Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 4447: The heavens collapsed



Nie Tian saw Qing Qi’s expression was different, and his heart tightened.


“Jiwu Xietian.” Qing Qi hesitated for a while, and finally said the name. “


Extremely powerful! “Nie Tian’s expression changed when he heard the name, and he was surprised. He


I didn’t expect that the person in Qing Qi’s mouth turned out to be extremely Wu Xietian. Extremely


Wu Xietian, the ninth star messenger of the previous star master, Donghuang Zhengrong, is also the strongest star king, Lone Sky Star King Ziwei Junlin. And


Extremely Wuxietian has a taboo status, that is, the dark side of Donghuang Zhengrong. Strange


Don’t let Qingqi’s expression change drastically, it turns out that the matter involves Jiwu Xietian.


“Senior Qingqi, what did he say?” Nie Tian calmed down and asked in a deep voice. green


Qi hesitated for a long time, but said, “Nie Tian, ​​don’t ask for now. When the time is right, this old man will naturally tell you.”


Nie Tian frowned, he was about to speak, but he finally held back.


“Nie Tian, ​​don’t try to break through the Heavenly Awakening Realm for now.” Qing Qi looked at Nie Tian and said seriously. “


Why? Nie Tian was a little puzzled and asked, “Is there a problem with that second barrier? “Look


Qing Qi’s expression, the second barrier is very strange and not simple.


“Maybe.” Qing Qi sighed and said, “It’s better not to touch it lightly until things are clear.””


Okay. “Nie Tian nodded helplessly, it seems that the second barrier does have another mystery. Qing


Qi He has the same attitude as Little Fat Cat, and obviously doesn’t want Nie Tian to take risks. “


Lord Fenghuang, has the selection venue for Fengtian been decided? “Seeing that the atmosphere is a little unusual, Gu Ling Wuqi asked.”


Not yet. Nie Tian shook his head and said, “The news of Fengtian’s selection has now spread to the major holy worlds, and it will officially start in about half a month. Guling senior thinks, where is the appropriate place to set up the venue? “


Guling Wuqi thought for a while, and said: “The selection of Fengtian is too noisy, and it will definitely attract the attention of all parties. The venue for the selection of Fengtian must be located in a place that we can control. .”


“Yeah.” Nie Tian nodded in agreement. beacon


It’s no longer an easy task for the selection to reach this stage. This


At one time, in addition to some of the forces of the Seventh Cultivation Sacred Realm, other powers will participate in it, and even many middle-level Sacred Realms, high-level Sacred Realms, and even top-level Sacred Realms will come.


Therefore, the venue for Fengtian’s selection is very important. Once something happens, Fengtian Sect must control it immediately.


Since Guling Wuqi asked this question, he should already have a suitable idea in his heart. “


Lord Fenghuang, what do you think of the strength of these forces in the Seventh Realm? “Guling Wuqi didn’t say it directly, but asked inexplicably.”


Very strong. Nie Tian nodded and said, “The Seventh Cultivation Sacred Realm is only a primary Sacred Realm, but the power within the Sacred Realm is not weak even if it is compared to the peak strength of many advanced Sacred Realms. “Its


Actually, this made Nie Tian a little strange. seven


The Holy Cultivation Realm is only the primary Holy Realm, but the peak warriors among them have the strength close to the peak of Tianwu, which is really strange.


You must know that in many high-level holy worlds, there are very few Tianwu holy ancestors.


But the Guiya Sect, Feng Tianming Sect, and even the Wind Ghost Clan, the Wen family, all have many Tianwu Sage Ancestors in charge, which is really confusing. “


The reason why the Seventh Cultivation Sacred World is so strong is inseparable from its special position. Gu Ling Wuqi laughed and explained: “The various holy worlds in the holy world of the heavens are divided into top-level, advanced, intermediate, and primary. “


“The basis for this distinction is based on the location of the holy realm. The seven holy realms are located in the primary holy realm in terms of area. However, their location is very unique, just in the primary holy realm. The core of the group.””


And in this core place, there is a huge special time and space, connecting the top-level sanctuary, high-level sanctuary, intermediate sanctuary and primary sanctuary. This special time and space is called the domain of Tiantong. “”


The Seventh Virtue Sacred Realm is located in the domain of Tiantong, so its time and space are connected with the Muyun Sacred Realm, Huang Yu Sacred Realm, and Nanhuang Sacred Realm above. “Nie


Tian immediately understood and said: “So, the time and space of the Seventh-Virtue Saint Realm is actually no different from the top-level Saint Realm Nanhuang Saint Realm above, right?””


The holy power in time and space is still weaker than that of the Nanhuang Holy Realm, but it is far stronger than the ordinary primary holy realm, and it is similar to the general advanced holy realm. “Gu Ling Wuqi smiled lightly, and then said: “It is precisely because of the special geographical location of the Seventh Cultivation Sacred Realm that this Sacred Realm has always been a place for all major forces to compete. “”


Could it be that there is a bigger force behind the Ghost Cliff Sect? “Nie Tian frowned, feeling an ominous feeling in his heart.”


Hmm. Guling Wuqi nodded solemnly and said, “The Guiya Sect can rise in such a short period of time, and there must be great forces behind it. For millions of years, the sacred world of the heavens has not been static, but has been slowly evolving. “


“The evolution of this holy world, although slow, has great influence.”


Some people have already felt that the connections between the various sanctuaries are getting closer and closer, and the major sanctuaries are slowly approaching. “”


Approaching? “Nie Tian couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment. He didn’t understand.”


Yes, it’s close. “Gu Ling Wuqi nodded heavily and said: “Someone has already measured the distance between the various holy worlds, and is slowly getting closer.” Therefore, tens of thousands of years ago, someone put forward the theory that the holy worlds of the heavens are collapsing, which is called the theory of the collapse of the heavens. “”


And they also came to the conclusion that the speed of the collapse of the heavens is accelerating rapidly by observing the evolution of each holy world. “


Nie Tian and Qing Qi were stunned at the same time, they had never heard such a shocking theory. such as


If the collapse of the heavens is true, I am afraid it will cause a huge panic in the holy world of the heavens.


“Guling, the holy worlds of the heavens were connected together a long time ago. If the collapse of the heavens is true, does that mean that the holy worlds of the heavens will once again become one and become a whole?” Qing Qi frowned and spoke his thoughts. “


If all the heavens and holy worlds were just one, it would be nothing, not even a bad thing. Guling Wuqi gave a wry smile and said, “But according to the current collapse speed, the holy worlds of the heavens do not want to merge into one, but will gather together sharply. “


“At first, there may be a collision between the holy worlds. The holy worlds that collide later will merge into one, and the space-time within will also collapse and converge. The final result is very likely to form a space-time black hole.”


“Space-time black hole!” Nie Tian and Qing Qi’s eyes trembled at the same time, horrified on the spot. “


Hmm. Gu Ling Wuqi nodded solemnly and said: “If the black hole of time and space is the final destination of the holy world of the heavens, then all the creatures in the holy world of the heavens will be completely annihilated!” “


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