Martial Peak Chapter 655: Whoever picks it is whoever gets it



Chapter 655, whoever picks it up


After a battle, they were chased by Chu Jian for a long time. Although the two of them had plenty of real energy, their physical and mental strength was huge.


After sitting down for a while, they both entered a state of meditation.


Rapid recovery of mental and physical strength.


Two hours later, Yang Kai opened his eyes, his eyes shone brightly and returned to his peak state.


Han Fei was still leaning beside him. Although she didn’t wake up, her breath was undoubtedly much calmer.


There was an unimaginable softness from the tender body clinging to Yang Kai, and there seemed to be a natural fragrance on this glamorous woman, smelling into her nose, made Yang Kai more energetic.


After waiting for a while, she gradually woke up, aware of her gaffe, took the initiative to stay away from Yang Kai, and asked coldly, “What should we do now?”


“Let’s take a look at the environment here first.” Yang Kai stood up as he spoke, and his true essence burst out, bursting out bright rays of light, illuminating the surroundings.


Han Fei couldn’t help frowning. She didn’t like the scorching aura on Yang Kai’s body very much. This was not aimed at him, but because of the instinctual rejection of demonic energy and yang energy.


“I think I have torches.” Han Fei said something, and she took out two torches from nowhere. Yang Kai smiled slightly, ignited them with a flick of his fingers, and Han Fei took one and began to look around. .


This is indeed like Yang Kai’s previous observation, it is a huge and spacious cave.


It is more than 100 feet high, and there are more than a dozen houses inside. It is filled with extremely rich heaven and earth energy. This energy is not yang energy, but pure energy that any warrior can absorb.


The two explored the cave for a while, but found nothing, but found a passage leading to a deeper level.


“Would you like to go in and have a look? Or wait here for Li Rong to rescue us?” Yang Kai raised the torch and asked Han Fei.


Han Fei’s beautiful eyes flashed with curiosity, she hesitated for a while after hearing the words, and said, “Even if Master Li gets the news, she may not know that we are down there. It’s a rare opportunity, so let’s go in and have a look. “


“Alright.” Yang Kai smiled.


This is the forbidden area of ​​the ancient demon clan. Even the four major commanders will not easily come here, and this time without Yang Kai’s protection, Han Fei would not be able to reach this cave safely. melted.


Naturally, she was very curious about the secrets of such a place.


This is the location where the ancient demons have lived here for countless years, and the woman’s natural curiosity made her choose to explore.


Going deep down the tunnel, the surrounding rock walls are unusually strong.


I don’t know how long they walked, let alone how far they went, but the two of them still found nothing.


Han Fei, who was following behind Yang Kai, heard wheezing breaths and stumbled.


The injury that pierced her body like that would not kill her, but it still had a big impact on her.


“Let’s take a break.” Yang Kai suggested.


Han Fei was indifferent, knowing that he was thinking about himself.


When sitting down to rest, Yang Kai took out a healing pill and handed it to him. Han Fei glanced at him and took it without asking.


“You don’t have a Healing Pill on your body?” Yang Kai asked with a frown.


“We don’t know how to concoct pills, so where can we get the healing pills?” Han Fei replied indifferently.


“I didn’t say it earlier…” Yang Kai was speechless, this woman was extremely proud, she suffered such a serious injury, she would rather let it heal naturally than ask herself for a pill.


He thought that Han Fei, as one of the four commanders, should be equipped with some commonly used medicinal herbs.


“That’s so embarrassing.” Han Fei snorted, thought about it, and suddenly took out something and handed it to Yang Kai: “Do you want to drink water?”


Yang Kai was astonished and silently took the water naan that she handed over and took a few sips.


Han Fei asked again, “Are you eating?”


This time, he handed over a few fruits that Yang Kai had never seen before. These fruits contained quite a lot of energy, and at first glance they were good things.


This woman… does everything possible to repay her favor? Yang Kai stared at her blankly, and immediately understood what she was thinking.


Yang Kai shook his head secretly, took the few fruits, stuffed them into his mouth and ate them.


“You seem to have brought a lot of things.” Yang Kai looked her up and down, wondering where she hid all these things.


The Qiankun bag is a kind of secret treasure that can be used for storage. Yang Kai knows this. Since he came to Tongxuan Continent, Yang Kai has also seen the Qiankun bag on many people.


Several team leaders of the Independent Proud League have it, as well as the Charming Monster he killed.


But Han Fei didn’t, Yang Kai wondered what she used for storage.


“Well, I usually collect some and put them in the Void Ring in case of emergencies.” Han Fei explained lightly, she also took a fruit and ate it.


“Void Ring?” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, and his eyes instantly fixed on the quaint ring on Han Fei’s right index finger.


This ring is pitch-black, and it looks like it’s a few years old.


“A higher-grade storage treasure than the Qiankun bag should not be seen outside. Only some forces with a long history and a huge foundation have this kind of thing.” Han Fei explained lightly.


Looking at the Void Ring in her hand, Yang Kai’s mind flashed, and he said in amazement; “This isn’t made of Soul-Suppressing Stone, right?”


“Do you know the Soul Soul Stone?” Han Fei was surprised.


Yang Kai nodded lightly, why didn’t he know? His wordless black book, a whole book is made of soul stone.


“There is a little soul-suppressing stone, but not all of it. It is said that the Great Demon God got a large piece of soul-suppressing stone back then, and then I don’t know where to use it. There are only some scraps left. These scraps have been refined by excellent means. The craftsman, supplemented by other materials, refined several void rings, which are now kept by the four commanders.”


Hearing what she said, Yang Kai thought about it carefully and found that Li Rong and Hua Mo were indeed wearing rings on their hands.


It turns out that these rings are more high-end storage treasures than the Qiankun bag!


“Well, let’s not talk about that. I owe you such a big favor this time. I won’t think about killing you after using you, but I can’t guarantee that Hua Mo thinks so too. But don’t worry. , With the protection of Lord Li, Hua Mo will not take action against you easily.” Han Fei said suddenly.


Yang Kai nodded slightly, knowing that she said such a thing, it was a gesture of goodwill.


“I don’t quite understand why Master Li is so optimistic about you and takes care of you so much.”


“I don’t understand either!” Yang Kai shrugged, “If there is a chance another day, you can ask Li Rong for me to see what she thinks.”


Half an hour later, the two set off on the road of exploration with torches again. It seems that because of the healing pill, Han Fei’s condition is much better than before.


All the way down, the deeper he goes, the more Yang Kai notices that the nearby heaven and earth are full of energy, and it seems that there is a gathering place of energy below.


Thinking of the underground situation in the Central Capital, Yang Kai’s spirit was shocked, and he thought of a bold guess: “There shouldn’t be earth veins here, right?”


Hearing this, Han Fei thought about it for a while, then nodded in agreement, “It’s really possible.”


The two of them ignored it, and they were both excited, and the speed could not help speeding up a lot.


After walking for a long time, Yang Kai suddenly realized that the front has come to an end and there is no way out.


But on the rock wall ahead, there are some stars-like rays of light shining.


“What is this?” Yang Kai looked suspicious and stepped forward to investigate.


Han Fei also hurried forward. After seeing the situation in front of her, her expression couldn’t help but move.


The two of them stretched out their hands at the same time, running their True Qi and breaking the rock wall in front of them. Yang Kai fiddled with them for a long time, and found a fist-sized piece from the rubble, which was as pure and flawless as a gem.


Feeling the energy contained in it, and looking at its appearance, Yang Kai quickly said: “Han Fei, Han Fei, come and see, is this a spar?”


Han Fei’s expression was strange. I didn’t expect this human kid to start calling him by his name, but he was attracted by the things in his hand, so he didn’t care. After investigating, he nodded and said, “Sure enough. spar.”


“Really spar?” Yang Kai was stunned, “Such a big piece?”


He also used the spar, whether it was the spar obtained from Yunxuan of the Independent Proud Alliance or from Li Rong, it was only about the size of a walnut. It had a very regular shape and a regular volume. Unexpectedly, at the bottom of this volcano, I actually found a spar the size of a fist.


“Is this a spar vein?” Han Fei’s expression became excited, and she rushed over to look for it. After a while, she found a slightly smaller spar from the gravel. It is several times larger than the usual spar.


“It really is a spar vein!” Han Fei asserted with certainty.


“Didn’t you say that under the volcano is the Yangjing Mine?” Yang Kai was surprised.


“I just read the records from the ancient There may be an error.” Han Fei explained, “But spar is much more valuable than Yangjing, especially for our ancient demons. As a family…”


Yangjing Mine, her clansmen cannot use it, so they can only be used cheaply by Yang Kai, but the spar is different. The spar can be used by all warriors.


They have been trapped here for countless years. The spar accumulated in the Demon God Castle has long since been used up, and many people have never even seen what the spar looks like.


When people like Pan Lang learned that Yang Kai had fifty spar stones, they all became coveted.


From this, it can be seen how rare the spar is in this Mysterious Small Realm.


“It’s developed…” Han Fei muttered with a strange glow in her beautiful eyes.


Yang Kai smiled: “Whoever picks it is whoever gets it.”


“Don’t be so shameless, okay? This is the place of my ancient demon clan, and the things here should also belong to my clan!” Han Fei was a little annoyed.


“You are too greedy.” Yang Kai’s expression remained unchanged, shaking his head and said: “Since this is a spar vein, God knows how many spar, and if you don’t have me, can you move freely? I will do it now. I can leave you alone, I’ll see how you mine the spar.”


“You…you are shameless!” Han Fei finally got angry, she has been under the protection of Yang Kai’s true essence, without Yang Kai, she would even have a problem with free movement, not to mention mining spar.


“Goodbye, I’m leaving, you can stay with these crystal stones, I will wait for you to die before mining.” Yang Kai said this, waved his hand, turned around and left. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to subscribe to the mobile network (), give a reward, your support is my greatest motivation.)


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