Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 4671: The Guardian reappears



In the void, the sword glows like electricity, falling suddenly.


The ultimate killing intent spread, and the giant dragon’s body shattered in an instant.


The Nine Limits Great Array, Nie Tian slays the dragon with one sword! Wind, chilling and cold.


Heaven and earth are shrouded in boundless darkness, like a harbinger of annihilation.


Above high in the sky, Nie Tian stood as cold as a sword, and his eyes were extraordinarily sinister against the background of the inverse patterns of gods and demons.


On the other side, Yan Wuni’s expression was sluggish, like a fool.


The Nine-Yin Torch Dragon, possessing six robbery blood armor, was beheaded by Nie Tian with one sword. Wasn’t this really a dream?


At the beginning, she and Shangguan Hong teamed up and once killed the Tianwu Ninth-layer Saint Ancestor with the blood armor Jiuyin.


At that time, they were only in the middle level of Tianwu.


Now that they have joined forces, they have the power to fight even against the real peak Zhutian powerhouse.


However, facing Nie Tian, ​​who was surrounded by the Nine Limits Array, he couldn’t even block a single sword! Is Nie Tian too strong, or is the Nine Limits Great Array too terrifying?


Wan Minghai, who witnessed everything in the sky above the great formation, was also shocked at this time.


Even though he was separated by the Nine Limits Great Array, he could still clearly perceive the power of the Hemorrhagic Armor and Nine Yin.


Although Xuejia Jiuyin can’t threaten him yet, it is not easy for him to defeat Xuejia Jiuyin.


Nie Tian, ​​on the other hand, killed a dragon with one sword, which is really terrifying! And Nie Tian’s cultivation is only the second level of Tianjue.


If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Wan Minghai would never have believed that such a terrifying existence existed in this world! “It’s your turn.”


At this moment, Nie Tian opened his mouth, and the icy sound was like a death knell from hell, which shocked the idiotic dancer, like waking up from a dream.


“You, you…” Yan Wuni’s voice was trembling, she didn’t know what to say, but she still didn’t say a complete sentence.


Nie Tian immediately moved, like a sword beam, attacking directly towards the dancer.


Practice dance Ni seems to be imprisoned and wants to escape, but her legs are so heavy that she can’t move at all.


In an instant, she felt the cold killing intent.


This is the breath of death, which can completely drown her in just an instant.


“Nie Tian, ​​wait a minute!”


But at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded, causing Nie Tian to stagnate and stop less than ten meters away from the dancer.


Lian Wuni felt the sword intent aura around the young swordsman in front of her, and couldn’t help shaking her whole body violently.


She had never seen a swordsman who could cultivate sword intent to such an extent.


And this terrifying swordsman is still an extremely young swordsman! “Master Qingren.”


Nie Tian didn’t turn his head, just called out softly.


Just now, it was Qingren who opened his mouth, and he stopped in time.


“I need her help.”


Qingren spoke solemnly, without further ado.


Nie Tian frowned, his mind moved, and a sword intent burst out of the sky, like light and water, accurately immersing in the forehead of the dancer.


“You, what did you do?”


Practice Wu Ni only felt the shock of her soul, and her entire body seemed to be covered by an invisible force, giving her an illusion that this body no longer belonged to her.


“Help you in the past, do whatever he asks you to do. If there is any disobedience or dissent, I will make your life worse than death.”


Nie Tian opened his mouth coldly, his eyes were like abyss, revealing a very deep dark aura.


Practice Dance Ni couldn’t help shivering. She couldn’t believe that such a young warrior would have such a terrifying look.


What happened to this swordsman?


The next moment, before she had time to react, the whole person was pushed into the formation by a gentle force.


Qingren glanced at Lian Wuni, didn’t speak, just nodded.


He underestimated the power of the Blood Tree of Ten Thousand Tribulations and needed the help of the Six Tribulations Flowers who practiced dance.


Nie Tian glanced back, and then fixed his gaze on Wan Minghai above.


The two looked at each other and didn’t speak for a long time.


“Nie Tian, ​​your strength is beyond my estimation.”


In the end, it was Wan Minghai who spoke first and said solemnly, “Why don’t you and I make a deal?”




Nie Tian responded coldly.


“This deity knows that you are being hunted down by the Holy Pavilion of Heaven and the Emperor’s Palace. As long as you are willing to hand over your son, the Holy Pavilion of Heaven and the Emperor’s Palace will no longer be a problem.”


Wan Minghai’s eyes were slightly condensed, and he said with a deep meaning.


The corners of Nie Tian’s mouth twitched coldly, and he sneered, “You are so loud, you don’t even pay attention to the Palace of the Emperor and the Holy Pavilion of Heavenly Dao.


I’m really curious, who is behind you? “


“You can rest assured, since this deity dares to speak, he naturally has the strength to fight against the Emperor’s Palace.”


Wan Minghai saw that Nie Tian did not directly refuse, and suddenly felt hopeful, and smiled lightly: “Just nod your head, everything is easy to talk about.”


“You and I are both martial arts people. You should know that at our level, the so-called kinship and blood relationship are nothing but optional things.”


“Your son is not destined to live for long. Wouldn’t it be a relief for you to give up him?”




Nie Tian’s eyes suddenly sank, like a mad beast holding back his anger, and he growled, “In your eyes, the ethics of heaven are just child’s play.


But in my eyes, it’s what you call dispensable things that have propped me up to where I am now. “


“If even one’s own flesh and blood can be given up and traded, how is it different from a beast?”


“Such a person, even if he is at the top, is just a pile of shit!”


The sound is like thunder! Wan Minghai’s expression couldn’t help but change, and he didn’t know what to say for a while.


He felt that Nie Tian was different from all the warriors he had encountered.


Warrior! Bloody! However, as the martial artist’s strength became stronger and stronger, the blood on his body became less and less, becoming weaker and weaker, and finally disappeared completely.


As for Nie Tian, ​​it seemed that as his strength increased, the bloodiness in his body did not decrease, but instead became stronger.


Perhaps, this is why Nie Tian is able to get to where he is today.


As he said, it is the ethics of heaven, family and blood that have supported him to the present.


People, have persistence.


Even in the face of life and death, I must not let go of my heart and persist! “Well said, very good!”


At this moment, above the sky, a majestic voice sounded, and then a figure fell, pressing the surrounding world to sink, as if it were about to collapse.




Wan Minghai’s eyes trembled, looking at the person who came, feeling the breath of the other party, his face couldn’t help but change.


He felt that the other party’s aura was no longer under him, even stronger than him.


“Second guardian of the Holy Pavilion under Heaven, Fang Junxian.”


The visitor looked at Wanminghai, his tone was flat, but the aura around him was like a sea of ​​abyss, and it continued to strengthen.


“Fang Junxian!”


Nie Tian looked at Fang Junxian, his eyes narrowed.


He is no stranger to this man.


Not long ago, Fang Junxian appeared in Fengtian Sect!


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