Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art: 170 One after another turned against the water, Xiaoxuan Huangtian changed the flag of the king!



The pupils of the Evil Spirit Stone Statue shrank suddenly, and he probably did not expect that under such a serious injury, the Lord Xiaoxuanhuang actually resisted his blow. If you don’t believe it, you have to believe it.


The Lord Xiaoxuanhuang looked at the stone statue of the evil spirit coldly, and said coldly, “To be honest, you really disappointed me. As a symbiote, you should feel ashamed for doing such a thing. However, you There is no chance to reform, I will not keep a symbiote that is not at all with me, and then one day in the future, it will threaten me!”.


Just as the voice of the Lord Xiaoxuanhuang fell, his other hand turned into a palm, and one palm shot towards the evil spirit stone statue.


The Evil Spirit Stone Statue responded extremely quickly, and countless runes appeared on the surface of his body.


These runes are mysterious and powerful.


The palm of the Lord Xiaoxuanhuang came, and a lot of power was resisted by those runes, but the Lord Xiaoxuanhuang was really powerful, and there was still a terrifying part of the power acting on the body of the evil spirit stone statue. .


This part of the power directly blasts the evil spirit stone statue out.




The stone statue of the evil spirit was shocked and spat out a mouthful of blood.


“You…”, the Evil Spirit Stone Statue couldn’t believe it, Xiaoxuanhuang Tianzhu was so seriously injured that he could still exert such fighting power.


It’s just incredible, incredible.


Xiaoxuanhuang God’s body was suspended in mid-air, and he was forced to move towards the Evil Spirit Stone Statue step by step.


The Evil Spirit Stone Statue said viciously, “You have been hiding your strength, just to plot against me…”.


“Hehe, you think too highly of yourself, it’s not because of you that I hide my strength. In my eyes, although you are my symbiote, you can’t make any waves at all. I want to keep your life, you can live, I want your life, no matter who comes, I can’t save you!”.


After the voice of God Xiaoxuanhuang fell, he attacked the stone statue of the evil spirit again, only to see his big hand open, and endless darkness permeated out. These darkness turned into endless killing energy, every killing The Qi of cutting has the power to tear the world apart.


Those dark killing powers continue to attack and kill the evil spirit statues.


The stone statue of the evil spirit shouted coldly and angrily, “If I hadn’t made you the Lord of Xiaoxuanhuang, what would you be? How dare you show off your power to me, I will kill you today!”


He held a stone knife, beheaded hundreds of millions of sword lights, and collided with the attack of Xiaoxuanhuang Tianzhu, and they were evenly matched.


But at this time, Xiaoxuanhuang God’s lips squirmed, as if he was chanting a spell.


The Lord Xiaoxuanhuang had used spells to deal with Lin Feng and the others before. Lin Feng knew how terrifying this guy’s spells were. Now, God Xiaoxuanhuang used the spells to deal with the evil spirit stone statues.


The Evil Spirit Stone Statue was hit.




He let out a scream, and the seven orifices were bleeding.


“Is this the magical power of your retreat?”. The evil spirit statue roared and retreated.


Xiao Xuanhuang’s methods are simply unpredictable.


He was a little scared.


When he stepped back, he was looking for an opportunity to escape, but he was locked by God Xiaoxuanhuang, and if he turned around and escaped, he would definitely reveal more flaws.


Therefore he did not choose to flee this place immediately.


Lord Xiaoxuanhuang seemed to know all his thoughts, so he continued to recite the spell to deal with the evil spirit stone statue.


bang bang bang…


The Evil Spirit Stone Statue was attacked by an external force. He was knocked out several times in a row, and his soul also suffered damage. The continuous output of Xiaoxuanhuang God caused considerable damage to the Evil Spirit Stone Statue.


However, it seems that Lord Xiaoxuanhuang’s spells are not so easy to cast. His face is getting paler and paler. It seems that he may also be forcing his body to cast spells. a certain backlash.


Lord Xiaoxuanhuang saw that the stone statue of the evil spirit was completely knocked into the air, he quickly killed the stone statue of the evil spirit, only to see the darkness flickering in his hand, a head like a sharp cone, the middle part and the tail like a gun body The strange magic weapon appeared in the body of Xiaoxuanhuang God at the beginning, Xiaoxuanhuang God held this magic weapon and quickly killed the evil spirit stone statue, and directly stabbed the body of the evil spirit stone statue. The evil spirit stone statue is a stone body, abnormal powerful.


Generally speaking, it is difficult for magic weapons to directly break through his body’s defenses, but God Xiaoxuanhuang is still dealing with him in this way. The stone statue of the evil spirit knows that this magic weapon that he has never seen before is not simple. He wants to Dodging, but his body had been locked by the Lord Xiaoxuanhuang and could not dodge. At the critical moment, he traversed a small distance.


Don’t underestimate this short distance, if it wasn’t for this short distance, his heart would be pierced, but now this blow does not pierce his heart, but pierces The chest a few centimeters away from the heart.


There was a loud bang, and the body of the stone statue of the evil spirit was severely crushed to the ground by God Xiaoxuanhuang, and the entire hall shook.


“Ah…”. The evil spirit stone statue let out a shrill scream, and he felt that his life was being absorbed by that strange magic weapon.


“Is this the treasure you specially refined to deal with me?”, the evil spirit stone like a split eye.


“That’s right!”. The Lord Xiaoxuanhuang said gloomily, “You think you are a smart person, but as you know, you are the most stupid, because every step of yours is in my calculations, die for me.”


The Lord Xiaoxuanhuang held the bizarre treasure in his right hand and continued to press down on the stone statue of evil spirits, while the palm of his left hand slammed towards the head of the stone statue of evil spirits.


Seeing that the Evil Spirit Stone Statue is about to be killed by Xiaoxuanhuang God.


But at this time, a purple sword flew out of nothingness. This purple sword appeared so suddenly that the Lord Xiaoxuanhuang didn’t notice it in advance. By the time he noticed it, it was too late to avoid .




The head of God Xiaoxuanhuang was beheaded by that purple sword.


The eyes of the stone statue of the evil spirit lit up, and the headless body of Xiaoxuanhuang God was blasted out with a punch.


Then he offered a mouthful of Baoding, which swallowed the body of Xiaoxuanhuang God.


“Ah, my body, my body!”. Lord Xiaoxuanhuang roared, his body was suppressed, and only one head remained. It was extremely difficult to regain his body.


“Lord Xiaoxuanhuang, your era is over”, the power of the endless source condensed into the appearance of a monk, the monk held a purple sword, and the stone statue of the evil spirit was locked on the left and right of Xiaoxuanhuang God’s head.


That cultivator is none other than Xiaoxuan Huangtian’s world origin.


Xiaoxuanhuangtian’s world origin is relatively special, and its independence is relatively high. It is probably related to Xiaoxuanhuangtian’s two masters, one light and one dark, so Xiaoxuanhuangtian can’t fully control Xiaoxuanhuangtian’s world origin. Xuan Huangtian’s world origin has the opportunity to attack him.


“Aren’t you inseparable? Why did you change your mind?”. The Evil Spirit Stone Statue looked at Xiaoxuan Huangtian’s World Origin in surprise. Before he started, he talked with World Origin and tried to win him over, but he failed. But now, World Origin has taken action. If it wasn’t for World Origin, it would have just been There is a high probability that he has been killed by Xiaoxuanhuang Tianzhu.


The source of the world said, “I really didn’t intend to do it at first, but the words of God Xiaoxuanhuang who treated you as a high-level slave deeply hurt me, even you are a slave, in his eyes, I am even a slave It’s not as good, since that’s the case, why don’t I just help you.”


The Evil Spirit Stone Statue laughed loudly, and he said, “Little Xuanhuang God, you are also to blame! Before anything changes, let’s kill this beast completely!”


“Okay, kill!”.




The origin of the world of Xiaoxuanhuangtian and the stone statue of the evil spirit shouted at the same time, killing the head of the Lord of Xiaoxuanhuang, but the head of the Lord of Xiaoxuanhuang spurted out two mysterious magic symbols, and the two mysterious magic symbols exploded instantly. The hall collapsed, the void collapsed, and the head of Lord Xiaoxuanhuang disappeared, but his resentful voice came from the shattered void, “You wait for me, I will not give up, I will kill you again, when the time comes. , I will burn you to ashes!”


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