Monster Paradise Chapter 1907: Knife League is too poor



Nyarlatto has a good show look on his face.


These bionic bodies of the sons of black goats all control the chaotic universe with a number of nearly 2 billion (billion).


Their tyranny is more than that, because their physical bodies are also bionic sons of black goats. Even the physical strength of the nine-star ruler who also controls the 2 Beijing Chaos Universe is difficult to break.


In addition to physical defense terror, their power has also reached an extreme.


Under the trampling of iron hoofs, it is enough to double the power of the power of dominance.


What’s even more puzzling is that these bionic bodies do not have souls in their bodies, so they are naturally able to restrain all soul-like means.


The messages of these bionics flashed through his mind, and Nyarlatto almost laughed.


But suddenly, the smile on his face stiffened.


Because he saw that a bionic body was directly pierced through the head by an electric light.


Then the second, the third…


The bionic bodies are like lambs to be slaughtered, and they are easily beheaded without fighting back.


Seeing this scene, Nyarlatto didn’t come back to his senses for a while.


He doesn’t quite understand why these bionic bodies are called perverted defenses, and they are like paper sheets in front of this group of people, so vulnerable.


Even their iron hoofs were so weak that they were easily defended.


“Is there something wrong with the bionic body?!”


The first thought that popped into Nyarlatto’s mind was the suspicion that something went wrong with the eggs of the black goat.


But in the next moment, He finally noticed the abnormality.


The aura of the slaughtering figure is not as weak as before, but is strong enough to crush these bionic bodies.


The aura emanating from almost every powerhouse is at least the terrifying strength of the chaotic universe over ten capitals.


“These guys… have been disguising their strength all the time!” Nyarlatto really didn’t expect that these guys had been disguising their combat power over the past few months.


He even regretted a little, why didn’t he just stay in the infinite universe to watch the battle.


Staying in the infinite universe, if there is any slight abnormality here, He can immediately detect it. And hiding in the strange domain, the transmission channel between the strange domain and the infinite universe actually has a certain impact on the observation of the divine sense.


What Nyarlatto didn’t know, however, was that Shiro’s strength wasn’t what it was from the beginning. At the beginning of their deity, they showed their true strength. The camouflage strength is after the retreat and promotion, and the combat power is increased to the same strength as the Three Pillars of God.


On the battlefield, Bai and the others completely unblocked their combat power.


Slaughtering these biomimetic black goats is as easy as killing a chicken and a dog.


The vast majority of bionic bodies were instantly killed in a single blow in front of Bai and the others.


There were only a handful of them, so Shiro and the others used the second blow.


Five hundred and twelve bionic bodies were completely slaughtered in less than half a minute.


Becomes a corpse all over the place.


While Bai and the others were busy collecting corpses, Nyarlatto projected a phantom from the strange realm.


He looked down at Bai and his group, “I remember you…”


But as soon as he said half a sentence, he pointed out the ghost face, and directly tore the phantom, “A defeated person, who has the face to run out and pretend to be B!”


Nyarlatto was so angry that his projection was smashed by the ghost face.


He didn’t dare to come forward as the deity. After all, the more than 20 guys on the opposite side were not inferior to him. If you really dispatch the deity, I am afraid that you will not be able to come back.


However, although this wave of temptations has been defeated, it is not completely fruitless.


At least, I have tested the bottom line of the strength of the infinite universe.


“The strongest, it is estimated that there are only about 20 people. But the strength of these guys is far from being enough to bring any threat to Lord Asa.”


Nyarlatto undoubtedly made a wrong judgment. He took it for granted that Bai and his group were the strongest combat power in the infinite universe.


However, there are reasons why He came to this conclusion.


The probability of tenth-order creatures appearing in the infinite universe is extremely low, and there may not be one in dozens of epochs. This era has nurtured so many tenth-order creatures, and they have all been promoted to this level. It means that it is basically unlikely that there will be excess aura to cultivate stronger ones.


What he didn’t know, however, was that the tenth rank of Bai and the others was cultivated by Lin Huang artificially.


As for the combat power, Nyarlatto himself fed it with the eggs of the black goat.


Watching the gate of the strange domain slowly closing, Bai and the others knew that Nyarlatto’s temptation was completely over.


Bai and none of them chased after them rashly, because no one knew what was behind the gate.


If Asa is awake, breaking in is equivalent to death.


It wasn’t until the secret gate was finally closed and the entire secret domain disappeared, everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief.


But everyone knows that the next attack of the abyss will be the final battle!


Dragon Emperor watched the entire war as a bystander.


Although at the back, he couldn’t even capture Bai’s movements with his spiritual sense, but he clearly saw the results of Bai’s collection of corpses again and again.


The old man Tianji, who was watching the battle from a distance, left quietly as soon as the strange domain disappeared.


After the black charcoal and the others greeted the Dragon Emperor, they all left quickly.


Everyone can’t wait to enter the next retreat, refining the “Son of the Black Goat” Divine Kingdom.


Looking at the returning white group, Lin Huang nodded with satisfaction, “The performances are all good. Especially the acting skills are superb.”


Black carbon and the others were embarrassed by Lin Huang’s praise.


“The corpse of the ‘Son of the Black Goat’, please leave a complete one for me. I will let Sasha and the others analyze it to see if they can create a similar Zerg warrior.”


As soon as Lin Huang finished speaking, Bai directly took out a corpse and placed it in front of Lin Huang.


Lin Huang nodded and continued, “After you finish refining the kingdom of God, don’t destroy the corpse. Sasha can also be used directly as a material.”


“Also, if you need any resources, you can make a list for me after the retreat. I will go to Tianji to exchange it.”


Previously, top forces such as Tianji have released the treasure house.


I don’t know how many treasure trove resources can be exchanged for the hunting points obtained by everyone in the Sword League by hunting monsters in the abyss.


When Lin Huang mentioned this, everyone was a little excited.


You must know that although some of their companion equipment is comparable to the strength of infinite treasures, they have never used infinite treasures in the true sense.


In the final analysis, it was because the knife alliance was too poor before and could not afford to equip it at all.


Even some of Lin Huang’s own infinite treasures were directly evolved from the magic weapon, and they were not bought with money later.


However, the hunting points obtained in the past few months should be enough for everyone in the knife alliance to equip.


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