Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 4450: Liuyang Forbidden Peak



Guling Wuqi Jian Mo Ye insisted on going to Liuyang Peak, so he couldn’t help but turn his eyes to Nie Tian, ​​obviously asking for the latter’s opinion. “


Senior Guling, what is the difference between Liuyang Peak and the ordinary Forbidden Peak? Nie Tian asked with a frown when he saw Guling Wuqi’s embarrassment.


Obviously, there must be a reason why Guling Wuqi didn’t want Mo Ye to choose Liuyang Peak as the venue for Fengtian’s selection.


Looking at Guling’s indifferent expression, it seems that Liuyang Peak has another mystery.


“Lord Fenghuang does not know that Liuyang Peak is not an ordinary forbidden peak, but a forbidden peak of life and soul.” Gu Ling Wuqi looked embarrassed, and his eyes swept across Mo Ye as he spoke, as if he was intentionally observing the latter. reaction.


“Forbidden Peak of Life and Soul?” Nie Tian looked puzzled, not knowing what this meant.


“The thirty-six forbidden peaks of the Fengtian Sect are all critical places for the survival of the sect. Among these thirty-six forbidden peaks, there are three more, which are forbidden within the forbidden. , will directly shake the stability of the entire Fengtian Mountain Range, so it is called the Forbidden Peak of Life and Soul.” Gu Ling Wuqi explained, looking at Mo Ye again, and said solemnly: “The Soul Sect Fenghuang chose Liuyang Forbidden Peak as the Fengtian selection. Land, shouldn’t there be an intention?””


Attempts? Mo Ye sneered, with a look of contempt, and said, “Does Sect Master Guling think that I will be detrimental to Fengtian Sect? “”


Isn’t it? “Gu Ling Wuqi sneered and asked. This


At that time, the Fengtian Mingzong occupied the Fengtian Mountain Range, and Mo Ye, as the Soul Sect Fenghuang, must be very resentful about this, so it is normal to have a heart of destruction. Nie


Tian immediately understood Guling Wuqi’s worry, and his heart sank, but he didn’t think of this level.


Mo Ye is vicious and moody. What if he doesn’t want to unify the Fengtian Sect, but to destroy the Fengtian Sect?


The Soul Sect Fenghuang, who wants to destroy the Fengtian Sect, may sound incomprehensible.


But if you put it on Mo Ye, nothing is impossible. “


Nie Tian, ​​don’t worry, if I wanted to destroy Fengtian Sect, I wouldn’t have helped you before. “Mo Ye saw that Nie Tian’s face was wrong, guessed what the latter was thinking, and said with a faint smile. Nie


Tian frowned and said, “Will it be too risky to hold the selection of Fengtian at Liuyang Peak?””


The holy world of the seven repairs will become one of the most important holy worlds in the heavens in the future. Many great forces have been watching for a long time. The selection of Fengtian will become a flashpoint, attracting many big forces. It is even possible to alarm some long-hidden forces. In this case, Liuyang Peak is the best choice. “Mo Ye’s eyes were shining brightly, and he said coldly. Nie


Tian’s eyes trembled, listening to Mo Ye’s words, he seemed to know about the collapse of the heavens. “


You know that too? “Gu Ling Wuqi was surprised and couldn’t help asking.


“Isn’t that the collapse of the heavens?” Mo Ye sneered at the corner of his mouth, his eyes contemptuous. Like


The catastrophe in the eyes of others is nothing to him.


The ancient mausoleum couldn’t help being stunned, and it took a long time to react.


He didn’t expect that Mo Ye knew that the heavens were collapsing, and he didn’t expect that Mo Ye didn’t care about the collapse of the heavens.


But after thinking about it, the elders of the Soul Sect are mostly formation masters, alchemists, and spirit formation masters. It is not surprising to know that the heavens are collapsing. or


Xu, someone in the Soul Sect once participated in the deduction of the collapse of the heavens.


“Senior Guling, let’s go to Liuyang Peak first.” After thinking for a long time, Nie Tian decided to visit Liuyang Peak.


Guling Wuqi looked helpless, but he nodded and led the way. “


This is Liuyang Peak. After a while, Nie Tian and the others came to the sky above a mountain, and Gu Ling Wuqi pointed down and said. Nie


Tian looked down and didn’t see anything special about Liuyang Peak. On the contrary, the mountain was much gentler than other peaks, but the area was much larger. “


Nie Tian, ​​look carefully. Suddenly, the little fat cat’s voice sounded, reminding Nie Tiandao. Nie


Tian couldn’t help but his eyes sank, and the demon’s eyes opened directly, and he was stunned.


He saw that on the top of Liuyang Peak, there was a very strange layer of clouds floating, some faintly red, and the space showed a dense state.


“Lord Fenghuang, Liuyang Peak is covered by six layers of fire clouds.” Guling Wuqi walked to Nie Tian’s side and said, “The temperature of these fire clouds is extremely high, and the surface is close to a thousand degrees. In the center of Huoyang Cloud, the temperature is as high as tens of millions of degrees.”


“Thousands of degrees!” Nie Tian couldn’t help but change his face, terrified. such as


This high temperature is close to the core temperature of some stars. I am afraid that even the ordinary Tianwu Saint Ancestor might not be able to withstand it.


Nie Tian did not expect that this seemingly inconspicuous Huoyang Cloud would have such a high temperature. “


The entire Liuyang Peak is covered by the fire sun cloud, how can I enter it? “Nie Tian took a deep breath and asked in confusion.


“There are six underground passages below Liuyang Peak, which can be entered.” Gu Ling Wuqi nodded solemnly, and continued to say: “But of these six passages, five have been blocked, and only one is passable.” “


One? Nie Tian frowned and asked, “Then how big is this passage? “”


It’s very narrow and only allows up to two people to pass side by side. “Guling Wuqi said truthfully. Nie


The sky’s eyes narrowed, and he couldn’t help but look at Mo Ye. beacon


There are bound to be a lot of people participating in the selection, plus onlookers, not to mention hundreds of thousands, there must be tens of thousands. a few


A crowd of 10,000 people, just relying on a narrow passage with two people side by side, how long will it take to finish?


“Don’t worry, I have a way to temporarily expand the passage.” Mo Ye smiled faintly, as if he had already identified Liuyang Peak. “


Let’s take a look first. “Nie Tian thought about it for a while, and finally decided to enter Liuyang Peak to check it out. Everyone


The figure landed, and Guling Wuqi walked at the front, and soon came to the underground passage of Liuyang Peak.


Outside the passage, the two gray-clothed old men closed their eyes and sat silently. “


Two elders, excuse me. “Guling Wuqi slightly bowed towards the two old men, but the two old men did not react at all.


Guling Wuqi didn’t say much, just walked in, Nie Tian and the others followed closely.


Entering the passage, Nie Tian suddenly felt a fiery aura coming towards his face, as if he was in a furnace. “


This is 100 meters below the ground, tens of thousands of meters away from the fire sun cloud above, but affected by the fire sun cloud, the entire passage is extremely hot. “Guling Wuqi explained as he walked forward. Nie


Tian’s complexion changed slightly. He didn’t expect Huo Yangyun’s influence to be so great.


“The reason why Liuyang Peak is the Forbidden Peak of Life and Soul is precisely because of the existence of the Fire Sun Cloud.” Guling Wuqi continued: “If the Fire Sun Cloud above the Six Sun Peaks disperses, the entire Fengtian Mountains will be destroyed. It will turn into a sea of ​​fire.”


Nie Tian and the others listened quietly without speaking. film


A moment later, everyone walked to the end of the passage, and a crimson and strange door appeared in front of them, which seemed to be condensed from liquid flames, very strange.


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