Martial Peak Chapter 657: If he dies, you die!



When he was in the Independent Pride Alliance, Yang Kai learned a lot about the mysteries of crystal stones, and naturally he heard the word holy crystal.


A holy crystal and a spar of the same volume contain vastly different amounts of energy. The value of the former is more than a hundred times greater than that of the latter.


This is just a comparison of pure energy.


In terms of real value, the value of a piece of holy crystal is not comparable to that of spar, because spar can be seen everywhere, but holy crystal is extremely rare.


Rare is always precious!


“There is actually a holy crystal here?” Han Fei couldn’t sit still, and watched Yang Kai mining crystals, but he didn’t have the ability to store it, which was a torment, but now he actually got a holy crystal!


This is a good treasure that is of great help to experts in the Holy Land. With the Holy Crystal in hand, even she can quickly improve some of her strength.


This kind of harvest made Han Fei jealous and jealous.


Whether or not she has storage capacity is not a consideration for Han Fei. She hurriedly rushed to the wall and started bombarding.


Yang Kai was not to be outdone, and his speed became much faster.


Stone chips were flying around, occasionally catching the bombarded spar, Han Fei’s consciousness was highly concentrated, and swept over the splashed spar. I don’t care.


The true essence in Yang Kai’s body burst out fiercely. Under the control of his mind, it transformed into invisible forces, collecting all the crystal stones that Han Fei ignored, and stuffing them into the black book space.


Ding dong…


A crisp sound came, Han Fei’s eyes were fast, and she took a step forward and took a different-looking spar in her hand, felt it, her face was overjoyed, she quickly held it in the palm of her hand, and her expression was uplifted.


She also got a Holy Crystal.


But the next moment, she gritted her teeth, because Yang Kai actually harvested another piece, and he was shaking at her with his fingers.


“Wait and see!” Han Fei secretly became ruthless, her hands moving much faster.


For a time, both of them were like a demon, and they worked hard to collect.


The number of Saint Crystals is extremely rare, and only one or two pieces will appear occasionally. Even so, after an unknown amount of time, Yang Kai has earned as much as a dozen pieces, while Han Fei’s harvest More, after all, her cultivation is stronger and faster, and every time she finds a holy crystal, she will grab it first.


However, the ordinary crystal stones she mined could not be taken away, and all these were cheap for Yang Kai.


So in terms of harvest, the two are basically the same.




With a loud noise, the wall of the cave in front of him suddenly collapsed, revealing a vacuum channel, and in that channel, a wave of unsettling energy was surging out.


It seems that because the two of them have opened up the passage below, the energy here has reacted unbelievably.


Ye Chacha…


A cracking sound came from all directions.


Yang Kai and Han Fei’s expressions changed at the same time, and they all stopped their movements and stood silently on the spot, not even daring to take a breath.




The movement became louder and more violent, and stone chips gradually fell from the top of the two of them.


Yang Kai’s brows twitched, his expression gloomy, and he whispered: “Something is not right.”


“I think… we should go.” Han Fei nodded lightly.


“Let’s go!” Yang Kai shouted loudly, no longer caring about anything else, he quickly turned around, and returned as lightning.


Han Fei followed closely behind, not leaving.


The earth suddenly swayed, and the energy of heaven and earth in this corridor became extremely chaotic and unstable. The pattering stone chips and dust continued to fall from above, and the cracks became louder and louder.


Yang Kai rushed forward while observing the surrounding environment.


He knew that this was the inside of an unstable volcano, and that he and Han Fei had been wanton here for so many days, which might have caused other accidents.


And the caves under the volcano should also become unsafe.


At the juncture of life and death, the speed of the two of them was faster than the other, but in the blink of an eye, they came to the huge cave where they had rested before. The magma came into view.


“Come here!” Yang Kai shouted in a low voice, and hugged Han Fei’s waist. The wings of Yang Yan spread out, wrapping her and himself into the magma, and following the direction of the magma eruption, at full speed towards Rush above.


Driven by the violent eruption of magma, the speed of going back is several times faster than when diving in.


Boom boom boom…


The loud noise was deafening, and Yang Kai and Han Fei’s expressions were extremely solemn when they felt the huge energy with a destructive aura gushing out from the surroundings.


At the same time, outside the crater, silhouettes were suspended in mid-air, and the masters of these silhouettes exuded a powerful aura.


At this moment, these people are divided into two groups, facing each other and fighting each other.


The group on the left is the radical and belligerent Ancient Demon clan headed by Chu Jian, while the group on the right is another group led by Li Rong and Hua Mo.


Just like Yang Kai’s previous predictions, Li Rong has really been paying attention to Chu Jian’s movements. When she learned that he actually led many experts to leave her territory, Li Rong suddenly realized what he was going to do.


Immediately sent a message to Hua Mo, and also led the clan of the Demon God Castle to come to help, but unfortunately it was still a step late.


When she and Hua Mo arrived here, Yang Kai and Han Fei had already been forced into the volcano by Jian Jian, and they didn’t know if they were alive or dead.


Li Rong, who has always been kind and tolerant, has killed Chu Jian for the first time because of this!


But before the whereabouts of Yang Kai and Han Fei were not confirmed, Li Rong held back and ordered Chu Jian to help her find them together.


These days, the powerhouses of the ancient demon clan have sneaked into the volcano to find traces of Yang Kai and Han Feihu. Li Rong even went out in person, but still found nothing.


To this day, most of the ancient demons are convinced that the human and the Han Fei commander have perished in this volcano.


Chu Jian’s expression was gloomy. Not only did he not have the slightest hint of guilt on his face, but instead, with a strong excitement, he looked at Li Rong from a distance and wanted to know what she would do next.


Now that things have become serious, Xu Jian will not shy away. Over the years, he has been testing Li Rong’s bottom line, and he is also strengthening his own strength. He knows Li Rong well.


If you really want to fight here, Chi Jian is not afraid at all, and even a little eager to try.


After being imprisoned for too long, the ancient demons have almost worn out their sharp fangs. Now is the time to awaken the nature of the people and let them know that they should long for the baptism of blood.


“Lord Li…” Hua Mo’s face also looked ugly, he pondered for a while and said, “Commander Han Fei has probably really fallen.”


Li Rong’s eyes were tightly closed, her tyrannical consciousness was not at all afraid of the burning of the yang energy below, and she probed inside the volcano, but unfortunately found nothing.


Hearing Hua Mo’s words, Li Rong suddenly opened her eyes, her always dignified and mature pretty face suddenly turned gloomy, she gritted her silver teeth, her delicate body trembled slightly, her eyes hated, and she said coldly, “Chu Jian, Do you know what you have done?”


Chu Jian gave a strange laugh, nodded and said, “Of course I know, I don’t need a reminder from Master Li.”


Li Rong’s expression was indescribably ferocious, she slowly shook her head, and said in a low voice, “You don’t know. If there is nothing wrong with that human being, I will die around you! If there is something wrong with him, you can bury him here with him! “


The stern shout carried an invisible impact, Chu Jian couldn’t help but his face changed greatly, he quickly took a few steps back, waved his hand to block it, ripples spread out, and Chu Jian’s outstretched arm His sleeves suddenly turned into strands, escaping with the wind.


Chu Jian’s eyes widened a lot. Only then did he realize that this woman, who has always been very kind and tolerant, was actually stronger than herself in terms of strength!


But he was also the leader of the two-layer Saint-level realm, so he quickly stabilized his body, looked violent, and shouted: “Master Li, you don’t care about the life and death of Han Fei, you actually care about that human boy, why is this? “


Hua Mo, who was beside him, could not help frowning, with a suspicious look on his face.


Li Rong’s words really made people care. She didn’t mention Han Fei’s life or death, but she cared about Yang Kai, which made Hua Mo unable to understand the reason.


“You don’t need to know why!” Li Rong didn’t have any interest in explaining, she took a deep breath, looked up at the chaotic sky, her eyes blurred, and said softly, “You just need to know, I can tolerate your crimes. If you make any mistakes, you can even be allowed to face me with your knives and try to usurp the throne! However, you will never be allowed to kill that human being… If he dies, you will die!”


Chu Jian’s breath was stagnant. Li Rong’s words were firm and firm. He naturally knew that the other party was not pretending to be false. This time… he seemed to have violated some serious taboo!


Chu Jian shook his head I wondered if Li Rong was stupid? In front of so many people, she actually said such a thing, is she not afraid that her prestige will be questioned?


Lian Hua Mo was confused at the moment, not to mention other clansmen.


“I’ll give you three days. After three days, I want to see people in life and corpses in death. If you can’t do it, I will personally kill you!” Li Rong looked at Chu Jian coldly, Ordered the final pass.


Chu Jian felt panic for no reason, but his face was ferocious and excited, he stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, his fighting spirit was high.


He wasn’t going to take Li Rong’s orders. At this point, he was going to take action no matter what.


But before he could move, there was a violent humming sound from the volcano below. Immediately, the energy of heaven and earth became extremely dangerous, and an aura of death came out from below.


Everyone’s expressions changed greatly, and they looked down. In the volcano below, the magma was tumbling and became quite unstable.




A lava blasted out and shot hundreds of feet into the sky, turning into a lava rain and falling downward.




Soon, more magma rushed out of the crater like offline arrows, and each lava contained the power of destruction.


“Master Li, go!” Hua Mo’s color changed suddenly, and he hurriedly stopped drinking. At the same time, he quickly retreated, trying to escape from the crater. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to “This article is provided by Breaking Dawn Update Group @ Huachangkong” to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation.)


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