Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 4451: Compromise



Everyone looked at the liquid flame gate in front of them, and their faces were different.


Liquid flames themselves are extremely rare. The gate of flames in front of them looks like underground molten metal at first glance, but if you look closely, you will find that it is composed of a strange flame that keeps flowing. Nie


Tian noticed that the surface of the Flame Gate was covered with a layer of runes, apparently for the purpose of imprisoning the flames. i.e.


In this way, everyone can still clearly feel the strong fiery breath of the Flame Gate.


“This is the entrance of Liuyang Peak. The flames in the gate of flames come from Huoyang Cloud.” Gu Ling Wuqi explained, then stepped forward and opened the flame gate with special handprints. Door. Dayton


At that time, a blazing flame breath rushed towards the face, and the burning energy was extremely strong.


Fortunately, the strength of everyone present is not weak, otherwise this kind of burning energy would not be able to bear.


The ancient mausoleum is in front, followed by the others, stepping into the door of flame.


After stepping through the Flame Gate, you came to the real Liuyang Peak.


Unlike other peak gates, Liuyang Peak Gate is located under the Liuyang Peak, like a huge underground palace, with pavilions and pavilions.


Nie Tian looked around and immediately noticed six huge stone pillars, extremely tall, with no top in sight, as if they were connected to the Six Sun Peaks above. “


This is the Liuyang Fire Pillar, the upper part is connected to the Liuyang Peak, and above it is the Liuyang Altar. “Guling Wuqi knew that Nie Tian was curious and said directly.


“Liuyang altar.” Mo Ye’s eyes warmed slightly, and he seemed to be very interested in the Liuyang altar, but his figure moved and climbed directly along a Liuyang fire pillar.


Nie Tian’s eyes sank slightly, and then his figure moved, following Mo Ye. green


Qi He Guling saw nothing, looked at each other, and immediately followed.


In the blink of an eye, the four came to the top of the Liuyang Fire Pillar one after another, and then directly boarded the Liuyang Altar. Nie


Tian stabilized his body, looked around, and saw six six-yang altars, arranged in a ring, connected together, which happened to be a huge six-yang ring.


The Liuyang Altar is huge, with a radius of 100,000 meters. There are dragon-shaped fire pillars standing around it. At the center is a huge fire tower. , the surrounding temperature is hundreds of degrees high.


Even though Nie Tian and the others were powerful, they were sweating profusely. “


These six Liuyang altars are just right for the competition of the beacon selection. “Mo Ye smiled lightly and said with great satisfaction.


“Are you crazy to use the Liuyang altar as a martial arts platform?” Gu Ling Wuqi’s expression changed and he roared directly. Six


The Yang altar is the core of Liuyang Peak. The fire tower in the center of the altar stretches upwards and directly connects to the high-altitude Fire Sun Cloud.


If the Liuyang altar is in danger, the entire Liuyang Peak will be implicated. If it is more serious and the Huoyang Cloud is accidentally triggered, wouldn’t the entire Fengtian Sect turn into a sea of ​​fire?


Magic Night uses the Liuyang altar as a martial arts platform. Isn’t this a lunatic or what? “


This altar looks grand, but without the protection of a large array, it is not stable. The battle between warriors is often difficult to control, and sometimes the impact is so great that the altar is unbearable. “Nie Tian frowned and said solemnly.


“The Six Suns Altar is indeed unstable, but we have Master Qingqi here, are we worried that we can’t set up a large guard formation?” Mo Ye smiled and turned his eyes to Qingqi. green


Qi’s face changed, and he was surprised: “You want me to set up a guard formation for the Liuyang altar?””


Can’t you? “Mo Ye twitched the corners of his mouth and asked back. Qing


Qi’s face darkened, his eyes turned to Nie Tian.


“Senior Qingqi, if you set up the guardian formation, how can you be sure that the Six Suns Altar will not be damaged?” Nie Tian thought for a moment and asked. “


Now there is only half a month before the selection of Fengtian begins. The guardian formation set up within half a month will not be too strong to guarantee the absolute stability of the Liuyang Altar. “Qing Qi looked at the Liuyang altar and said: “But as long as the Liuyang altar is not attacked by the peak of Tianwu, it should be fine. “


Nie Tian nodded slightly, thinking secretly in his heart, although the selection of Fengtian is aimed at young warriors, the people watching the battle at that time will definitely have peak Tianwu experts. The security of the balcony.


“My Soul Sect also has quite a few formation masters. They will be able to set up a stronger guard formation in cooperation with Master Qing Qi.” Before Nie Tian could speak, Mo Ye said loudly.


“Why do you have to hold the selection of Fengtian at Liuyang Peak?” Nie Tian looked at Mo Ye and asked in a deep voice. “


As I have said before, Fengtian Sect will encounter unpredictable enemies next, and Liuyang Peak is our best choice. “Mo Ye’s face was flat and looked very sincere.”


Is it really just that? “Nie Tian frowned, suspicious in his heart. He


I feel faintly that there must be another reason why Mo Ye has set the selection of Fengtian at Liuyang Peak. “


Nie Tian, ​​you and I have the same goal, both want to make the Fengtian Sect rise again, and I will not do anything detrimental to the Fengtian Sect. “Knowing that Nie Tian was doubting himself, Mo Ye said lightly.”


Then first build a guardian formation on the Liuyang altar. If the Liuyang altar guarding formation has not been completed when the selection begins, or is not strong enough to ensure the safety of the altar, then change the venue to the **** Door Peak. “Nie Tian thought about it for a while and said a compromise.”


Good. “Mo Ye agreed without any hesitation, his eyes flashing with a hint of cunning.”


Magic Night, when will the formation master of the Soul Sect arrive? “Nie Tian raised his brows and asked directly.”


In the past few days, they will bring the materials for the construction of the guardian array. “Mo Ye smiled again, looking very proud.


Obviously, he had already thought about everything, and had already asked the Soul Sect Array Master to prepare the formation materials in advance.


“Then let’s go first.” Nie Tian nodded solemnly and glanced at the Huoyang Cloud above again, feeling a little unsafe. film


A moment later, the four of them walked out of Liuyang Peak and briefly discussed matters related to the selection of Fengtian along the way.


Liuyang Peak is only used as a venue for Fengtian to select the final martial arts competition. As for the early stage, it is another choice. No


The venue is not important after the early stage. All forces will basically choose to wait and see in the early stage, and only in the later stage can they intervene, so Nie Tian let Guling Wuqi decide the early stage venue. “


Senior Guling, what forces are there in the Seventh Cultivation Sacred Realm today? “By the way, Nie Tian asked about the distribution of forces in the Seventh Cultivation Sacred Realm.”


Although the holy world of the Seventh Cultivation is a primary holy world, due to its special location, the forces in the holy world are also very complicated, and their strength is not weak. Guling Wuqi took a deep breath and said, “Among the many forces, there are only five or six sects that are worth noting. “Nie


Tian nodded slightly, waiting for Guling Wuqi to continue.


Mo Ye smiled and seemed interested. “


There are nine top-level forces in the Seventh Cultivation Sacred Realm, collectively known as one religion, two sects, three schools and four sects. “Guling Wuqi’s eyes were bright and he began to introduce.


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