Monster Paradise Chapter 1909: The old friend Xueluo



The headquarters of Snowland, hidden in a separate chaotic universe.


For the past few centuries, the Snowlands have been hidden from the world. The chaotic universe where the headquarters is located has always been hidden from the outside world.


Until recently, Asa’s crisis came. Xueyu had to be born.


The chaotic universe where the headquarters is located has finally removed its hidden state.


Lin Huang stepped into this chaotic universe and found that it was no different from other chaotic universes.


Only the star field where the Xueyu headquarters is located is covered with ice and snow.


Because he said hello before coming, Lin Huang didn’t hide his breath (just disguised his breath), so as soon as he came in, he was sensed by many **** realm powerhouses in the snowy area.


Xue Luo took a group of people and appeared in front of Lin Huang in a flash.


“Welcome the leader of the Sword Alliance to the Snow Region!” Xueluo had a small smile on his face.


“We are also old friends, so don’t be so polite.” Lin Huang also smiled and nodded.


The group behind Xueluo was full of surprise. They didn’t know how the leader of the Sword Alliance and the domain owner of their own family knew each other.


Xue Luo didn’t bother to explain, “Come and sit at Xueding Tiangong.”


Hearing Xueluo’s words, everyone behind him was stunned again.


A priest who looked like a girl seemed to be about to stop her, but was held down by a middle-aged man in a white robe beside her, and voice transmission stopped her.


Xueding Tiangong is Xueluo’s bedroom, not the place where Xueyu entertains guests.


According to common sense, guests of such specifications as the leader of the Sword Alliance should be grandly received in the conference room in the snowy area. Since the domain owner took office, he has never invited any outsiders into his bedroom.


Everyone immediately realized that this knife alliance leader seemed to really have a good relationship with the domain owner of his own family.


Of course, Lin Huang didn’t know this.


I just thought that Xueluo’s mouth of the Xueding Tiangong was the place where guests were normally entertained.


“You all go back to the headquarters first, I’ll welcome you, Alliance Leader Lin.” Xueluo turned his head and ordered.


A few people behind him bowed slightly to Lin Huang and left immediately.


“Come with me.” Xueluo said to Lin Huang after seeing a few people leave.


After saying that, she disappeared in a flash.


Lin Huang immediately followed.


When Lin Huang caught up with Xueluo, he was already above a cloud.


In front of you is a huge snow-white palace.


Xue Luo is standing on a balcony at the top of the palace, “Come up.”


Lin Huang dodged and also appeared on the balcony.


“This environment is quite quiet.” Lin Huang stood beside the balcony and looked down. As far as the eye can see, it is full of white clouds. With enough eyesight, you can also see the landscape and the city under the clouds.


“I don’t like places that are too noisy.” Xueluo also stood aside, looking down together.


“Is this your palace?”


It was only at this moment that Lin Huang realized that this was not the place where the snowy land was routinely used to entertain guests. Because except for a few maids, he did not sense the existence of other staff in the palace.


“Yeah, what’s wrong?” Xueluo nodded with a smile.


“Nothing, I thought it was the place where Xueyu entertained guests.” Lin Huang also smiled.


“Why, are you in such a hurry to do business?” Xueluo teased.


“Not at all.” Lin Huang shook his head with a smile.


After all, he is just a clone, and there is no delay.


Also, Xueluo is also an old friend to a certain extent, so it is understandable to talk to himself about personal matters.


“Thank you.” Xueluo suddenly said this for no reason.


“Thank me for what?” Lin Huang was taken aback.


“I said thank you for removing the crisis of the egg sheath.” Xueluo then explained with a smile, “Tian Ji has exposed the whole process, and even some videos have been released. Now the whole infinite Everyone in the universe knows that it was your sword alliance that lifted the scabbard crisis.”


“Oh, you said this.” Only then did Lin Huang understand what that thank you was all about.


“After seeing that egg scabbard, I once thought that the infinite universe was over.” Xueluo looked away from Lin Huang and looked into the distance of the clouds. “After coming back from there, I even specially prepared a back path for myself, hid a few reincarnation seeds, and threw them into the turbulent time and space.”


Lin Huang smiled after hearing this, “Don’t be so pessimistic. When the problem comes, there is always a way to solve it.”


“Aren’t you worried about the consequences of defeat at all?” Xueluo suddenly turned to look at Lin Huang again.


“Worrying can’t change anything, it’s better to focus all your attention on becoming stronger.” Lin Huang shook his head.


“How do I feel, you seem to be sure to win Asa?” Xueluo stared at Lin Huang suspiciously. From Lin Huang’s face, she really couldn’t see the slightest fear of Asa. .


“No one can say that they are confident before the official fight.” Lin Huang responded indifferently.


He has nothing to worry about Asa’s current strength, but Lin Huang really doesn’t know how much Asa’s clones can make him stronger.


Xue Luo also heard some clues from this answer.


“You guy, can’t you be right?”


“I really don’t know how strong Asa can be.” Lin Huang’s sentence is indeed the truth.


“Okay…” Xueluo finally gave up asking.


The two chatted for a while before Xueluo took Lin Huang back to the Snow Region.


Under Xueluo’s instructions, the girl in white robe took Lin Huang into the treasury in the snowy region.


Lin Huang selected a few items according to the list, and then left.


So far, all the treasure houses that have been made public have been raided by Lin Huang.


In fact, the hunting points of the Sword League have only been used for less than one-tenth, but the exchanged things are enough to equip all the beasts and sword servants for a circle.


Returning to the Sword Alliance, Lin Huang immediately summoned the beasts and sword servants.


Distributed all equipment and resources.


Counting the original equipment on their own, the beasts are now almost a full set of infinite treasures.


As for the sword servants, they are a full set of Chaos Treasures.


Also, Lin Xin, Lin Xuan and the others are all equipped with all the equipment.


Lin Huang himself didn’t need any of His magic weapon has long since evolved to the point where he doesn’t know how powerful it is beyond the infinite treasure.


Every time the number of Divine Kingdoms he masters is followed by a zero, the Divine Weapon in his body will evolve once. Now I don’t know what level of equipment it is.


In addition to these equipment, Sasha and the group of Queen Mothers also gained a lot.


Under the acceleration of the kingdom of God in Lin Huang’s body, it took them tens of billions of years to finally complete the analysis of the imitation of the son of the black goat.


As long as there are enough materials, they can also reproduce similar creatures, and the strength is not much weaker than the imitations bred in the egg sheath.


Time flies, and soon another week has passed.


On this day, the infinite universe vibrated violently again.


Lin Huang’s pupils shrank, and his eyes penetrated the layers of void.


He saw that in the central area of ​​the infinite universe, a dark fog-like door was rapidly condensing and forming…


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