Martial Peak Chapter 1610: Send you on the road



Xuelian’s face sank: “Boy, are you serious and don’t give any face?”


“How old are you?” Yang Kai smiled contemptuously.


“Okay, there are not many who dare to talk to this king like that. Tianji is the one who is immortal. You are the one, but you will die here today!” Xue Lian growled, a blood red The mist suddenly diffused out of his body and enveloped him. He could no longer be seen in the place where he was, only a cloud of blood covered him.


Immediately, the blood cloud flew at an extremely fast speed, and immediately wrapped Yang Kai.


In the blood fog, there are terrifying and amazing energy fluctuations, and the blood lights are entangled towards Yang Kai like living things.


At the same time, a mysterious and unusual force surged.


Yang Kai suddenly felt that his actions became difficult, and the Saint Yuan in his body was faintly suppressed.




Yang Kai burst into a drink, his momentum madly permeating outwards, and the surrounding space collapsed and distorted inch by inch.


However, his power was completely suppressed by the blood refining field, and it only showed less than three inches outside the body, and he could no longer extend.


“Approaching the potential of Dacheng!” Xue Lian shouted in surprise, “The kid really has the capital to be arrogant, and with the cultivation of the two-layer Void Return, he has condensed his own potential to this level, but… you still Not enough!”


He grinned, and separated from his body blood energy full of savage energy, turned into dragons, and rushed towards Yang Kai in all directions.


This is the suffocating energy of the crocodile demon king itself. As long as ordinary warriors are invaded in the slightest, they will immediately lose their minds and go crazy.


Although Yang Kai doesn’t know the mystery, how can he get close to him?


Hundreds of golden blood threads lingered around the body, as if there were hundreds of extra arms, waving and waving.


The pressure from the field is greatly reduced!


The golden blood thread has the magical effect of breaking the potential, and the domain is the evolution of the potential. The golden blood threads also have a little restraint on it, one or two are inconspicuous, and hundreds of them are issued at the same time. The effect is there.


Yang Kai’s momentum instantly spread to a foot away from him.


He makes a move. The emerald dragon turned into a green glow, flew back to his hand, and reverted to the shape of a keel sword.


There was a high-pitched dragon roar from the sword body, Yang Kai held the sword with one hand, and the holy essence poured in and swung forward fiercely.


The green sword glow ripped apart the space, tearing the blood-red violent aura in half. Slash to the blood refining hidden in the blood mist.


Xue Lian didn’t seem to dare to take it lightly, so he could only dodge. Before he could react, a burly figure suddenly emerged from the ground.


Stone Puppet!


The stone puppet at the moment. It has become a giant stone, and the Heaven Shaking Pillar in his hand has also become terrifying and abnormal. It is about five feet long. Hit hard.


Blood refining was terrified, how dare he take Tianzhu’s attack, his body swayed, he avoided it again, and punched out at the same time.


A terrifying power surged from that fist. Hit Stone Puppet’s chest.


With a bang, Stone Puppet took a few steps back, and stone chips were flying on the firm and hard chest.


Stone Puppet was obviously stunned.


Since its birth, it has never been hurt by anyone, and today is the first time!


Even if it’s just a few stone chips, it’s an injury.


Stone Puppet’s round eyes suddenly reflected its brutal brilliance. It stretched out its hand and slammed its chest, making a loud noise. Immediately, Stone Puppet’s body was filled with a lethargy. Frightening scorching power.


The scorching aura erupted from within, as if it would burn everything in the world.


The body surface of the stone puppet melted at once, and the whole body became red!


Yang Kai was stunned. He didn’t know what happened to Stone Puppet. He had never seen such a change in Stone Puppet before. In a hurry, he stepped back and avoided the frontal collision with Blood Refinement. Stone puppets come.


He doesn’t know whether such a change is good or bad for Stone Puppet.


Soon, a layer of liquid-like existence appeared on the surface of the stone puppet, like rolling magma, covering its entire body.


At first glance, Stone Golem seems to be wearing a lava armor! On the lava armor, there was steaming heat, and even Yang Kai didn’t dare to approach it easily.


“The sun is really hot!” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up.


He felt the power of the true fire of the sun from this lava armor!


In an instant, Yang Kai suddenly realized.


The stone puppet did swallow the true fire of the sun back then, but for so many years, the stone puppet has not used this kind of power, so that even Yang Kai, the master, does not know the details of the stone puppet.


But today, the punch of blood refining undoubtedly made Stone Puppet furious, and it has fully utilized its strength!


The stone puppet dressed in lava armor suddenly turned into a lava giant. It held a thick and outrageous Heaven Shaking Pillar in one hand and clenched into a fist in the other hand. There was a smirk on its always honest face. and its weird.




Stone Puppet stepped forward and rushed into the cloud of blood without fear, waving a scorching and huge fist, smashing towards the blood refining.


The strange cry of blood refining sounded, and the thick blood cloud became thinner at a speed visible to the naked eye, as if it had been evaporated by the power of the true fire of the sun.


A dozen punches were swung down, and the figure of Blood Lian was exposed again.


His face was ashen, and he looked at the lava giant who was constantly approaching and attacking him with disbelief.


Even with his profound knowledge, he doesn’t know what kind of monster the creature in front of him is.


The first time it attacked itself, it was only half a person tall, and it looked small and exquisite. The second time it attacked itself, it suddenly became tall and mighty. Now, it has turned into a giant made of lava.


The blood refining retreated again and again, and did not dare to collide with the stone puppet.


The firebird took advantage of the situation and spewed out fireballs big and small.


The fireball contained not only the scorching heat of flames, but also the throbbing arc of thunder.


The firebird also devoured the true fire of the sun, and thus obtained a leap-like growth. It also devoured the thunder fire of the dry sky, allowing its own flame to incorporate a trace of thunder and lightning fury.


Its flame is even more terrifying than the stone puppet. What it lacks is the terrifying power of the stone puppet, but it has a little more agility.


Two major aids, one underground and one in the sky. The two sides joined forces to force the blood to persecute only the power of parrying, and there is no power to counterattack.


Yang Kai grinned.


With Firebird and Stone Puppet alone, Blood Refinement can’t be good. Even if he has been a Demon King for tens of thousands of years, he can still use a bit of the power of the domain, but after all, his body after taking the house limits the display of his strength. .


If he was in his prime, he would be able to kill Yang Kai on the spot with just a few gestures.


The peak cultivation of the third-layer virtual king is no joke.


It’s just that the dragon swims in the shallow water and can’t turn any waves at all.


“Go away!” Xue Lian was in a state of embarrassment and was stretched thin. He couldn’t help roaring, and he got down and punched Stone Puppet. The huge force shook Stone Puppet back a dozen feet.


Blood-refined fists are also scorched, filled with a disgusting aura.


The next moment, he was non-stop, avoiding the maddening attack of the Fire Bird and rushing straight towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai is the key figure in this battle. As long as he kills Yang Kai, the Stone Puppet and Firebird who listen to his orders will not be able to play much role. He kills and restores the decline.


The power of the domain rose again, covering Yang Kai, and blood refining savagely rushed up.


Yang Kai’s strength came out of his body, and he fought against the domain, but he was losing ground and was quickly suppressed.


Xue Lian is already close, grinning, and roaring from his mouth.


The roar was as harsh as a sword, as if there were hundreds of sharp swords inserted into the heart, which could penetrate the soul and captivate the soul, making Yang Kai’s actions abrupt.


“Boy, you’re done!” Blood Lian shouted wildly, reaching out and grabbing Yang Kai.


“Not necessarily?” A strange smile suddenly appeared on the corner of Yang Kai’s mouth, his body shook violently, and a low roar came from his throat: “Dragon Transformation!”


The golden light was released, and pieces of golden scale armor suddenly emerged from Yang Kai’s right arm, covering all his exposed skin.


The five fingers are dazzling with golden light, and the whole big hand has become hideous and terrifying, as if it has become a dragon claw.


The power of the holy dragon spreads out.


Instinctively, there was a hint of fear in Xue Lian’s eyes, and the infinitely rising momentum on his body suddenly fell.


The power of the ancient creatures has the effect of suppressing any monster, let alone the emperor of the Holy Spirit!


Whether it is the body of the blood refining or the soul of the crocodile demon king, they are just wild aliens, and they cannot be compared with the golden holy dragon at all.


Yang Kai stretched out his right hand, with his five fingers together, like a sharp sword, he stabbed forward fiercely.


There is a small pop.


Blood Lian’s seemingly solid body was pierced directly by Yang Kai’s right hand, like a piece of tofu, without any resistance at all.


A beating sound came from Xuelian’s chest, and Yang Kailonghua’s right hand held his heart.


Xue Lian froze in place, the big hand grabbing towards Yang Kai stopped above his head, motionless, his eyes trembling violently.


“Send you on your way!” Yang Kai grinned, his right hand clenched fiercely, directly crushing the blood-refined heart.


“ You’re still a little tender!” Before Xue Lian was dying, he suddenly laughed strangely. As his heart burst, the look in his eyes quickly disappeared.


Yang Kai’s face sank, and he faintly realized that something was wrong. When he was about to withdraw and retreat, he saw a blood-red light suddenly shoot out from the top of Xue Lian’s head, without the slightest pause, rushing directly to his head .


The blood-red ray of light revealed an extremely strange aura, tearing through the defense of the sea of ​​​​knowledge and breaking into it.


“It turns out that you had this idea!” Yang Kai suddenly woke up, didn’t dare to neglect, and quickly immersed himself in his mind, manifesting his spiritual body in the sea of ​​​​knowledge.


In the sea of ​​​​knowledge, the ocean formed by the fire of divine consciousness rolled and roared.


A strange figure stood in mid-air, looking at everything around him in astonishment.


He found that it was a little different from what he imagined!


“If you plan to take away my body, then you will probably be disappointed.” Yang Kai looked at this strange figure, hehe sneered.


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