Martial Peak Chapter 1424: Dicui Sword



Time flies, and another ten days have passed. After experiencing the initial excitement and novelty, the people of Longxue Mountain have gradually adapted to the life in the Taixuanzong ruins, which is today’s Lingxiaozong.



This place is full of spiritual energy, beautiful mountains and clear waters, and clear and natural air. It is the best cultivation holy place in the world. Compared with Yang Kai’s first set foot in the Star Territory, the Hanging Continent he entered is only a line away.



The only fly in the ointment is that the entire Flowing Flame Sand Field is still surrounded by two of the three flame rings. It is considered isolated from the world. Not only is it difficult to communicate with the outside world, but even looking up, you can’t see the sun and the moon. In the stars, on the sky, a fiery red light curtain flows.



Of course, everything has advantages and disadvantages. Today’s High Heaven Pavilion seems to be isolated from the world, but it is also free from many disturbances. Otherwise, with dozens of people occupying such a large and excellent place, it would be strange not to be coveted by others. ,



Everything is in order.



The Wannianxiang that Yang Kai brought back from the sixth floor of the Flowing Flame Sand was placed in the secret hall of the front hall by Yang Yan. After Wu Yi and others applied, they could go to the secret hall and take advantage of Wannianxiang’s miraculous retreat.



There are also Jiuqu Jingyushu placed there together.



These two treasures can both help people to understand the mysteries of heaven and martial arts, and they can also help people to clear their minds and exorcise their inner demons.



Whether it is Wannianxiang or Jiuqujingyushu, they were originally placed in the stone mansion of Yangkai in Longxue Mountain. But more than a month ago, when a strong enemy besieged Longxue Mountain, Yang Yan took the opportunity to transfer it. At that time, she took advantage of the enemy’s attention to be attracted by Yang Kai, and secretly used the prohibition of Longxue Mountain and the power of the formation to escape, the purpose was to transfer these treasures.



There is also the red candlestick and a small petal of red candle pulp, which are now living in a medicine garden in the front hall. Although they will not grow again, their medicinal effects are perfectly preserved.



Even the mother plant of the blood sword grass was brought here by Yang Yan, and the huge blood essence stone also did not fall. These things are good treasures that can be used to arrange the formation eye. How could Yang Yan forget?



It can be said that although Longxue Mountain was razed to the ground, the Lingxiao Sect suffered no loss at all. Instead, he used that battle to gain a fierce reputation!



There were at least a dozen forces, and hundreds of Void Returning Mirrors joined forces to attack, but in the end they suffered heavy casualties and fled in embarrassment. Even the top sects of Gloom Star could not do such a feat. The only possibility Only Xingdi Mountain can do it.



After that battle, no one dared not to take Longxue Mountain in their eyes. The name of Yang Kai, the owner of Longxue Mountain, was widely circulated. With the cultivation of the third-layer Holy King, it was very impressive. It is a topic that is easy to cause discussion in the market and taverns, and is highly praised.



The High Heaven Sect was established in a low-key manner. Without Yang Kai’s knowledge, Wu Yi and others took him as their suzerain.



And Yang Yan is the deputy suzerain, Ye Xiyun is the chief elder, Hao An, Ning Xiangchen, Ge Qi and others are also the elders.



A small sect with only a few dozen people is beginning to take shape. Although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs, and this is just because everyone is reluctant to open the gate to recruit disciples. With the excellent location currently occupied by the Lingxiao sect, combined with the current prosperity The limelight, just release a sentence, I am afraid that when the time comes, there will be a crowd, and countless warriors who have no support will come to defect.



The foundation is unstable. Now is not the time to do this. Everyone understands the truth.



The Divine Tree was once again opened up by Yang. In the battle a month ago, the Divine Tree’s performance made Yang Kai stunned and surprised. Yang Kai was naturally not stingy with it, and immediately forced out two drops of golden blood. , let the divine tree absorb and refine.



And the performance of Stone Puppet is also remarkable, and he has also received extremely rich rewards-a large number of rare metal ores! Stone Puppet can enhance its own strength by absorbing the essence of metal minerals, which is its innate magical power.



The front hall of the High Heaven Pavilion gradually calmed down, and various roles were performed, and Yang Kai was also in retreat.



Only Yang Yan was busy with Wu Yi and others. After all, this will be the main altar of his sect in the future. Naturally, Yang Yan has to rearrange the restrictions and formations. Most of the formations can be used, but the energy is exhausted and not turned on. All she needs to do is to repair a little, or fill up with holy crystals.



This is not difficult for her, but she enjoys it.



Ye Xiyun guarded her all day long, never leaving her, holding herself as a subordinate.



Yang Kai occasionally noticed that when this woman looked at Yang Yan, her eyes were filled with fanaticism and worship. It seemed that she would not hesitate to execute any instructions from Yang Yan.



Tianyi Palace, the palace that Yang Kai occupies now, in the wing room, he sat cross-legged, his hands stretched forward, and on his palms was a secret treasure that was full of emerald green, like a long sword.



It looks like a long sword, but it doesn’t actually have a blade. Instead, it looks extremely dull. At the hilt, there is a long eye-sized ball embedded in it. Inside the green blade, there is a snake-like bead. Things move happily.



This long sword secret treasure is naturally the product of the refining and fusion of the Dragon Bone Dragon Ball. The body of the Dragon Bone Dragon Ball is an aggressive poisonous dragon. As a member of the ancient Holy Spirit, its strength is so powerful that it is impossible to fathom.



Therefore, even if it is just a piece of the keel, a secret treasure after rough refining of a dragon ball is unpredictable.



In the battle of Dragon Cave Mountain, Yang Kai fully realized its powerful killing, but unfortunately that ray of dragon soul is extremely proud and unwilling to be driven by himself, and almost made an oolong on the spot, and finally was used by Yang Kai’s secret lotus technique Forcibly suppressed.



At the time, I had to do it as a last resort. It was only a temporary solution, not a long-term solution.



Yang Kai took it out now. Naturally, he intends to solve this problem once and for all. Otherwise, he will be forced to suppress it every time he uses it in the future.



This is not a joke. It is not uncommon for people to be attacked by their own secret treasures. This kind of thing may happen to forcibly enlist a huge secret treasure with low strength. Therefore, any martial artist, when choosing a secret treasure, will To choose a secret treasure that suits you based on your own level and the limit of your ability, it does not mean that the stronger the secret treasure, the better.



Moreover, the keel sword in his hand can barely be regarded as a prototype. It has not been completely refined, but it is only enough to use.



After all, it is the body material of the ancient Holy Spirit, how can it be so easily refined?



But what makes Yang Kai very happy is that this keel sword seems to be able to grow and evolve. In the battle of Longxue Mountain, this sword turned into a green dragon. After devouring the flesh and blood essence of several Void Returning Mirror warriors, the breath was obvious. Enhanced some.



After discovering this at the time, Yang Kai didn’t dare to let it devour it at will. It’s a little difficult for him to completely suppress it now. Wouldn’t it be like shooting himself in the foot to make it stronger?



Only when the hidden dangers are completely resolved can it grow unscrupulously.



“Your whole body is emerald green, so I’ll call you emerald green.” Yang Kai’s eyes flashed, and he suddenly muttered to himself.



When the voice fell, he stretched out his hand and held the hilt of the sword. The huge holy essence poured in like a tide, and the high-pitched dragon roar resounded in the Tianyi Palace. .



The violent pressure swept across, and a green dragon suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai.



It is the phantom body of the dragon bone sword Dicui, just like the substance. The huge dragon body hovers in place, the dragon head is high, and the two gong-sized eyes stare at Yang Kai forever. A look of disdain flashed in his eyes.



Although there is only a remnant of the soul left, and there is not much sanity left, the pride in the bones of the ancient Holy Spirit is indelible.



Yang Kai’s current strength is as small as an ant in front of the Holy Spirit Clan.



Long Wei is rampant, Yang Kai’s bones are crackling, and the whole person seems to be pressed to the bottom of the mountain by a thousand feet, and an indescribable feeling of powerlessness arises spontaneously.



But he did not retreat, nor did he show any timidity, but looked at the dragon head indifferently.



The World Destruction Demon Eye is revealed in the left eye, the long and narrow golden pupil seems to exude infinite magic power, and around the golden pupil, there is an inexplicable glow looming.



It is the glazed light.



Combined with the World Destruction Demon Eye, the two complement each other, and the power bonus is not as simple as one plus one.



This time, Yang Kai did not use the secret technique of the lotus. After all, if you want to enjoy the pride of the dragon soul, it is not advisable to rely entirely on the secret technique. You must let him know his situation, and he must know who is responsible for the future. Who is the Lord as a Only in this way can you drive it as you like in the future without worrying about being attacked by it.



One big and one small, two pairs of eyes staring at each other, one with contempt and the other with dignity, no one intends to evade or retreat.



Even if the Dragon Bone Dragon Ball has been refined in Yang Kai’s body for several years, it has long been contaminated with his breath, and it is not so simple to completely subdue it.



The invisible battle unfolded between Yang Kai and the emerald green dragon. One after another, invisible spiritual shocks spread around. Fortunately, Tianyi Palace’s prohibition was good, otherwise this palace would be destroyed in an instant. in the contest.



Although Yang Kai’s cultivation realm is at the third level of the Holy King, the strength of his spiritual consciousness is no less than that of the second level of returning to the virtual world. Coupled with the assistance of the World Destruction Demon Eye, the third level of returning to the virtual world is not as strong as If you are caught off guard, you will suffer a big loss. If you go around like this, it is extremely reluctant to deal with the dragon soul.



No matter how Yang Kai motivated his own consciousness and exerted pressure on him, the other party was unmoved, and he had no intention of panic, fear or surrender.



As time passed, Yang Kai’s complexion gradually turned pale, and he used the power of divine sense without interruption and without restraint.



The World Destruction Demon’s eye has already seeped a trace of blood, and the entire left eye is flushed red. From the long and narrow golden pupil, an invisible pulling force and attractive force are constantly emitting. It wants to shake the dragon’s soul, but it is as if The waves crashed against the reef, the waves splashed everywhere, and the reef remained motionless. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to subscribe to the mobile network (), give a reward, your support is my greatest motivation.)


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