Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 4670: Blood armor and nine yin



In the Nine Limits Great Array, Dancer’s figure is as fast as lightning, and the whole person seems to be transformed into a flower as gorgeous as blood.


“Is it just you?


Beyond your own power! “


In the face of the face-to-face killing, Nie Tian was not afraid at all, instead he sneered, the inverse pattern of the gods and demons appeared in the corners of his eyes, the sword intent around his body suddenly surged, and the whistling momentum was about to swallow the sky.




The next moment, I saw Nie Tian’s sword on display, the majestic sword force, overwhelming everything, shaking the world.


“Be careful!”


Seeing this, Shangguan Hong shrank his pupils and screamed in horror.


How could he not have known that Nie Tian had made up his mind to kill Yan Wuni with one sword! But, unfortunately, it was too late.


The sword shadow falls like a mountain, and wherever it passes, it destroys the withered and rotten, and the flowers as red as blood have not had time to bloom, but in an instant, the fragrance disappears and jade perishes.


“Second sister!”


The sight made Shangguan Hong stagnate for a while, and he froze in place for a while, and let out a groaning cry.


Nie Tian was so tyrannical that he instantly killed the dancer with a single strike.


You must know that although Wu Ni is not a frontal warrior, her cultivation is not much weaker than that of the peak Tianwu.


Nie Tian was able to kill her with a single sword. This power is truly terrifying! But at this moment, Nie Tian frowned, and then the corner of his mouth raised slightly, and said lightly, “I didn’t expect you to have such a means, but I underestimate you.”


When the voice fell, he turned around slightly, and where his eyes were locked, there was a charming figure standing, which was practicing dance.


“This…” Shangguan Hong reacted immediately, looking at Yan Wuni with a shocked expression, but he didn’t know what was going on.


“Boy, you are indeed very strong, but Ben Gong is not a vegetarian.”


Practice Dance Ni’s beautiful eyes are piercing to the bone, staring at Nie Tian coldly, with a cold arc hanging on the corner of her mouth, said: “Six tribulations of strange flowers, nine links to the world! Your formation is useful to others, To this palace, it is useless.”




Nie Tian smiled, put his hands behind him, and said indifferently, “It’s good that you can dodge my sword with this method.


But the next sword, I will take your life! “


“Boy, you are not young, but your tone is not small.”


Practice Dance Ni sneered and moved to Shangguan Hong’s side.


Although her mouth was strong, she was actually a little afraid of Nie Tian, ​​and she didn’t dare to be careless.


Just now, she just wanted to test how strong Nie Tian was in this big formation.


Unexpectedly, Nie Tian was only one sword, which directly broke her six robbery incarnation! You must know that this incarnation of the Six Tribulations, but it took her nearly 100,000 years to cultivate, and in terms of strength, it is no weaker than the deity.


But even so, he was beheaded by Nie Tian with one sword.


Even, even her deity could not get within 100 meters of Nie Tian.


At the moment when Nie Tian’s sword shadow fell, Lian Wuni really felt how terrifying his sword intent was.


The overwhelming aura made her almost feel hopeless.


“How sharp is my sword, you can try it!”


Nie Tian’s face was cold and solemn, and the terrifying killing intent and sword intent merged into one in the void, like a net that shrouded the sky toward Shangguan Hong and Lian Wuni.


“Nie Tian, ​​if you kill me now, it won’t do you any good.”


Shangguan Hong’s face kept changing suddenly, as if under great pressure, his voice was a little hoarse.


He didn’t want to fight Nie Tian head-on, and even with the assistance of Wu Ni, he wasn’t sure.


“Shangguan Hong, you slaughtered the Tianwu Society, do you think I will let you live?”


Nie Tian opened his mouth coldly, stepped on his feet suddenly, and the whole person rose into the sky. The sword stance outside his body, like a mountain rising from the ground, caused the surrounding void to shake violently.


Shangguan Hong heard Nie Tian’s words, and saw the latter’s imposing manner, his eyes trembled violently, and then pointed at Wan Minghai high in the sky: “Nie Tian, ​​you must think clearly, you killed me , we will face your holy lord.”


Nie Tian smiled and said indifferently: “Do you think that if I kill you with one sword, would Wan Minghai dare to join the battle?”


“This…” Shangguan Hong’s face changed greatly, he gasped for breath, and was speechless for a while.


It turns out that Nie Tian actually came up with this idea.


Indeed, the reason why Wan Minghai forced Shangguan Hong into the battle was obviously because he was afraid of Nie Tian.


And if Nie Tian killed Shangguan Hong with one sword, Wan Minghai would definitely be even more afraid, and he would be even less afraid to enter the battle.


“Brother, what are you afraid of! We are brothers and sisters, and we are afraid that this kid will fail.”


I was practicing dance, but I didn’t have too much fear. I said coldly, and my eyes became bloodshot and red, which was extremely terrifying.




Shangguan Hong’s eyes sank and he nodded.


As of now, if you avoid the war, it is equivalent to waiting for death! If they join forces with Lian Wuni, there may be a chance to win.


“Come on, let me see how strong you are together.”


Nie Tian smiled faintly, his eyes flashing with a cold light.


Beyond his body, the sword power is still skyrocketing, as if he is an endless abyss of swords with endless sword intent.


“Big Brother!”


Lian Wuni felt the sword intent fluctuations from the void, her beautiful eyes trembled slightly, and she let out a low voice.




Shangguan Hong nodded his head heavily, his body burst into flames, his body burst into a majestic dragon energy, and his body exploded immediately, skyrocketing wildly, and in the blink of an eye, he turned into a giant dragon as dark as night.


“Hum, good.”


Nie Tian looked at the dark dragon that was more than a thousand meters long, but he was not afraid at all, but a playful meaning surged in his eyes.


Shangguan Hong’s Nine-Yin Candle Dragon, he had seen it not long ago.


At this time, Shangguan Hong was in the nine-limit formation, and the body of the Nine-Yin Candle Dragon not only did not weaken, but even became stronger than before.


At this time, the dancer also moved, and his hands formed a seal, and suddenly a stream of blood-like red runes surged out, quickly covering the dark dragon, as if in the dragon Outside the body, a layer of armor is put on.




Seeing this scene, Nie Tian couldn’t help but stare.


He sensed that the power of the Nine-Yin Candle Dragon had nearly doubled in an instant! Obviously, this is the ability of the dancer to enhance the power of the Nine-Yin Candle Dragon with the power of the six tribulations.


Nie Tian never imagined that the little Flower of Six Tribulations would have such a terrifying power.




At this moment, the dark giant dragon wearing scarlet blood armor roared, and then its body rolled, like a huge mountain, pressing directly towards Nie Tian.


“Good day!”


The corners of Nie Tian’s mouth twitched, the Clear Sky Sword in his hand raised high, and then he chopped it down.


In the void, the brilliance of the sword blooms.


However, beneath this beauty lies a boundless murderous intent.


The next moment, the dazzling sword light fell, and the sharp aura enveloped the four fields, passing over the body of the dragon in an instant.




Time and space seemed to stand still for a few seconds. The giant dragon stagnated in the air for a while, and then abruptly shook. The scarlet blood armor shattered directly, and then the dragon scales shattered, and the dragon energy escaped frantically.


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