Martial Peak Chapter 1611: The soul is gone



The crocodile demon king never took the survival of the blood-smelted body as one thing.


He pretended to fight with Yang Kai in close quarters, in order to rush into his sea of ​​consciousness with the spirit body at the moment when Yang Kai’s heart was relaxed, to take away his physical body.


He’s almost there!


His divine soul spirit body broke into Yang Kai’s sea of ​​consciousness as he wished, and now he only needs to devour Yang Kai’s divine soul spirit body, he can occupy Yang Kai’s physical body and enjoy the many miraculous things in this body. .


The crocodile has this confidence. Although he has been silent for tens of thousands of years, as the years go by, his soul power has been weakening, and his soul has almost disappeared, but the dead camel is bigger than a horse, and his spiritual power is still extraordinary. The virtual return mirror can be compared.


Otherwise, he wouldn’t have given up the blood-refined body in a very short period of time.


Blood refining is also an elite in the Void Return Mirror.


But when he rushed into this scorching sea of ​​consciousness world, he felt a little uncomfortable.


“Your consciousness is actually a mutant consciousness!” The crocodile exclaimed.


“Laughing.” Yang Kai looked at him lightly, not in a hurry, his indifferent tone seemed to be gossiping with a friend.


The crocodile frowned and looked around. Soon, his eyes were attracted by a treasure island emitting colorful rays of light in the center of the sea of ​​​​knowledge. Filled with an unbelievable look, he stretched his finger to the other side, and said in a trembling voice, “Is this the legendary Wenshen Lotus?”


“Senior knows Wenshen Lotus?” Yang Kai was surprised.


The crocodile’s face sank: “This king has drunk more water than you have traveled. How could this king have not heard of Wenshenlian, such a treasure in the world?”


This kid actually has a soul-warming lotus! What surprised him most was that this Soul Warming Lotus turned out to be in a colorful form.


With this kind of treasure being nurtured in the sea of ​​​​knowledge, it is no wonder that this kid’s power of consciousness is a bit outrageous, and the sea of ​​​​knowledge is so thick. It is rumored that this thing can nourish the soul of a warrior all the time and strengthen the soul. If the time is short, you may not see any effect, but if the time is long, the effect will be striking.


Enough to save a warrior from countless years of hard work!


tens of thousands of years ago. When the crocodile was alive, he had naturally heard of Wen Shenlian. It’s a pity that I haven’t been able to see it. I didn’t expect that tens of thousands of years later, when Yang Kai was seized, I actually saw it with my own eyes.


I just don’t know whether he got this colorful form of Wenshen Lotus, or he evolved it by his own ideas.


The former is more likely! The evolution of Wen Shenlian is extremely difficult, how can it evolve into a colorful form casually?


The boy’s luck is too bad! The crocodile was filled with emotion.


He can achieve the honor of the demon king, and his own talent and blood is naturally unexplainable. He has also repeatedly obtained adventures and worked hard to have the status and strength of the year, but the opportunities he obtained are compared with Yang Kai. Just a pile of rubbish.


He looked greedily at the colorful treasure island, took a deep breath, as if to calm down his excitement, turned his head, and looked at Yang Kai solemnly. He raised his voice: “Boy, this king really underestimated you. It seems that there will be a hard fight in the future, but I don’t know if you will die or I will die in the end!”


The power of the other party’s soul is not under his current self. With the help of Wen Shenlian, the crocodile demon king has no complete confidence to devour Yang Kai’s spiritual body.


He sees the opponent as someone who can go head-to-head with him.


“I think the latter possibility is bigger.” Hearing this, Yang Kai chuckled, with a calm expression on his face, he was confident, and he didn’t have any intention of taking the crocodile demon king in his eyes.


“Boy, you are too crazy, it’s time to learn a lesson, lest you underestimate the heroes of the world.”


“Don’t believe me?” Yang Kai tilted his head to look at him, with a sneering smile at the corner of his mouth, “Forget it, I won’t talk nonsense with you, I’ll kill you sooner rather than later.”


As he spoke, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and pointed to the sky.


The crocodile didn’t know what Yang Kai was doing, and looked up suspiciously.


A very strange oval-shaped thing was imprinted into the eyes. There was a gap in the middle of the thing. At first glance, it seemed like a closed eye, which seemed mysterious.


With Yang Kai’s finger, the gap slowly cracked open.


Suddenly, a little golden light bloomed from it.


The golden light became more and more prosperous, and finally formed a beam of light, which shone down from the sky and enveloped the soul of the crocodile demon king.


The golden light seems to be mixed with colorful rays of light!


A magical power enveloped the spirit body of the crocodile demon king, making him feel unable to move, as if he was bound by this golden light.


“What’s this?” the crocodile yelled in horror.


As soon as Yuu was irradiated by the golden light, he realized that something was wrong. His soul power was like a snowflake exposed to the scorching sun, quickly evaporating and dissolving. This discovery made him pale in shock and desperately resisted.


The golden light is a little scattered, and the colorful glow contained in the golden light seems to have some signs of not being able to restrain the crocodile demon king.


Yang Kai raised his brows, revealing a look of surprise.


The World-Destroying Demon Eye is the innate supernatural power of the Great Demon God. It can produce soul-killing golden light and has a powerful restraint effect on the soul. Yang Kai has used it countless times, and it has been tried and tested.


Although the Great Demon God is only a Holy King until his death, his innate divine ability is now possessed by Yang Kai, and the power of the soul-destroying golden light is also increasing with Yang Kai’s strength.


What’s more, the current soul-killing golden light is also mixed with the power of the glazed divine light.


The glazed light has the effect of binding the body and restraining the soul, and it is combined with the soul-killing golden light, and its power is stronger than before.


Even so, he couldn’t kill the crocodile demon king in one fell swoop, which shows how pure and powerful his soul power is.


But this is understandable. After all, the crocodile is a powerful demon king. It would be unreasonable if it was so easy to kill.


Yang Kai grinned, but didn’t do anything, just a thought, and the roaring, flaming sea water rushed from all directions, turning into huge waves, rushing towards the crocodile demon king’s Spiritual body.


In an instant, the place where the crocodile was was enveloped in fiery red divine energy.


“No!” The crocodile’s screams sounded, and in the sea of ​​fire, he struggled to resist, and one after another powerful divine soul skills erupted, blasting in all directions.


“Crazy crocodile, here. I am the master! If you dare to come here, you are digging your own grave!” Put pressure on the crocodile.


Soul-killing golden light, glazed divine light. The fire of divine consciousness, the three-pronged approach, suddenly turned the world upside down in the sea of ​​consciousness.


The crocodile’s screams and roars are endless, it sounds terrifying, but no matter how hard he struggles and resists, he still can’t escape from the golden light, under the golden light. His soul power melted at an extremely terrifying speed, and his breath became weaker and weaker.


As time passed, his cry gradually weakened and his resistance became less and less intense.


Final. He didn’t respond. After Yang Kai waved his hand to calm down the tumbling consciousness and revoke the power of the World Extinguishing Demon Eye, there was only a mass of spirit energy left in the sky of the consciousness, and the crocodile had already lost his spirit!


Look at the mass of energy. Yang Kai’s eyes are burning.


This is what was left after the crocodile was strangled. It contains his understanding of heaven and martial arts, and his insight into the realm!


This is the experience of a Void King 3-layer powerhouse who has cultivated for a lifetime!


The value is immeasurable.


If he can absorb this mass of energy, Yang Kai estimates that he should be able to grow tremendously. It is very likely that you will save yourself many years of cultivation.


Thinking of this, he couldn’t wait to escape the spirit body from the sea of ​​consciousness, turned his head to look around, and came to the dead blood refining and other demon rookies, took out their inner elixir and space ring, and played a ball. The magic flame burned their bodies clean, turned around, and rushed into the cave again.


Blood Refinement, Mitian and Gale Wind are all very famous and powerful Void Returning Mirror masters on Dichen Star. It can be said that they basically represent the highest combat power of Void Returning Mirror.


Their inner alchemy is naturally extremely valuable.


Yang Kai did not use their corpses to condense the blood beasts. Now that he has enough means to deal with the enemy, the matter of blood beasts is not in a hurry.


Three inner pills equivalent to the ninth-order peak monster beasts, if used well, if used as a pill lead, three virtual king-level spirit pills can definitely be refined!


He decided to use these three inner elixir for refining medicine, which is rare for such inner elixir.


In the cave, Yang Kai sat cross-legged, savouring and absorbing the essence of the pure energy, his face was sometimes excited and joyful, sometimes dazed and shocked, and changed endlessly.


A hundred miles away from the blood prison, in the stone pavilion.


Luo Hai closed his eyes tightly, motionless.


But his mind wandered in the void, covering the entire blood prison.


Although he can’t perceive it too clearly, he can still perceive some general things.


Now his spiritual thoughts have all been put into Yaoshan.


It seems that he has discovered something. Since half an hour ago, his body has been trembling slightly, and the stormy sea is surging in the depths of his heart.


Because of the request of the old woman surnamed Lei and others, he has been paying attention to Yang Kai’s movements.


When Yang Kai entered Yaoshan, he noticed it, and he also noticed the changes in Yaoshan.


The aura of the Void Crystal hidden in the demon mountain He also noticed it.


Virtual Thought Crystal has been stored there for tens of thousands of years, and has been in peace with each other. As soon as Yang Kai entered Yaoshan, an accident happened. What does this mean? Luo Hai knew the truth of the matter almost immediately.


Virtual Thought Crystal was taken away by Yang Kai!


That is the treasure that Luo Hai is jealous of. He hides the excitement in his heart and doesn’t reveal the slightest on the surface, so as not to let people see the flaws, he is already thinking about it secretly.


He will never let go of the Void Mind Crystal left behind by a demon king-level powerhouse after his death. That is the key to his promotion to the third-layer Void King level. Maybe he can use the Void Mind Crystal. Break through the current shackles in one fell swoop and achieve the highest peak.


There were not only the demon king, but three others who fell in the blood prison back then, but the other two’s phantom crystals had already been taken away, and only that The demon king’s virtual thought crystal is quite tricky, and no one can get it.


The strong demonic aura shrouded in the demon mountain makes it difficult for any human race to break in and get close.


This time someone finally succeeded, how could Luo Hai let it go?


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