Qian Qian. Don’t go wrong.”


“Yeah.” Nie Tian couldn’t help but be a little nervous and nodded.


Next, Zhu Rushuang’s footsteps became faster and faster, and his footwork became more and more complicated. Nie Tian was struggling to follow, and beads of sweat oozed out on his forehead.


“Nie Tian, ​​she is now walking from heaven to earth, which implies thirty-six of Tiangang and seventy-two footwork of earthshade. Each footwork has nine to eighty-one variations. There are nearly a million changes in the yin and yang changes of the heaven and earth and the replacement of the left and right feet.” At this time, the little fat cat’s voice sounded again, Shen Chen said: “You quickly open the eyes of the devil and watch her footwork change, Don’t miss anything.””


Hmm! Nie Tian nodded heavily, and then the Demon Eye opened secretly, and the picture in front of him suddenly changed. Every step Zhu Rushuang fell, a delicate and complex flowing line was formed in his mind, as if everything in front of him had been deconstructed and then resurfaced. Refactored.


Little Fat Cat directly accepts these flowing lines, and then analyzes them in a strange formation.


As Zhu Rushuang descended step by step, those lines became more and more complicated, criss-crossing each other, like a mess, thousands of lines, connected with each other, at first glance densely packed, but carefully From the looks of it, it seems that there is some kind of law in it.


Next, Nie Tian felt that Zhu Rushuang’s footwork was getting more and more complicated. Even if he opened the Demon Eye, it would be very difficult for him to completely replicate that change. film


A moment later, Nie Tian felt that his eyes were a little dry, and there was blood oozing out of the corners of his eyes.


At this time, Zhu Rushuang’s speed also slowed down, and sweat dripped from his forehead, looking very flustered. vertical


Of course she walks with her feet on the ground, but the more she goes to the back, the more difficult it becomes.


When she was imprisoned, there were times when she nearly escaped, but was eventually blocked by the forbidden barrier. Biography


As far as I know, the forbidden barrier of the Sin Dragon Prison was created by the nine most outstanding barrier masters of the dragon race a long time ago, and it has never been cracked. sin


Dragon Prison Barrier implies countless changes, and it is a kind of Barrier that is always active, and will change with the footwork of the warrior. Also


In other words, only the change in footwork exceeds the change in the enchantment to safely pass through the enchantment.


It took Zhu Rushuang tens of thousands of years to master it. Although it is very close to the change of the sin dragon prison barrier, it always makes mistakes in the last few steps.


This time, Zhu Rushuang also took the risk, preparing to forcibly break through the barrier in the last few steps. very


Come on, Zhu Rushuang and Nie Tian came to a place about five meters away from the entrance of Sin Dragon Prison, and they were only a few steps away. But


At this time, Zhu Rushuang became nervous, and Nie Tian could even hear the sound of shortness of breath behind him. “


Senior, are you all right? “Nie Tian couldn’t help frowning and asked in a deep voice.


“Wait and hide behind me.” Zhu Rushuang responded in a deep voice. Although she tried her best to remain calm, she could still hear nervousness.


“Yes.” Nie Tian nodded and took a deep breath to calm himself down. Best wishes


Rushuang exhaled a long breath, then raised her left foot, but it shook for a long time and did not dare to fall. “


Wait a minute! At this moment, Nie Tian suddenly heard the voice of the little fat cat, the latter exclaimed: “Wrong way! “Nie


Tian’s eyes trembled and he broke out in a cold sweat.


“Switch your left foot to your right, move five centimeters forward, take a step to the sky, and take a yin pose.” The little fat cat spoke again and hurriedly shouted. Nie


Tian was stunned for a moment. He had no idea what the little fat cat was talking about, but he repeated the latter’s words to Zhu Rushuang. Best wishes


When Rushuang heard Nie Tian’s words, her pretty face froze, then her eyes trembled, as if she wanted to understand something, and then she switched her left and right feet and fell firmly. pick up


At the same time, Nie Tian spoke again and again, accurately stating the follow-up footwork, Zhu Rushuang fell step by step, walked out of the barrier in an instant, and stepped into the sinful dragon prison.


The two stood inside the dragon head gate, looking at the peaceful space behind them, but they couldn’t help feeling a chill in their hearts.


In the moment just now, if Nie Tian hadn’t spoken in time, it would have been troublesome. “


Nie Tian, ​​how do you know how to move from one place to another? Zhu Rushuang calmed down and couldn’t help looking at Nie Tian and asked. She


Learning for tens of thousands of years of walking from heaven to earth, just barely grasped it, but Nie Tian just watched her walk a few steps, and actually understood it more deeply than her. Is this possible?


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