Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 4188: Breakthrough



Zhu Rushuang looked at Nie Tian with a stunned expression, wondering how the latter understood so profoundly about Tianxingxing.


“Someone helped me secretly.” Nie Tian hesitated for a moment, then said truthfully.


Zhu Rushuang frowned, knowing that Nie Tian didn’t want to say more, so she stopped asking.


She was still puzzled before, how Nie Tian thought of using the bloodline to corrode and ban this method, but now she is relieved.


“Let’s go in.” Zhu Rushuang did not delay any longer and stepped into the Sin Dragon Prison.


The two followed the dark and gloomy passage of the Dragon Prison and soon came to the end. “


No one? “Zhu Rushuang saw that the surrounding cells were empty, and couldn’t help but feel an ominous feeling in her heart.”


Leave now! “The next moment, she instantly understood, she gave a low voice, her figure moved, and with Nie Tian, ​​she flew towards the exit of the Dragon Prison.


Unfortunately, she was still a step behind, the gate of the Dragon Prison slammed shut, and the entire Dragon Prison was as dark as an abyss.


The next moment, Zhu Rushuang felt a terrifying oppressive force coming towards her. Even though she was as strong as her, she was forced to retreat. she


Reluctantly supported, the dragon energy in the body was released, condensing into a shield, protecting her and Nie Tian.


“It’s hit!” Nie Tian stabilized his body, his eyes trembling involuntarily.


Zhu Rushuang has a low face, constantly releasing dragon energy to resist external pressure. “


It looks like they’d guessed that we’d be here to save people, so everything was arranged in advance. “Nie Tian frowned and said solemnly.”


They initiated the self-destruction of the Sin Dragon Prison, and the entire Sin Dragon Prison will perish with us. Zhu Rushuang’s eyes were low, and although he tried to keep his composure, there was a slight trembling in his voice.


“We must find a way to get out of here!” Nie Tian said heavily with a trembling gaze.


“It’s useless.” Zhu Rushuang said with a solemn expression: “The Dragon of Sin was created by the pinnacle of the dragon race hundreds of years ago. Once self-destruction is initiated, it cannot be stopped. It is full of the most powerful enchantment forces, and even the strongest of the heavens and holy worlds cannot break the enchantment at all.”


“Little fat!” Nie Tian frowned and shouted directly.


“This barrier is too complicated. It will take at least a few months for the deity to break it. But you only have a few minutes at most. If you can’t escape from here within a few minutes, you will be forcibly forced by the power of the barrier. Squeezed to death.” The little fat cat spoke in a deep voice, obviously a little nervous. “


The only way now is to break through the barrier! “Nie Tian was silent for a while, and then spoke deeply.


“Breaking hard?” Zhu Rushuang’s expression changed, she let out a stunned look, and stared at Nie Tian with an extremely unfamiliar look.


Obviously, Nie Tian wanted her to break through the barrier, but she was simply not strong enough. with


The strength of the barrier, even if her experience increased several times, could not be broken. Except


No, her strength can be increased by more than ten times in an instant!


But is it possible?


At this time, Zhu Rushuang is no weaker than the peak powerhouse of the Dragon Clan, and may even be the first person in the Dragon Clan. If


It is her strength that can be increased tenfold, and she is definitely the number one person in the holy world! “


Senior, if I use my bloodline and your strength, is it possible to break this barrier? “Of course Nie Tian knew what Zhu Rushuang was thinking, and the corner of his mouth twitched inexplicably as he asked.”


What do you mean…” Zhu Rushuang’s eyes trembled, then she understood and said, “Use your blood to stimulate my potential! “


“Yeah.” Nie Tian nodded heavily and said, “I have the energy of a dragon animal in my body and the blood wings of an angel. I think these two powers have a great stimulating effect on you. If it is in your power, The moment of extreme explosion, supplemented by these two powers, will inevitably burst into a stronger formidable power.””


You can try it! “Zhu Rushuang’s eyes trembled, and she couldn’t help feeling a little excited.


She had to admit that Nie Tian was a geek who could even think of this method. “


Good! Nie Tian agreed, and then blood spurted out of his fingertips, surrounding Zhu Rushuang like flowing ripples in the void.


Rushuang closed her eyes, felt the bloodline power in the blood surrounding her body, and then began to slowly release the Frozen End Dragon Qi. she


Dragon energy all over her body, condensed and lingered, and soon formed a layer of frost outside her body, like a silkworm cocoon.


Then, the blood began to melt into the frost, inspiring the Frozen End Dragon Qi to become violent.


Nie Tian held his breath, and felt the breath in the frost. He could hear it faintly, as if there were thousands of giant dragons roaring and roaring. And


At this time, the power of the enchantment around is also more powerful, and the dragon air shield is about to collapse.


Zhu Rushuang seems to have entered a certain state, turning a deaf ear to everything around her.


Nie Tian was very nervous, his heart was beating in his throat, but he didn’t dare to disturb Zhu Rushuang. “


Boom! “At this moment, the dragon energy shield finally couldn’t bear it anymore, and it shattered with a bang. Nie Tianzhi felt as if a thunder sounded in his ear.”


It is now! “Almost at the same moment, Zhu Rushuang’s closed eyes suddenly opened, and then the frost outside his body burst apart, turning into thousands of ice blades whistling in all directions.”


bang bang bang…” Suddenly, a terrifying muffled sound came out, and the power of the enchantment was forcibly torn and destroyed, and it collapsed in the void.


“What a terrifying power!” Nie Tian felt the terrifying aura flowing, and his heart was shocked.


He didn’t expect that Zhu Rushuang could fuse the power of his blood to burst out such terrifying power.


The power just now is no weaker than the Yang God Sword Emperor and others. “


Boom…” At the same time, outside the Guilong Prison, a rumbling sound resounded through the heavens and the earth, the huge mountain collapsed, and cracks appeared on the huge wall, as if there was a monstrous beast raging underground. “


What’s going on? “In the sky above the slash of the sinful dragon, the expressions of several black-clothed warriors changed greatly, and they were horrified. They


One of the black-clothed warriors in is the King of the Hidden Dragon who escaped from Zhu Rushuang not long ago.


The other warriors are also members of the Dragon Clan with very high status, and they are the patriarchs of each clan. “


Could it be that Zhu Rushuang broke through the Dragon Prison of Sin? “One of the black-clothed warriors was a little shocked and said uncertainly.


“Impossible! Even the guy who claims to be the number one person in the heavens cannot break through the barrier in the Sin Dragon Prison. No matter how strong Zhu Rushuang is, he can’t break the barrier!” The other person responded solemnly, Although he said it firmly, his eyes were clearly a little uncertain.


The King of Hidden Dragon’s eyes were low, as if he was thinking about something.


Of course he knows that Zhu Rushuang’s strength is not enough to break through the barrier of the Dragon Prison of Sin. But


Yes, if Zhu Rushuang plus Nie Tian, ​​then not necessarily.


“Bang!” At this moment, there was a roar in the sky under the sinful dragon prison, and then in a terrifying huge crack in the wall, the rocks collapsed, and two figures broke out, like a raging dragon. , soaring into the sky.


The King of the Hidden Dragon and the others all trembled in unison, their expressions horrified, and then they could clearly see that the two figures were Zhu Rushuang and Nie Tian!


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