Legend of Swordsman Chapter 6181: Danbao sacrifices himself



Leave a guardrail.


The realm king naturally had no opinion, looked at Jian Wushuang and said, “Don’t worry, the metal life is not terrible, the terrible opponent has not yet appeared!”


“Who?” Jian Wushuang froze for a moment, then said, “Is it Zamasu?”


Now the metal life has the power of the universe god, if it is not terrible, he really does not know who is the opponent.


The realm king shook his head and replied, “It’s Xilu!”


“Xilu!” Wu Zuo widened his eyes and said, “How strong can he be, and how long does it take to leave the northern time and space? It won’t be stronger than metal life!”


Hui Qing was also a little shocked. He didn’t expect that there were opponents stronger than Metal Life, which put a lot of pressure on them.


“Relax, this time the Great Realm King will personally instruct you and transform your divine bodies. After a while, it will not be a problem to deal with these metal beings, but the threat of Xilu is greater. It all depends on your arrival. Where did the Great Realm King’s cultivation result!” The Realm King gave everyone a boost of morale.


Don’t frown.


Wu Li was ecstatic when he heard the words, and he transformed the divine body to instruct them in their cultivation.


This is so important.


Without this threat, it is estimated that I would never see a person like the Great Realm King in my life.


This time we must seize the opportunity.


“Let’s go!”


The realm king waved his hand and ripped apart the space of the gods star field at will.


After all, he is also a realm king, and naturally has the ability to travel through time and space. Even if he has no combat power, his own realm is still there.


“Lord Realm King, those metal beings won’t find the Temple of Immortality!” Jian Wushuang was a little worried about the safety of Dan Bao and others.


“Don’t worry, this is the star domain of the gods. It’s not the metal life’s turn to make trouble. You just need to cultivate well!”


Jian Wushuang nodded slightly, and then he brought him in and followed the king.


After entering the crack, the realm king left behind a clone.




He looked at Blue and Danbao below, but there was worry in his eyes.


The reason why I took Jian Wushuang and others first was because I was afraid of affecting their cultivation.


“Lord Realm King!”


Dan Bao looked indifferent and said, “What do you need me to do, just tell me!”


He has faced it calmly. Although he is only the **** of life, he is also the **** of time and space, and he has a hunch.


“Danbao, I want to give Bru a mission. This mission is very dangerous. With Bru’s current strength, if you go, you will die!” Jie Wang’s expression was a little gloomy.


Dan Bao had already sensed it, and said indifferently: “Is it preventing metal life?”


“Yes!” The Realm King nodded.


Blu stood silently by the side, he didn’t know what to say at this time.


I just hate myself for not being strong enough.


Even before the metal life came out, he already had a hunch. At that time, he worked hard to cultivate and raised his divine power to more than 80 million.


But still can’t solve the metal life.


Now can only be forced to merge with Dan Bao.


Actually, it’s more like he unilaterally absorbed the body of the **** of Danbao.


In this way, you can quickly improve your divine power.


Blu had merged with the powerhouses of the entire Porunga clan at the beginning, and he has achieved what he is today.


But the potential is limited after all, he is not a human race, and his understanding is average.


Shocking the universe **** may not be possible in this life.


However, after absorbing Danbao’s incarnation of the god, his potential and understanding can still be improved, and it may be possible to hit the universe **** in one fell swoop.


The choice is now in Dan Bao’s hands.


“It’s not the purpose to stop metal life!” The realm king didn’t want Danbao to lose his physical body, so he said helplessly: “It’s to stop Xilu, stop Xilu from swallowing metal life, once Xilu absorbs metal life, the temple of immortality will also It’s hard to stop him, the Great Realm King can’t take action personally, and even the northern time and space will be in danger!”


That’s what worries him.


It’s a pity that my body is gone, otherwise I wouldn’t need these juniors to fight.


The realm king is also very guilty, but there is nothing he can do.


“Leave this matter to me!” Dan Bao nodded and said, “It’s useless for me to have a physical body anyway.”


I comforted myself, then turned to look at Bruce.


“Get started!”


Nowadays, the metal life has entered the star field of the gods, and there is not much time left for them.




Danbao’s body turned into golden light and blended with Bruce.


At this moment, the power of the gods began to change drastically.


On the other side, Jian Wushuang and the others were taken by the king to the island where the king of the world was.


After the crowd came, they honestly waited in place.


Through causal induction, they are actually not far from the Immortal Temple. It only takes a quarter of an hour to tear the void to reach the Immortal Temple.


But those metal beings, wanting to come here, are tantamount to reaching the sky, even if Zamas wants to storm this place, it is difficult.


“You guys are waiting here, I’ll go in and say hello!”


After saying that, the king walked towards the wooden house on the island.


At this time, the door of the wooden house was opened actively, and an old blue-skinned old man walked out.


“Everyone brought it?”


“Well, here we are!”


Don’t ask, the only one who can treat the King of the Northern Realm with such respect is the King of the Great Realm.


Jian Wushuang also hurriedly bowed his hands to meet him: “I have seen the Great Realm King!”


“The Great Realm King!”


“Yes!” The Great Realm King just nodded slightly, glanced at everyone, and said, “Each of you will have a chance to be pointed, the time is only one year, but in the Time House, you can quickly cultivate a In ten thousand eras, that is to say, after five years from the outside world, all of you can leave!”


Only point to one person at a time!


Five people is five years.


The crowd naturally had no objections and stood by and let it go.


“Who goes first?” The Great Realm King glanced at everyone.


Hui Qing stood up at this time and replied, “I will go first!”


“Okay, come with me!”


The Great Realm King led the way, and Hui Qing followed.


The rest sat cross-legged and waited.


The realm king stood aside, thinking about the immortal temple in his heart.


At this time, Blu completely absorbed Danbao’s incarnation of God ~IndoMTL.com~ and a strong golden light erupted from his body.


“My current strength has reached such a level!” Bruce couldn’t believe it, his divine power had exceeded 100 million.


And haven’t really used it all.


Slightly clenched his fist, and the surrounding time and space began to tremble, and some small cracks appeared.


Dan Bao looked at all this and smiled.


It’s just that his current figure is a bit illusory. Like the realm king, he has lost his physical body and divine body. After all, he has left his origin, and he can then comprehend the true meaning of life and improve the northern time and space.


This is what it looks like after losing the physical body.


“Metal life, just left Zhalong Mountain, just on the edge of the gods star field. You only need to kill one of Lanyan and Lanshui, Bruce. As for the **** man, don’t pay attention, no Kill one who leaves room, and you don’t need to worry about the rest!” The King of the Realm explained carefully.


(End of this chapter)


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