Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 4673: Flame of the Golden Crow



Fang Junxian and Wan Minghai moved at the same time, one of them pressed Nie Tian, ​​and the other attacked the person in the eye of the formation.




Nie Tian’s pupils shrank slightly, he let out a low voice, and the Wings of Star Soul appeared behind him, and his figure moved instantly.


He was still in the air, the sword intent in his body was bursting out, and the Clear Sky Sword slashed out, slashing the Wanming Sea in anger.


Wan Minghai stepped on the void and felt a huge oppressive force coming from the top of his head, but the corner of his mouth was pulled up, and a strange seal formed in his hand.


But the next moment, one of his faces changed completely, panicking.


In a critical moment, his hands changed, and an immortal seal appeared, resisting Nie Tian’s sword.




With a muffled sound, Wan Minghai’s body sank in the air, and then flew out backwards.


A smear of blood dripped from the corner of his mouth, and his eyes stared at Nie Tian, ​​both horrified and unwilling.


Just now, he wanted to avoid Nie Tianyijian with the time and space immortal technique.


But I didn’t expect that in the Nine Limits Great Array, his time and space fairy art could not be used at all.


Fortunately, he formed the immortal seal in time, otherwise this sword would have seriously injured him.


He was still too careless, he didn’t even see that the Nine Limits Great Array also had restrictions on time and space.




At the same moment, a terrifying flame roared past, forcing Nie Tian to step back and shattering the sword intent around him.


In an instant, the flames slammed into the face, the fiery breath devoured everything.


At a critical moment, Nie Tian resolutely gave up the Star Soul Wings, used the power of his wings to block the flames, and then stabilized his body.


“It’s not bad to be able to block one of the blows below.”


Fang Junxian’s eyes narrowed slightly. Although he was amazed, the killing intent in his eyes was clearly stronger.


Nie Tian exhaled a long breath, steadied his breathing, and his tense face eased.


On that day, he had seen Fang Junxian make a move, and his strength was faintly no longer under Tiandao Pavilion Master Yun Yitian.


At this time, he really felt Fang Junxian’s terror.


“Nie Tian, ​​it seems that the improvement brought to you by the Nine Limits Great Array is far less than that of the Fengtian Blood Sacrifice, but how can you fight against me at this level?”


Fang Junxian’s eyes are chilling, the flames around him are extremely fiery, and the whole person is like a blazing sun.


“Lord Guardian, you underestimate the Nine Limits Great Array!”


Nie Tian’s eyes sank, and he sneered. Immediately, the power of the stars in his body exploded, and endless starlight filled the air.


“The boundary in the array is a bit interesting.”


Fang Junxian felt that the breath in the void had changed, so he couldn’t help twitching the corners of his mouth and smiled lightly.


He didn’t expect that Nie Tian would be able to open another barrier within the Nine Limits Great Array.


That’s right, at this time, Nie Tian opened the realm of forbidden space in the galaxy.


Using the star river to ban the sky, assist the nine-limit formation, and strive to maximize the power of the stars.


“But that’s it, it’s still too weak!”


Fang Junxian’s eyes are like fire, gradually showing a state of arrogance, and the flames around his body are like rolling giant waves, hitting the void around him, and he keeps making bursts of roars, like mourning.




Nie Tian glanced coldly at Wan Minghai, then stepped out, sword energy surged out from all over his body, and the majestic sword energy spread out like ripples, hitting the flames in the void.


“Boom boom boom…” The sword energy and the flame collided with each other, making a harsh sound, but the picture was extremely gorgeous.


The two powers with distinct breaths intertwined and engulfed each other, as if the lava in the crater was dancing.


Wan Minghai looked at the two of them in shock.


He never imagined that Nie Tian would be so tyrannical in the Nine Limits Great Array.


“Very good! How about trying Fang Mou to swallow the golden crow?”


Fang Junxian felt that Nie Tian’s sword intent was fierce, so he couldn’t help but feel a little worried. He simply stopped hiding and used the Sun-Swallowing Golden Crow directly.


“Swallow the Golden Crow!”


Hearing this name, Mu Tian’s eyes shrank violently.


At the time of Fengtian’s selection, Fang Junxian fought against Dugu, and he also used the Golden Crow of Swallowing the Sun.


The strength of the Sun-Swallowing Golden Crow is beyond imagination, easily breaking through Dugu Lin’s Sword Intent shield, and even nearly killing Dugu Lin.


If Duguyi didn’t have the power of Emperor Hong, the one who was defeated that day must be him! Moreover, Nie Tian knew that the Sun-Swallowing Golden Crow, the Jiuji Chaos Beast, the Night Elephant, and the Thunder Ape were all primordial beasts of heaven and earth, and their power was beyond imagination.


“Come on!”


Fang Junxian let out a low roar, and stepped out in one step, the momentum all over his body erupted like an avalanche, and the majestic momentum swept through everything.


At this moment, a power lurking in his body fully awakened.




A layer of strange red flames appeared outside Fang Junxian’s body, and then he flipped his hand, and the red flames spewed out like a sharp blade, rushing towards Nie Tian.




The next moment, a strange red flame erupted in the air, instantly spreading into a sea of ​​fire, like a pouring river of heaven, overwhelming the sky and covering the earth.


Nie Tian’s eyes shrank suddenly, and he realized that it was inevitable.


“The flame of the Golden Crow can burn everything, you can rest in this flame.”


Fang Junxian is in the sea of ​​fire, like the ancient **** of fire, with a low voice, playing the horn of death.


The next moment, it seemed that Nie Tian didn’t have time to react at all, and his whole body was directly swallowed by the sea of ​​​​fire.


“This person is so strong!”


Wan Minghai was stunned by the scene in front of him, and his horror was beyond words.


He originally thought that with the help of the Nine Limits Great Array, even if Fang Junxian could defeat Nie Tian, ​​he would still need some means.


Unexpectedly, Fang Junxian had such a powerful trump card as the Golden Crow Swallowing the Sun, which directly burned Nie Tian.


“Nie Tian, ​​you are a genius, but unfortunately you took the wrong path.”


Fang Junxian looked at the sea of ​​​​fire around him, the corners of his mouth twitched, and there was a bit of regret on his face.


Although he and Nie Tian were antagonistic enemies, he had to admit that the latter was the most talented person he had ever met.


Even, someone who might break that tipping point! But unfortunately, Nie Tian stood on the opposite side of the Heavenly Dao Sacred Pavilion, so he could only die.


Sacred Pavilion of Heavenly Dao will never allow aliens to exist! “Lord Holy Protector, you are too confident in your own Golden Crow.”


Just as Fang Junxian’s words were not finished, a playful voice sounded in the blazing flames, with a bit of ridicule and contempt.




Fang Junxian was stunned for a moment, and his expression changed greatly.


This is clearly Nie Tian’s voice! Nie Tian is not dead?


How is this possible?


Under the flames of the Golden Crow, let alone a mere Tianjue second-level martial artist, even the true peak of Tianwu would be unbearable.


You know, this is the Sun-Swallowing Golden Crow, one of the Nine Great Primordial Beasts! “Are you surprised?”


At this time, Nie Tian’s voice sounded again, and then a figure shot out of the sky, breaking through the layers of fire, and stood on the fire.


“How is that possible?”


Fang Junxian looked at Nie Tian, ​​his pupils shrank suddenly, and he screamed in shock.


At this time, Nie Tian was wearing a layer of starlight armor, which was extremely dazzling.


And at his feet, stepping on a huge furnace burning strange flames.


It was this furnace that blocked the flames of the Golden Crow!


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