Martial Peak Chapter 1549: Dan Yin



In the battleship, Yang Kai has repeated this kind of thing many times, and he knows every step in his chest.


He asked himself that he had no flaws in the timing of the heat and medicinal herbs, but he just didn’t know why he couldn’t make a virtual king-level elixir.


And now, he has a very bold conjecture. Whether this idea can be realized or not has yet to be verified, so he is extremely cautious and does not dare to be careless.


Strains of Void King-level medicinal materials were put into the Purple Void Cauldron. Under the tempering of Yang Kai’s Divine Consciousness, and with the help of various spiritual formations, those medicinal materials were transformed into medicinal liquids, which merged and converged with each other. , some miraculous and mysterious changes take place between them.


Yang Kai’s demeanor became more and more focused, and he became more and more careful in the action of throwing the medicinal materials. One by one, the spiritual formations were formed under the drawing of his Divine Consciousness Fire and printed into the Purple Void Cauldron to assist the refining of the medicinal materials.


Everything was in order and there were no errors.


Time passed little by little, and fine sweat oozes from Yang Kai’s forehead.


Refining virtual king-level medicinal pills is also a great test for him, which not only requires the control of the power of divine consciousness, but also various psychological burdens.


He’s under a lot of pressure.


The faint aroma diffused from the Purple Void Cauldron. This was the perfect fusion of the medicinal liquid, and it changed in a good direction, but Yang Kai did not take it lightly.


In the two years he was in the battleship, he smelled the medicinal fragrance from the Purple Void Cauldron countless times, but he never succeeded in refining the elixir, and each time it ended in failure and scorching.


Now is the most critical moment for alchemy.


Those who have traveled a hundred miles are half-ninety, Yang Kai’s nose twitches slightly, feeling the change in the aroma of the medicine and looking for a suitable opportunity.


The aroma gradually intensifies, very quickly. This unique medicinal scent seems to be filled with this unique medicinal fragrance within a radius of 100 zhang, which makes people feel relaxed and happy.


At a certain moment, when the aroma reached a peak, Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly burst into a light.


It is now!


He stretched out a hand and held it in the void. A ball of light that intersected with two colors of gold and red appeared on the palm of the hand. Inside the ball of light, there was a faint shadow of a monster that had shrunk countless times, bouncing inside the ball of light.


Blood beasts!


It is a blood beast that Yang Kai refined with his own golden blood threads.


Opening the lid of the Zixu Cauldron, Yang Kai throws the blood beast into the Cauldron with his backhand.


Silently, under the immense power of the fire of his consciousness. The blood beast dissipated in an instant and was completely integrated into the medicinal liquid in the cauldron.


There is a faint **** smell mixed in the medicinal fragrance. Not only does it not feel abrupt, but because of the fullness of the **** smell, the medicinal fragrance becomes more intense.


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, faintly feeling that he had grasped the key point. Don’t be lazy. He quickly activated the fire of consciousness and continued to refine the medicinal liquid.


The various experiences gained from comprehending the Tao of Pills were transformed into the capital of Yang Kai’s alchemy at this moment. His movements were smooth and smooth, without the slightest delay.


The blood beast that was condensed from the golden blood threads and the flesh and blood of the monster was completely dissolved and turned into a part of the medicinal liquid.


Zi Xuding suddenly vibrated, as if something unknown had happened inside. Yang Kai’s expression shook, and he quickly suppressed it with the fire of Divine Consciousness.


The sound of chi chi made a loud noise, and inside the Zixu Cauldron, it seemed that some living thing was struggling and resisting, hitting the cauldron wall, trying to escape.


Yang Kai was unmoved.


After half a cup of tea, the movement in the tripod gradually subsided.


Yang Kai took back the fire of consciousness, took a deep breath, and looked at Zi Xuding with a solemn and hesitant gaze.


It is success or failure, and then there is the result. He didn’t know whether he had succeeded in alchemy this time, but at least it didn’t smell like burnt smell like before. It was a good start.


After hesitating for a long time, Yang Kai reached out and probed towards Zixu Cauldron.


Extending your head is a knife, and retracting your head is also a knife. Might as well just be happy.


The lid of the Zixu Cauldron was lifted by Yang Kai, and at this moment, a stream of light suddenly shot out from the Cauldron, just a circling, and wanted to escape into the distance.


“Where to run!” Yang Kai shouted loudly, reaching out towards the streamer, his movements were lightning fast, and he held it in the palm of his hand.


The hand is as gentle as jade, and you can feel the resistance and struggle coming from the palm of your hand, but it subsides quickly, and it seems that the thing in the palm of your hand has accepted its fate.


Yang Kai released his hand and looked at it carefully.


A pale silver medicine pill about the size of a dragon’s eye is imprinted into the eyes. It is not as strong as when it was refined. Even if Yang Kai leans in, he can only smell a faint fragrance, but this fragrance gives people a different feeling. completely different from before.


More refreshing.


Void King Grade Elixir! Under the peeping of spiritual sense, the medicinal power of this elixir is indeed a virtual king-level elixir. Although it is only a low-grade elixir, it is of extremely high quality.


Yang Kai showed a look of joy, and after watching it carefully, he laughed after a long while.


He finally understands what it means to be called a spirit pill because it has a magic power.


This virtual king-level elixir in front of me is the best proof.


The golden blood threads are full of spirituality, and the blood beasts transformed from the golden blood threads are also full of spirituality. Taking the blood beasts as a guide, refining the virtual king level elixir did not disappoint Yang Kai.


If he had only guessed so before refining, this idea has now been confirmed.


Elixir will not have spirituality for no reason. Even the top virtual king-level medicinal materials cannot have spirituality, unless it is those heaven and earth spirits that give birth to a little wisdom.


In this case, use spiritual things to refine.


Dan Yin! As long as there is Dan Yin, Yang Kai can refine the Void King Grade Spirit Pill!


The blood beast is the elixir of the elixir in hand.


Yang Kai also saw that the blood beasts are full of spirituality, and suddenly realized this. After a try, it really worked.


He doesn’t know how other virtual king-level alchemists refine virtual king-level pills, but the method he has learned is absolutely fine. The method is completely original.


A thousand alchemists may come to realize the true solution of alchemy, and there may be a thousand kinds of insights.


Yang Kai saw his own alchemy avenue from the true solution of alchemy!


This medicine pill in hand is just a Shangqing Sanyuan Dan that can increase the cultivation base. .


At the very least, it’s a bit of a waste for a blood beast refined from a golden blood thread to become its elixir.


Although the method is feasible, if you really use this method to concoct alchemy in the future, it won’t take long before Yang Kai’s golden blood threads will be exhausted.


Yang Kai can’t afford this kind of consumption.


How can this be improved?


Yang Kai was not satisfied with this, but fell into contemplation.


Soon, he had new ideas.


The blood beast is full of spirituality, and can indeed become a Dan Yin. The pure golden blood thread and even its own golden blood are also full of spirituality, and they should also be able to take on this important task.


Perhaps…the spirits of monsters can too.


As soon as he thought of it, Yang Kai immediately put aside many distracting thoughts and began to verify his own thoughts.


Half a day later, another Shangqing Sanyuan Pill was born in Yang Kai’s hands. This elixir was refined with Yang Kai’s golden blood as a guide.


Comparing the two spirit pills together, Yang Kai found out that the medicinal effect contained in the supernatant three yuan pills refined the first time seems to be a little higher than that of the second one. Dot.


Aware of this, Yang Kai has already made up his mind.


He did not continue, but began to search for monsters of the right level in the jungle.


A month later, Yang Kai held a jade bottle in his hand. The bottle was filled with Void King-level elixir, each of which was pale silver.


In order to refine this bottle of Shangqing Sanyuan Dan, Yang Kai had to waste a lot of effort, killing dozens of monsters above the eighth rank alone.


After some experimentation, he determined that his previous idea would work.


It is not necessary to use one’s own golden blood for the elixir to refine the virtual king-level elixir. All existences that have spirituality and do not conflict with medicinal materials can become elixir!


For example, the spirit of a monster.


Yang Kai has the World Destruction Demon Eye, and the World Destruction Demon Eye incorporates the power of the glazed divine light, so it is no problem to restrain the spirit of a monster. In the middle, you can make the medicinal pill have a spirit.


However, the Void King-level spirit pills have high requirements for Dan Yin. The spirits of the seventh-order monsters are completely unsatisfactory. The eighth-order is so-so, and the ninth-order is the best choice. Yang Kai felt that he could refine a spirit pill born with a pill pattern!


In addition to the spirits of monsters, those spirits from heaven and earth that give birth to wisdom can also be competent for the role of Danyin.


The grades of Dan Yin are different, which are directly related to the probability of becoming a Dan. After many failures, Yang Kai summed up this experience.


He’s got a great deal!


After a month of hard exploration, the birth of a bottle of Void King-level elixir consumed countless materials, which also marked his complete promotion to Void King-level alchemy master, standing at the pinnacle of the star field alchemy avenue.


This method is his own, and only he can implement it.


It is difficult for others to restrain the spirits of dead monsters and fuse them into medicinal materials. So even if someone spied on Yang Kai’s alchemy method, it would be impossible to copy unless that person had practiced a similar secret technique.


The sublimation of alchemy skills has made him a deeper understanding of Tiandao and Wudao. Although the realm of cultivation has not changed much, he has mastered his own strength even more than before.


The alchemy master level has reached the virtual king level, and the next step for Yang Kai is to study the alchemy technique.


He always thought that only one medicinal herb could be refined from one medicinal material.


He has done the same over the years.


But different and pioneering opinions were put forward in the true solution of Dan Dao.


One medicinal material can actually make more than one medicinal pill. With bad luck, three or five pills are no problem. With good luck, seven or eight pills can even reach the perfect ten pills.


This opinion made him see another vast world of alchemy.


However, in order to achieve this incredible achievement, it must be refined with a special method at the moment before the pill is formed. This requires a lot of experience accumulation, and not every alchemist can do it.


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