Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 4449: Domineering Night



Mo Ye looked at Qingqi and Guling Wuqi, and the latter two were also looking at him. The three had different expressions and thoughts. Positive


As Mo Ye said, Qingqi and Guling Wuqi both have a certain relationship with him.


Qing Qi is Xingjun, and Mo Ye is derived from Nie Tian, ​​the lord of the starry sky; Guling Wuqi is the suzerain of Feng Tianming Sect, and Mo Ye is Fenghuang of Fengtian Soul Sect. Three


There is indeed a deep connection between people. green


Qi looked at Mo Ye, still very shocked when he knew the identity of the other party.


Before seeing Mo Ye, Qing Qi already knew of its existence, and he also speculated that Mo Ye’s potential is more terrifying than Ji Wu Xie Tian, ​​and will grow into an existence beyond Ji Wu Xie Tian in the future. for


At this point, Qing Qi also warned Nie Tian that he must kill Mo Ye!


At this time, seeing Mo Ye with his own eyes, Qing Qi understood that he still underestimated the former, Xing


The mutation of Chen Zhi’s body on Mo Ye was bigger than he expected.


This also means that Mo Ye’s talent and potential are stronger. ancient


Ling Wuqi has a similar feeling to Qing Qi, but what shocked him was that he couldn’t see through Mo Ye’s soul cultivation.


When he sensed Mo Ye’s soul, he seemed to fall into an endless ocean, completely unable to touch the edge.


Could it be that Mo Ye’s soul has surpassed him?


But Mo Ye is so young, how could he have such a strong soul cultivation base? “


The two of you have almost seen it. If we can, let’s go to the Forbidden Peaks and see them now. “After a while, Mo Ye said with a faint smile.


Qing Qi and Gu Ling Wu Qi reacted slightly, their faces slightly embarrassed. “


Let’s go. “Nie Tian nodded, a little helpless. One


On the way, the four were silent. “


Nie Tian, ​​how are you thinking about Tang Shisan? “When approaching a forbidden peak, Mo Ye suddenly asked.


“Where’s your puppet one? And senior Wen Hou, you didn’t bring it back?” Nie Tian deliberately avoided and asked coldly.


“Yi Yi went to perform the mission. As for Wen Hou, I have already negotiated with Guiya Sect, and Wen Hou was brought back to Wen’s house by the elder of the Wen family.” Mo Ye replied with a faint smile.


“Wen Qingmu!” Nie Tian’s eyes trembled, and Wen Qingmu’s face appeared in his mind.


He immediately remembered that Wen Qingmu had also gone to Guiya Sect before.


Wen Qingmu is the chief elder of the Wen family, but his position is not clear.


Wen Hou was taken away by Wen Qingmu, I don’t know if it is safe.


Even if Wen Qingmu has really switched to the Ghost Cliff Sect, he shouldn’t be bad for Wen Hou until his face is torn apart. pour


It’s the magic night. I didn’t expect this guy to actually go to the Ghost Cliff Sect and come back alive. “


Tang Shisan’s time is running out, you have to make a decision quickly. If it’s too late, I can’t help him. “Mo Ye talked about Tang Shisan again, with a strong sense of threat in his words.”


I see. “Nie Tian said coldly, ignoring Mo Ye.


“This is Baidu Peak. There are poison formations all over the peak gate. Any warrior who enters will be suppressed.” The four came to Baidu Peak, Guling Wuqi introduced. “


No. “Don’t wait for the others to speak, Mo Ye said coldly. Gu


Ling Wuqi frowned and looked at Nie Tian, ​​who nodded and continued to the next forbidden peak. “


Shenmen Peak, there are nine mysterious tomb gates in the peak gates. Once activated, at least nine Tianwu Saint Ancestor peak powerhouses are required to join forces to break open. “When I came to the next forbidden peak, Gu Ling Wuqi introduced it while observing the reaction of Mo Ye.”


It’s not bad, but the place is a little small, so let’s reserve it as an alternative. “Mo Ye glanced at the door and said lightly. Ancient


Ling Wuqi’s brows furrowed even deeper. In his opinion, Shenmen Peak should be one of several excellent selection venues for Fengtian. God


The gate peak is guarded by a large formation, and there are nine mysterious tomb gates. If there is an accident, at least everyone can be trapped in it.


But Mo Ye just glanced at it briefly, and said that he could only choose, which is too reckless and arbitrary. Nie


Tian glanced at Guling Wuqi, indicating that the latter should not be angry, and continue to look down. “


Qingming Peak, the gate of the peak is guarded by the Qingming Great Array, and it is full of Qingming Sword Intent…” Soon, he came to a forbidden peak, and Guling Wuqi just started to accept it, and was opened by Mo Ye. Interrupted.”


No. “Mo Ye only said two words, plain and domineering.


“Fenghuang Emperor Soul Sect, you just looked at Qingming Peak and said no, isn’t it too arbitrary?” Gu Ling Wuqi couldn’t stand it anymore and asked coldly.


“You only need to show me a few more forbidden peaks, and you don’t need to express your opinion. The decision is only between me and Nie Tian.” Mo Ye glanced at Guling Wuqi indifferently, and said coldly. “


You…” Gu Ling Wuqi’s face turned blue with anger, and he almost spat out a mouthful of old blood.”


The ancient mausoleum, we might as well take a look at a few more peak gates. “Qing Qi stepped forward and persuaded.


Guling Wuqi’s old face was gloomy, but he finally nodded. pick up


Meanwhile, the four of them looked at more than a dozen forbidden peaks, but they were all denied by Mo Ye.


Fengtian Sect has 36 forbidden peaks, half of which have been seen, but only Shenmen Peak can barely be used as a candidate. “


Fenghuang Emperor Soul Sect, what kind of peak gate do you want? “Gu Ling Wuqi really couldn’t hold it anymore, and asked with his eyebrows raised high.


“First, the space inside the peak gate should be large enough; second, the guardian formation of the peak gate should be strong, and it should not be difficult to activate; third, in the event of an accident, the peak gate must be absolutely certain and controlled The audience; the fourth and most important point, if the peak gate is destroyed, it must not threaten the entire beacon formation.” Mo Ye didn’t look at the ancient mausoleum, but looked sternly said. “


This…” Gu Ling Wuqi was stunned and speechless after listening to the four o’clock.


Although each of the first dozen peaks has its own advantages, none of them meet the four conditions mentioned by Mo Ye at the same time. see


Come on, Mo Ye has already made the worst plan, even thinking that the peak gate will be destroyed.


However, the Forbidden Peak is equivalent to the death point of the human body relative to the entire beacon formation.


The Achilles heel is destroyed, and the consequences are almost always fatal. “


Sect Master Guling, take me to see Liuyang Peak. “After a while, Mo Ye’s face softened a little, he said solemnly.


“Liuyang Peak!” Hearing these three words, Gu Ling Wuqi’s expression changed, and he was horrified.


Seeing this scene, Nie Tian’s heart sank, and he couldn’t help but wonder, is there any mystery in Liuyang Peak?


“Why, can’t you?” Mo Ye asked coldly, his face sank. “


Soul Sect Fenghuang, do you know what Liuyang Peak means to the entire Fengtian Sect? “Gu Ling Wuqi calmed down and asked in a deep voice.


“I already know the Fengtian Great Array like the back of my hand, and naturally I know the importance of Liuyang Peak.” Mo Ye laughed, and said with a conceited attitude, “Since I have said Liuyang Peak, then there is My reason. You just need to show me.” Leng


The words of desert are full of domineering.


Gu Ling Wuqi looked embarrassed, and finally turned his attention to Nie Tian.


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