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The stalemate continued for three days and three nights, but Yang Kai made no progress.


On the contrary, the power of his own spiritual consciousness was exhausted, and the sea of ​​consciousness dried up. If there were no treasures such as the Seven-colored Warming Lotus to warm and nourish the soul, the current situation alone would be enough to make him utterly invincible.


The whole person’s head is like being pierced by thousands of needles, and the pain is splitting.


In the wing of Tianyi Palace, Yang Kai let out a low and sullen roar, the World Destruction Demon Eye would not attack and self-destruct, without the power of divine consciousness as the source, the World Destruction Demon Eye could not be used at all.


This is the first time the World Destroyer Demon Eye has not made any contribution! In the past, when it was used, it was in no way unfavorable. Whether it was against the enemy or deterrence, it had great miraculous effects.


But now, it is useless to deal with the remnant soul in the keel sword Dicui.


Not only was Yang Kai not annoyed, but he was overjoyed.


The more difficult it is to deal with, the more it shows that the keel sword is of great value. As long as you find a way to subdue the dragon soul, it can provide you with great help.


What can I do to make it surrender? While breathing heavily, Yang Kai stared at the green giant dragon in front of him, thinking hard in his heart.


Suddenly, he seemed to have remembered something, raised his brows, a glint of excitement flashed in his eyes, and his expression flickered uncertainly. Although only a vague idea, it is absolutely necessary to give it a try.


The so-called fan of the authorities, Yang Kai completely forgot that there is still a real dragon remnant in his body!


It was on Tongxuan Continent that the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance was obtained in the Dragon Valley, the forbidden area of ​​Longfeng Mansion. After obtaining the inheritance, a golden dragon pattern appeared on his body.


In the past, Yang Kai didn’t know much about goods, so he didn’t know the mystery of the golden dragon pattern, but since the last time he explored the Imperial Garden with Fei Zhitu and others, he knew the existence of the ancient Holy Spirit.


Since the inheritance of the Phoenix Queen brought out from the Phoenix Nest is a remnant of an ice phoenix, the inheritance of the Dragon Emperor that I obtained in Dragon Valley must be the same.


Although it has not been verified, Yang Kai feels that his guess should be inseparable. It makes no sense that the inheritance of the Dragon Emperor is worse than the inheritance of the Phoenix Queen!


Perhaps… this can be achieved with the help of the Dragon Emperor’s inheritance.


Thinking of this, Yang Kai no longer hesitates, no matter what, this is also a way to see whether it can be achieved or not depends on the will of heaven.


He stretched out his hand to undo his clothes, took off his shirt, and his refined body was immediately exposed to the air.


Yang Kai’s body doesn’t look too strong, but his body is extremely well-proportioned. There is a huge amount of power hidden in each muscle, which looks very seductive.


At this moment, there are two patterns on his body like tattoos, one is a golden dragon pattern and the other is an ice phoenix pattern, both of which look lifelike.


However, the slight difference is that the golden dragon pattern is like a living thing, and it is walking around Yang Kai’s body, while the ice phoenix pattern is fixed in one place and does not move.


In the final analysis, this ice phoenix pattern is the inheritance of the phoenix queen and does not belong to Yang Kai. It just uses his body as a carrier for a temporary stay, while the golden dragon pattern is inherited from the Dragon Emperor and belongs to Yang Kai himself.


When Yang Kai’s spiritual sense swept across the ice phoenix pattern, he was surprised to find that its eyeballs actually turned, as if his eyes were looking at him, and then there was no movement.


Yang Kai didn’t know if it was his own illusion.


However, Su Yan’s figure flashed in front of Yang Kai’s eyes. After all, the reason why this ice phoenix pattern stayed on him was because it was brought to Su Yan. Unfortunately, after so many years, he never had the chance to see the beautiful woman again.


I don’t know how she is doing now.


I don’t know if she was bullied.


I don’t know if she’s cultivating well.



After a moment of silence, Yang Kai packed up his mood. Then he focused on the golden dragon pattern and took a deep breath. With a thought, Yang Kai started running the Yin-Yang Harmony Art. Although there was no cooperation from Su Yan, this art Yang Kai has long been familiar with it and it is not difficult to run it.


Sheng Yuan surged, and the golden dragon pattern swam even faster, as if it had received some nourishment.


After a while, the deafening sound of the dragon’s roar suddenly came out, and a dazzling golden light burst out, shrouding the entire wing, and the emerald green color that originally existed in the wing instantly dimmed a lot.


The emerald green dragon, who had been staring at Yang Kai indifferently, his eyes full of contempt, was also flustered at the moment, as if he had encountered some nemesis, his eyes trembled violently, and there was a hint of panic. .




The golden light radiated from Yang Kai’s body, and the phantom of a golden dragon converged and formed on the top of his head, like a high god, overlooking the green dragon.


The two giant dragons, looking at their size, are almost the same, and the appearance is the same. The only difference is the color of the two dragons.


One gold, one green.


Although the green giant looked frightened and fearful, it was obviously unwilling to show its weakness to the enemy. The dragon’s head was raised, and the green light was so prosperous that it actually covered up the golden light a little, and stood up to the majesty of the golden dragon.


Yang Kai was overjoyed when he saw this scene. He knew that this time he was a blind cat and a dead mouse. He had found the right way.


The golden light was more prosperous, once again suppressing the green light.


And this is not over yet, and I don’t know if it touched any mystery. With a clear sound of phoenix ming, the ice phoenix pattern originally fixed on Yang Kai’s body also turned into a stream of light, and it shot out. .


The cold and severe cold swept all around, but the golden dragon body radiated hot energy. One cold and one hot should be mutually restrained by common sense, but at this moment, they are blending with each other, not only there is no conflict , on the contrary, it has further contributed to the opponent’s power.


Golden light, green light, and white shadows collide with each other, and the sound of crackling is endless.


That green light was originally invincible against Jin Guang, and was suppressed hard. Now, with the addition of Bai Ying, he was defeated like a mountain in an instant.


The sound of 咻咻 sounded, and the light in front of him was shining. Yang Kai couldn’t see anything at all. He only felt that the gold and white were frantically suppressing the green light, and in the spiritual sense investigation, the green light was also incredible. Speed ​​is shrinking.




A muffled sound came out, and Yang Kai’s body shook. When he opened his eyes and looked forward, he found that his room was in a mess, as if it had been ravaged by a violent storm. All torn apart.


On his body, the golden dragon pattern had returned for some unknown time, but he was still happily wandering as before, and the ice phoenix pattern was once again fixed in a certain place.


As if everything before was just an illusion, it didn’t happen.


But Yang Kai’s attention was immediately attracted by the keel sword Dicui on the ground, and he reached out to hold it, an indescribable feeling passed over.


If it was said that he was holding this keel sword before, just holding a secret treasure, then now Yang Kai has a sense of connection with his mind, as if the keel sword Dicui has become a part of himself, let him driven.


Although it is very weak, it is a very different feeling than before.


Raising his brows, Yang Kai poured his holy essence into it, and the green long sword immediately transformed into a green dragon, but unlike before, the contempt and disdain in the eyes of the green dragon disappeared completely, replaced by Meek and obedient.


Yang Kai grinned, unable to help himself.


I didn’t expect that I just came up with the idea unintentionally, but it really succeeded. It is feasible to fight Longwei with Longwei.


And after such a show, Yang Kai faintly felt that the golden dragon pattern on his body seemed to be better than this green dragon.


It is also a remnant of the ancient Holy Spirit, but when the Emerald Dragon was fighting against the phantom of the Golden Dragon alone, it was obviously somewhat invincible. Even without the addition of the Ice Phoenix Remnant, Yang Kai felt that it was only a matter of time before he surrendered.


The addition of Bingfeng only shortened the time a lot.


With a thought, the emerald green dragon was really like an arm and a finger, and it flew according to Yang Kai’s thoughts.


From now on, when using the Dragon Bone Sword Dicui, there is no need to worry about its backlash, and the hidden danger in his heart has been lifted. Yang Kai is in a happy mood.


After experimenting in the wing for a long time, Yang Kai took the keel sword into his body and continued to nurture it with his holy essence. His current strength is too low to exert the full power of this secret treasure, and the secret treasure itself is not fully refined. Yang Kai does not know how powerful this Dicui will be when all the conditions are mature. .


This is something to look forward to very much.


Taking some medicinal pills from the space ring and taking them, Yang Kai converged his mind, sat cross-legged, and began to recover the Saint Yuan and Divine Consciousness power that he had consumed.


In just one day, the spirit energy has recovered to its Just when Yang Kai was about to get up, a huge buzzing sound suddenly came from outside, and then, the entire Tianyi Palace began to shake. stand up.


Yang Kai’s expression changed greatly, he subconsciously thought that the High Heaven Sect was attacked, but then he thought about it and something was wrong. Now High Heaven Sect occupies the ruins of the Taixuan Sect, guarded by three fire rings outside, and a great formation to protect the sect inside. , Who on the dark star has such a great ability to hit the High Heaven Sect?


And inferring from the turbulence of the aura of the world, it doesn’t seem like it’s a reaction after being attacked.


Rather, it appears to be an internal change.


With a slight wrinkle of brows, Yang Kai stood up, pushed open the door and walked towards the layman, exiting the Tianyi Palace, looking for a certain position, Yang Kai’s figure flashed and approached there at a very fast speed.


After a short while, Yang Kai came to the huge square in the front hall of High Heaven Sect.


At this moment, dozens of disciples are gathered here, and all the elders in the sect are present, but everyone is looking up at the sky, their eyes fixed for a moment, as if there is something in the sky that attracts them.


Looking at their gazes, Yang Kai showed a look of astonishment, because in the mid-air, Yang Yan was suspended in mid-air, with a solemn expression, a long black and beautiful hair without wind, and his hands were constantly moving. The ground changes with the law, and a stream of pure Saint Yuan emerges from the delicate body, turning into a stream of light, and shooting into the sky.


Aware of Yang Kai’s arrival, everyone saluted. (Unfinished to be continued “This text is provided by the breaking dawn update group @ for hi”. If you like this work, you are welcome to (m) vote for a recommendation vote and a monthly pass. Your support is my biggest motivation.)


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