Marvel With Zanpakuto Chapter 990: Take 1 as 0





The number of zombies…increased again!


The hard evidence was in front of him, and Ah Jin’s mind was completely blank.


It turns out that the parallel universe instrument was not closed at all. If it weren’t for this, it would be impossible for so many zombies to appear continuously, regardless of whether it has anything to do with Niyuli, this time… I’m afraid Is to suffer!


If every zombie was the same as the previous five, the consequences would be unimaginable!


A Jin can no longer imagine what kind of terrifying end it will cause if tens of millions of zombies flood into the Soul Garden and the Soul Realm at once. Maybe that’s the real meaning… .end!


No wonder…that universe will be destroyed!


As many as a hundred zombie groups, black like a tide, occupied the open space in front of the ruins of the laboratory.


“Ah~~ I smell fresh flesh and air!”


“Yes, this is the new universe, and we have fresh food again, hahahaha!”


“Great, it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten meat!”


“Come on, let’s eat more before the group finds out.”


The zombies are not shy at all. They discuss in front of them how to eat them, and even divide up whose arms belong to whom, whose thighs belong to whom, whose brain tastes better, and whose internal organs are more delicate and many more.


Listening to the group of monsters discussing how to eat themselves, Ah Jin and the others couldn’t bear it any longer, and opened their mouths and spat out the acid water from the night before.


The more the zombies talked, the more excited they became. Many of them couldn’t hold back and attacked each other.


“Stop talking about this!”


At this moment, a familiar figure walked out of the zombie group, raising his arms and shouting: “This is a brand new universe, we don’t need to make noise at this time, everyone can get it, so we must unite , understand?”


“Listen, we don’t need to fight because there’s a lot of fresh flesh here!”


“As long as we work together, we can share delicious flesh, don’t fight infighting now!”


A group of zombies listened to the man’s words, quickly put down the fight, and turned their attention to them.


“They…have a leader?!”


Ajin was startled again, but his face changed drastically, and he said in horror: “Wait, this man, the Stars and Stripes suit and shield…isn’t he Captain America Steve Rogers?”


Yes, the one who stopped the infighting of the zombies and called for unity was Captain America Steve Rogers.


It’s just that at this time, he no longer has the slightest human posture, half of his head has been cut off, and he can still see the brain inside, but even so, he can still act and think.


A Jin suddenly realized something, his eyes widened, and he swept through the zombie group one by one, his face paler: “Iron Man Tony Stark, Hawkeye Barton, Thor, Hulk Hao Gram, Black Widow Natasha…”


Because of the high degree of decay of these zombies, he didn’t recognize them at first.


But after seeing Captain America, Ah Jin carefully identified it and found that almost all the zombies here were registered by the Technology Development Bureau. The superheroes in this universe are also mixed with some supervillains.


In other words…that’s a superhero universe too!


It’s just that those superheroes and villains have become the ghosts they are today!


“Hey, hey, did someone come out?”


Zombie Steve walked up with a grin, licking his **** lips, and said, “But it doesn’t matter, you will join us soon, of course, provided that…you have to be able to leave corpses left. That’s it!”




The next moment, Zombie Tony rode this armor and charged up with the Thunder Zombie Thor.


The Zombie Hulk followed, roaring and bouncing high into the air, as if a fleshly cannonball fell and the wind poured down.


“The ice dragon spins its tail!”


Hisugaya Toshiro’s eyes were slightly cold, and then he suddenly swept into the sky.


The blade edge wrapped in extreme freezing air slashed out, the water vapor condensed into an ice dragon, and the icy cold wind roared up. Following the direction of the blade’s blade, it instantly froze the zombies rushing forward.


Tony the Zombie, taking advantage of his speed, made a large circle in mid-air and swooped close again.


“Fresh body…it’s mine!” Zombie Tony’s heart jumped and cheered, looking at the figure getting closer and closer, his saliva almost filled his mouth, and he wanted to tear off a piece of meat quickly , to fill his hungry belly.


Do you want to eat his arms first, or his thighs first?


Forget it, tear off a piece of meat first, to satisfy your cravings!


When Zombie Tony got closer and closer, he could almost smell the scent of meat, but he bumped into a pair of emerald-colored indifferent eyes.


“Ice Dragon Spinning Tail Juekong!” Hitsugaya Toshiro had already noticed him, and when he approached, he turned around and the blade fell, the vanished ice dragon reappeared, and the thick ice crystal giant tail swept over .




Zombie Tony was directly hit by the giant tail and hit the ground heavily.


“Icicles of birds!” Hitsugaya Toushiro pointed with the tip of his knife, and the atmospheric moisture condensed into ice, falling from the sky like a cannonball.


The hordes of zombies were beaten and wailed, retreating steadily, as if they had the upper hand.


But the truth, is it really so?


I don’t know if it’s their illusion, the number of zombies… seems to have increased again?


From the first hundred people, there are almost four or five hundred people now, and the crowds are surging, densely packed like an ant colony.


“The number…too many!” Ah Jin screamed in horror.


No matter how strong the captain is, he can’t stop so many…Superheroes and supervillains!


And from the underground tunnel of the ruins, there are still zombies pouring out. It’s like an ant nest, creating a steady stream of monsters. The number of zombies will become almost every tens of seconds. Insane growth of times!


The space is filled with the stench and rotten breath, as if a **** giant wave is pressing down, releasing a terrifying sense of oppression.


“What are you still doing?”


Hisugaya Toshiro suddenly shouted loudly, waking up the dazed Ajin and everyone: “Your mission is to find Nimori and activate the wartime warning order, leave it to me here to stop it!”


“But… Captain Hitsugaya, you can’t do it alone!”


Ajin’s face was full of fear. He didn’t think the captain alone could stop these hundreds of powerful zombies.


“Don’t underestimate me…”


Hisugaya Toshiro let out a sigh of relief, his spiritual pressure began to soar wildly, his eyes coldly swept across the zombies: “Although the wartime warning order has not been issued, but…it is a special situation now. , you shouldn’t blame me afterwards.”




Dark clouds covered the sky, and dull thunder sounded.


The temperature between the heavens and the earth seemed to plummet by dozens of degrees at once, and the corpse and soul world in the clear sky was covered with clouds in an instant.


“Is that… a celestial phenomenon coming?!”


A Jin and the others were shocked in their looking at the figure in the sky, like a god.


Although they had heard of it before, but now they have truly realized how terrifying the fact that the legendary ice-snow-type Zanpakutō is powerful enough to manipulate celestial phenomena!


“Irrelevant people, get out of here quickly.”


Hisugaya Toshiro’s eyes were cold, and the spiritual pressure all over his body gathered to the limit, like a volcano about to erupt: “You can’t interfere in the next battle. Leave here at least 50 kilometers away.”




“I can’t guarantee that you won’t get involved with me.”


Flakes of crystal clear snowflakes fell from the cloudy sky.


As if the entire Soul World had come to winter, the cold air even made the ground ice, and the exhaled airflow turned into white air.


The whole world seemed to tremble when Toshiro Bangu stepped out.


“Swastika! Solution!”


“Big Red Lotus… Bing Lun Wan!”


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