Martial Peak Chapter 658: Desperate Battle



The volcano that had been silent for many years suddenly erupted, and at the same time that the crater spewed heart-stopping lava, dazzling lightning suddenly flashed in the sky.


The ancient demons were dodging from the magma. Before they could react, they were hit by those lightning bolts, which instantly exploded into a cloud of blood. There were no bones left, and they died extremely miserably.


More ancient demons looked horrified, their eyes filled with fear, they quickly deployed their strength, and subconsciously fled around.


Kachacha, magma and lightning combined, and the entire volcanic area became a dead zone in an instant.


The sky is mighty!


Li Rong, Hua Mo and Chu Jian all looked extremely solemn, and they didn’t dare to stay any longer. The three of them did not dare to touch it easily.


Deep in the sky, thunder roars, and below the volcano, lava volleys.


This kind of heavenly power shocked every ancient demon powerhouse and made them tremble in their hearts.


In this Xiaoxuan world, they have never encountered too much danger, but today, they have seen it.


In a short time, Chujian and Li Rong Huamo’s team avoided the crater for dozens of miles and arrived at a relatively safe location. Speechless for a while.


Li Rong’s face was ashen, if just now she still held so much hope for Yang Kai and Han Fei’s life and death, now this hope has been ruthlessly destroyed by reality.


Under such heavenly might, Li Rong felt that it was impossible for Yang Kai and Han Fei to survive.


At this moment, two figures suddenly rushed out of the chaotic crater.


Under the interference of the magma and lightning, no one found the existence of these two figures, and everyone’s minds have been attracted by the vast heavenly might.


The moment they exited the crater, both Yang Kai and Han Fei’s expressions changed drastically.


They didn’t expect that they tried so hard to escape from the volcano, but they actually ushered in this apocalyptic scene, surrounded by the breath of death, which made people involuntarily feel a sense of panic.


“Let’s go!” Han Fei shouted, and when she got here, she no longer needed to be sheltered by Yang Kai. Instead, she ran her True Essence, wrapped Yang Kai, and led him to fly out in one direction.


Yang Kai didn’t hesitate, he quickly pulled out the bone shield and poured his True Essence into it. The animal mouth of the bone shield was savagely opened, and he was pushed above it, becoming a barrier for the two to block the deadly attack.


Boom boom boom…


The lightning struck one after another, all of which were absorbed by the bone shield, but only after receiving three or five lightning bolts, Yang Kai discovered that this defensive artifact, which had been refined into a high-grade mysterious treasure, was showing signs of being unable to hold up.


Fortunately, Han Fei’s physique is extremely flexible, and with Yang Kai, he constantly shuttles through the lava and lightning, always avoiding dangerous places.


After a while, the two finally got out of the most dangerous area.


“There is someone ahead!” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and snorted coldly, then his expression changed slightly: “It’s Chu Jian!”


“It’s broken!” Han Fei also felt a chill in her heart. She didn’t expect Chu Jian to wait outside for so long.


She and Yang Kai stayed in the volcano for at least half a month. Chu saw that this person was so patient, which was beyond her expectations.


“Get ready to run.” Yang Kai looked gloomy and whispered in Han Fei’s ear.


Han Fei nodded slightly.


Just when the two discovered Chu Jian, the other party also discovered the situation here. After seeing the figures of Yang Kai and Han Fei, Chu Jian couldn’t help but smile, “They are still alive. , Hahaha, God helped me!”


Saying so, looking at the other side of the volcano from afar, Li Rong and Hua Mo could not be seen at all.


Chu Jian’s heart was settled, he couldn’t see the situation over there, and the people over there would definitely not be able to see the situation over there. That is to say, he had every chance to tell Yang Kai before Li Rong could react. Catch with Han Fei.


As long as these two people are captured, Chu Jian will have a bargaining chip against Li Rong!


Li Rong seems to care more about this human being than about Han Fei’s commander. Chu Jian really wants to know if there is any deep meaning in it!


Not far from the opposite side, after the human and Han Fei escaped from the most dangerous area, they had already changed their direction and were swept to the side, obviously trying to escape from their field of vision.


Chu Jian sneered, without any hesitation, he directly performed the Demon Transformation.


The ferocious face was quickly covered by the dark magic patterns, which made him look more and more terrifying. The top level of the super two-layer realm has been greatly improved, and the power of blood and combat power has also increased rapidly.


With a flicker of his figure, Chu Jian stopped in front of Han Fei and Yang Kai, and said coldly, “You guys are lucky, but this time you won’t be so lucky! Han Fei, hand him over. .”


Saying so, the big hand grabbed Han Fei.


Han Fei snorted coldly, and used some force on Yang Kai’s body, tossing him into the distance, and hurriedly cast the Demon God Transformation to block Xia Chu Jian’s offensive.


Although the difference in strength between each other is a small level, Han Fei can delay it for a while with all her strength.


The last time I was hit hard by Chu Jian, it was just that the opponent suddenly showed hidden strength and caught Han Fei by surprise.


Of course, Yang Kai understood Han Fei’s intentions, and followed the force she threw out all the way, but the next moment, he was surrounded by more than a dozen ancient demon clan powerhouses.


These people were all Chu Jian’s subordinates, and they were at the peak of the Immortal Ascension Realm at the last time, and even two or three of them were Transcendent Realm masters.


Yang Kailing stood in mid-air, frowning at the enemies around him, with a heavy heart, he felt a huge pressure from these people.


“Human, come with us, Lord Chu Jian wants you to do me a favor!” A strong third-level supernatural man looked at Yang Kai coldly and shouted.


“What if I say no?” Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed into a gap, and light flickered between them.


“Then you’re going to suffer a bit.” The strong man sneered and floated towards Yang Kai with a big thorn, reaching out to grab him.


His big hand was erratic, and it was printed into Yang Kai’s eyes, but Yang Kai couldn’t see the trajectory of his shot at all. He only felt that a phantom flashed in front of his eyes, and a sense of crisis was suddenly born.


The bone shield that had been held in his hand was swept across by Yang Kai, and the few lightning powers that had just been swallowed in the bone shield shot out in the moment.




A shocking lightning bolt spurted out from the open mouth of the bone shield, and the phantom in front of him instantly shattered.


The burly man of the extraordinary third-layer took a few steps back, opened his big hand, and an energy full of evil power spurted out from his fingertips.


With a loud bang, the two energies collided and disappeared from each other.


Yang Kai did not do anything for a while, condensing all the power of divine consciousness, and ordered the divine soul sword in the sea of ​​​​knowledge, turning it into a fiery red light, attacking the strong man.


“It’s really disgusting breath!” Aware of the attributes of Yang Kai’s divine sense energy, the strong man looked disgusted and murdered.


The invisible confrontation was only for a split second, Yang Kai’s face turned pale, and a blood mist was sprayed out, and his body was a little staggered.


Even though his power of divine consciousness is comparable to that of ordinary supernatural beings, there is still some gap between him and the powerhouses of the third-level supernatural realm. Soul flies away.


And the strong man seems to have suffered a small loss.


He underestimated the attack power of Divine Consciousness Fire. After the collision, he covered his head with his hands, howling endlessly, with a painful expression on his face.


The Fire of Divine Consciousness, cultivated to the extreme, can burn everything in the world. Although Yang Kai only started to major in Fire of Divine Consciousness in the last year, after swallowing more than a dozen groups of other people’s Fire of Divine Consciousness, he attacks cannot be ignored.


“Grab him for me, I’ll crush his bones!” The strong man howled while giving orders to his clan.


Yang Kai waved his hands like a fluttering butterfly, and dozens of drops of Yang Liquid suddenly appeared around his body, turning into a sharp spear, aiming at the demon warriors attacking from all directions.




The Yang Liquid Spear blasted out like lightning.


Those ancient demon warriors have used their means to block, but under this most restrained demonic attack, some people were inevitably hit.


Their proud and powerful bodies, like paper, were directly pierced by the sharpness of the Yang Liquid Spear.


The harsh sound of stinging came, and the demonic energy and the yang energy clashed violently, purifying and melting each other, and two or three strong men of the ancient demon family were hit hard in an instant.


In exchange for the injuries caused by other attacks, they can ignore them. With their strong physical fitness, they can recover in a few days.


But this is the attack of Yang is their nemesis, the hole in the body can never be repaired unless they dissolve the Yang Yuan Qi that has penetrated into the body.


The blood is gurgling, and the fountain is as spectacular.


The remaining ancient demon warriors became more and more ruthless and cruel, ignoring the life and death of their companions, and rushed to Yang Kai’s side, and a fist that was as heavy as a thousand fists smashed down at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai only had time to condense out two more layers of Yang Liquid Shield, and was stunned by the head-to-head attack.


The two layers of Yang Liquid Shield instantly collapsed. Under the joint attack of two or three Transcendent Realm powerhouses and seven or eight Immortal Ascension Realm peak warriors, he persisted for less than a moment.


A big mouthful of blood spurted out, and Yang Kai’s body flew far away like a paper kite, falling from the sky.


“Let’s live!” The brawny man whose consciousness was slightly damaged before exhorted in a deep voice, and the others got the order and hurriedly followed after Yang Kai.


At this moment, on the other side of the volcano, Li Rong and Hua Mo finally noticed the anomaly here.


“Lord Li, there seems to be a battle over there!” Hua Mo looked strange, listened for a while, and affirmed.


“This breath…” Li Rong searched with difficulty. Because of the interference of the volcanic eruption in the middle and the lightning in the sky, she couldn’t see the situation on the opposite side at all. Keenly sensed a familiar energy fluctuation, she smiled happily: “It’s Han Fei!”


“Has Commander Han Fei died?” Hua Mo was also excited.


“If she’s fine, then that alien will be fine too!” Li Rong said, her delicate body turned into a stream of light, and hurriedly rushed over there. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to subscribe to the mobile network (), give a reward, your support is my greatest motivation.)


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