Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 4189: Tai Wu Shen Bing



“How is that possible?” Several dragon powerhouses saw clearly that the two in the sky were Zhu Rushuang and Nie Tian, ​​their expressions stiffened at first, and then they all exclaimed.


They never dreamed that Zhu Rushuang and the two could break through the barrier of the Sin Dragon Prison.


Looking at the situation, Zhu Rushuang clearly escaped by forcibly breaking through the barrier, but is her strength really that terrifying?


“Really escaped!” The King of the Hidden Dragon looked at Zhu Rushuang and Nie Tian. Although he had expected it, he was still very shocked, and there was a murderous intent in his eyes.


“Where are the three holy dragon envoys?” Zhu Rushuang stood high in the sky, stepped out in one step, and released the momentum in his body like a turbulent wave. The moment the cold air filled the air, the surrounding world was frozen.


Ice the world, swallow the mountains and rivers!


“Zhu Rushuang, I have underestimated you.” The King of Hidden Dragon’s eyes twitched, but he didn’t panic, and sneered: “You forcibly break through the barrier, even with the help of the Dragon Shepherd, you will not be hurt at this moment. Take it easy. Now, do you still have the ability to fight this seat?””


I’ll kill you with ease! “Zhu Rushuang is domineering and unparalleled, he speaks in a low voice, and then flips his palm, a frost spear appears in his hand, and suddenly the endless cold surging, like a strange stream of water, will engulf the world. Hidden


The Dragon King’s eyes trembled slightly, and he actually felt a bone-piercing cold breath, as if a pair of eyes of death had locked him firmly. “


What a horrible smell! “Nie Tian had already retreated tens of thousands of meters away, looking at Zhu Rushuang from a distance, and really felt the cold and domineering aura of the frozen world.


He didn’t even know before that Zhu Rushuang was actually a shooter! Best wishes


The spear in Rushuang’s hand is very evil. It seems to be made of ice. It is crystal clear but extremely sharp, giving people an unreal feeling.


“This is the Taiwu Shenbing of the Taiwu Bingyi clan!” The King of Hidden Dragon looked at the Frost Cold Spear, his eyes trembled, and he screamed in surprise, with an expression of fear that could not be concealed on his face.


Taiwu Shenbing, the rumored gun that destroys the sky, is the ancestor of the Taiwu Bingyi clan. In the ancient times, it collected the flame of the ice heart in the original ancient glacier, and combined it with the innate power of the Taiwu. It has the power to destroy the world and wipe out everything.


Since the creation of Taiwu Shenbing, it has existed as a sacred artifact of the town clan, and it has always been owned by the patriarch of the Taiwu Bingyi clan.


In this generation, the patriarch of the Taiwu Bingyi clan is Zhu Rong, not Zhu Rushuang. Why is Taiwu Shenbing in Zhu Rushuang’s hands? But


It is now, obviously not the time to think about this problem. Zhu Rushuang, who has the blessing of Taiwu Shenbing, has more than doubled his combat power, and it is really possible to kill him with one move. “


Back! “The King of Hidden Dragon’s eyes trembled slightly, and a thought came to his heart, and then the figure backed away slightly, ready to leave directly.”


Is it Taiwu Shenbing? At this moment, a guy who didn’t know whether to live or die stood up and said with a sneer, “Let me learn how powerful Taiwu Bingyi’s sacred artifact is. “Words


Before the sound fell, he stepped out, his figure soared into the sky, and turned into a crimson giant dragon in the void. With a roar, the terrifying dragon claws fell and pressed towards Zhu Rushuang. “


Dying! “Zhu Rushuang sneered, and the ice of the **** of witches swept across the sky, and the extreme power exploded. Suddenly, terrifying ice spear shadows appeared in the air, bombarding the scarlet dragon directly.”


Pfft! puff! puff! “In the next instant, the sound of flesh being torn apart was heard in the void, and the scarlet giant dragon was directly broken into several sections under the impact of the gun shadow, dripping with blood and spraying the air, which was extremely bloody.


Under the Great Witch God Bing, this man turned into a dragon and couldn’t even block a single shot.


“This…” The other people were startled, completely stunned by the scene in front of them, they all gasped and were speechless. this


At the time, there was only one thought in their minds, that is, escape! One


In an instant, several figures retreated crazily.


But unfortunately, it’s too late. he


They suddenly felt that the void was filled with a terrifying cold force, imprisoning the space, making them unable to move an inch. “


Die! “Zhu Rushuang’s eyes were piercing, and he spoke coldly. The spear fell, and in the blood, the few warriors died tragically on the spot, leaving no bones.


“I…” Only one person was left, but his tongue trembled with fright and he was speechless. Best wishes


Rushuang’s figure moved, came to the man, and asked coldly: “Where is the holy dragon envoy?” Yin


The Dragon King escaped, and she left this alive, just wanting to know where the three holy dragons were imprisoned. “


I, I don’t know. “The man’s eyes were trembling, and he felt that his whole body was softening, and he was about to be unable to stand.”


I don’t know. Then you have no value in living. “Zhu Rushuang had a chilled face, and said coldly, and then the cold force in his body erupted, and the man felt that the meridians and bones of his whole body were about to be frozen.”


I…” He screamed in horror and trembled: “They, they are locked in the Lianlongkou. “


“Longkou?” Zhu Rushuang frowned and murmured, “It turned out to be that place.””


I said, please forgive me. “The man looked up at Zhu Rushuang with difficulty and begged bitterly.”


If you say it, then there is no value in living. “Zhu Rushuang smiled coldly, and then with a thought, the man directly turned into a ball of ice, fell straight, and fell to pieces after falling to the ground.


“Senior.” Nie Tian saw Zhu Rushuang finish dealing with these people, his figure moved and flew over, but he saw blood spilling from the corner of Zhu Rushuang’s mouth, he couldn’t help worrying: “Are you all right?”


“When I broke through the barrier just now, I was injured a little bit, but I’m fine.” Zhu Rushuang said with a faint smile as the blood on the corner of his mouth disappeared.


Nie Tian frowned, sensing Zhu Rushuang’s aura, he was a little confused, and he couldn’t help but worry even more. very


Obviously, when Zhu Rushuang fused the power of his blood to hit the barrier just now, he was seriously injured. In addition, he used Taiwu Shenbing just now, so the injury was aggravated.


Although Taiwu Shenbing is the sacred artifact of the Taiwu Bingyi clan, no one has been able to fully exert the power of Shenbing in all dynasties. too


The power contained in the witch **** ice is too strong. When a warrior uses it, it will cause great pressure on the martial arts.


Even as strong as Zhu Rushuang, it is difficult to control Taiwu Shenbing.


“Senior, you need to adjust your breath first, and then talk about recovery.” Nie Tian looked at Zhu Rushuang and said solemnly.


“There’s no time.” Zhu Rushuang’s eyes trembled and he said, “If we go late, I’m afraid we won’t be able to see the three holy dragon envoys.”


“What do you mean?” Nie Tian frowned and asked in astonishment. “


They were imprisoned in the Lianlongkou, the place where dragon warriors strip their blood. Zhu Rushuang’s eyes trembled slightly and said, “I don’t know what the Dragon Emperor is going to do when he strips away the blood power of the three holy dragon envoys. “


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