Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 4674: The state of the beast


方君羡望着  从未想过这世上竟有人能硬抗    正  吞噬小说网  t  >  凭什么能与    许久后方君羡稍稍冷静沉沉开口    没错    而  同时动用各种手段  九限大阵和星河禁空也多多少少受到  而  再加上遮  时依旧感觉到极为强烈  只  觉二重圣帝硬抗  方君羡双眼睛透着森寒  觉二重修为竟能凭借  要知道吞日要说寻常武者即便武九重圣祖没有特殊量都会被瞬间焚为灰烬  强悍假以时日成长起来将会    目光微沉冷冷说道  同时动只要后者敢有异动即便拼着受伤也    方君羡嘴角扯动抹冷笑沉沉道:个九限大阵就能让拥有抗衡    话音落顿时翻滚起来炽烈气瞬间笼罩整个九限大阵整片  万明海神情大变惊骇  要说攻击青仁想  没有想到方君羡  更让竟能与方君羡正面对抗  前没有独自进入九限大阵否则    就    感受到扑面而来禁目光颤抖起来  那  态你足以死而瞑目  方君羡胜券  剧烈晃动再也支撑        随即    狱熔炉直接崩碎化作流后被瞬间焚噬殆尽  紧接着圣甲也直接出现裂缝然后呈蛛网状开裂寸寸崩碎  几乎  感觉整个身体好似陷入某种虚无    这无尽剑意汇聚化作庞然剑影硬抗  混沌  爆出前所未有    剑影  幕整个人都惊呆    凭心而问刻与方君羡对战        又滞轰然崩碎化作无穷无尽  纵然有九限大阵纵然  后也无法再支撑空中散开化作无尽    无尽火    方君羡望着滚滚火  

Fang Junxian looked at never thought that anyone in this world could resist 正 Devouring the novel network t> Why can he be with > After a long timeFang Junxian spoke calmly and calmly That’s right And used various means at the same time The Nine Limits Array and the Galaxy Forbidden Space are also more or less affected by and plus the cover I still feel extremely strong only feel the double saint emperor resisting Fang Junxian eyes are cold The second-level cultivation base can rely on to know that swallowing the sun to say ordinary warriors even if Wu Jiu-level ancestors are not special span>The amount will be burnt to ashes in an instant Toughness will grow with time The eyes are slightly cold and said At the same time As long as the latter dares to make a moveeven if they are injured, Fang Junxian twitched the corner of his mouth and said with a sneer: A nine-limit array can make you have the ability to compete When the voice falls, immediately rolls and blazes The air instantly envelopes the entire nine-limit array The film Wan Minghai’s expression changed greatly want to say attacking Qingren did not expect Fang Junxian even more let Being able to confront Fang Junxian head-on I didn’t enter the nine-limit formation alone before Feel the blowing forbidden eyes tremble That state that you are enough to die and rest your eyes Fang Junxian wins coupons Shake violently and no longer support Immediately The prison furnace directly collapsed into a stream, it was instantly burnt and devoured Immediately after the holy armor also directly appeared cracks and then cracked in a spider web shape almost I feel that the whole body seems to fall into some kind of nothingness This endless sword intent converges into a giant sword shadow to resist Chaos Unprecedented Sword Shadow The whole person is stunned Asking from the heartEngraved with Fang Jun Xian battles and stagnation and shatters into endless Even if there are nine limit arrays even though After that, I can no longer support in the air and become endless Endless fire Fang Junxian looked at the rolling fire





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