Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 2082: Visitors from Yuluo Holy Land



Chapter 2082 The Holy Land of Yuluo


The fate of the Holy Venerable Demon Court is to be directly beheaded by the Ancient Sage of Shaking the Sky.


It is said that even the ancient sage of Wuding interceded at that time, trying to save the life of the sage.


It’s good to keep a useful body and use it to fight against those partial gods and righteous gods outside!


But he couldn’t change Ling’s killing intent.


In the end, the Holy Venerable of the Demon Court will be destroyed in both form and spirit, and the body will die.


The Chen Mozong, founded by him, was also destroyed.


Since then, the entire Xianwu Continent has been silent, and no one dared to disobey this female tyrant’s orders.


In Jiang Cheng’s eyes, Ling is just an ancient spirit full of careful thoughts. But in the eyes of others, that is the queen of life and death.


After the death of the Holy Venerable Demon Court, the other Saint Venerables of Xianwuzhou were unfortunately angered, and have been subject to more restrictions since then.


Not only are they not allowed to travel to other continents, but they are also not allowed to take action without authorization.


Unless they are attacked, or leave Xianwuzhou, they cannot attack the Holy Master and the immortals below.


Because of this ban, some of the seven saints of Xianwuzhou traveled abroad all year round, and even created new forces outside.


There are others like the Holy Venerable Yuanli, who simply passed on the position of the head to his disciples, secluded all year round and did not ask about world affairs.


I only hope that one day I can turn the Dao into a source and be promoted to the ancient sage.


Only in this way can I stand against the female tyrant and get rid of her domination.


“Indeed, we cannot go to Canglan Continent.”


“It looks like this is going to be a long-term plan.”


Several peak saint masters felt that their necks should not be as hard as that of the Demon Court saint, and naturally they did not dare to test whether Ling’s butcher’s knife was as sharp as it used to be.


“The magical power of “Vientiane Rotation” is enough to change the pattern of the Yuanxian Realm. We are bound to gain it, and we cannot afford to lose it!”


“But I’m afraid that I won’t be able to overwhelm Jiang Cheng by dispatching an ordinary Holy Master.”


Holy Venerable Yuanli said lightly: “Since we can’t go to Canglan Continent, let Jiang Cheng come over.”


“Come here?”


The eyes of the five peak holy masters lit up.


I immediately stroked my palms and laughed.






“The ancestor’s words awakened the dreamer!”


My brother, who is far away in Canglan Continent, did not know that a large web of conspiracy was being woven above his head.


His Fei Xianmen is prospering day by day. After the last time, Chang Yang, Chang Bai, Chang Xin and Chang Ling broke through the Holy Master one after another.


The appearance of four new Holy Masters in a short period of time is a great event for any sect.


However, with Jiang Cheng’s prestige ahead, their breakthroughs didn’t make much splash.


Every day people come from all over the place to flee.


After all, the current Canglan Continent is dominated by the Feixianmen family.


However, new recruits can only be admitted to either the second branch or the first branch.


If you want to be an outer disciple, you don’t see talent, but opportunity.


For example, the Tianhe Holy Master of Baixianzong, in order to break into the enemy’s interior, secretly learned “Vientiane Wheel” by the way, and also chose to infiltrate Feixianmen as a newcomer.


At first he took the alias Zhong Yu and joined the first branch.


After getting started, I made inquiries from various sources, and I specially chose a certain day when the Holy Master Changling visited the outer gate area for inspection, and performed a feat of ‘breakthrough’ from the first-level Taoist **** to the middle-level Taoist **** in front of her.


Successfully attracted Changling’s attention and received her summons.


In the subsequent dialogue, he left no trace of a thought-provoking cultivation experience, which made Holy Master Changling astonished.


No way, Tianhe Holy Master himself is the top three genius Holy Masters in Canglan Continent.


Even now, the Elder Spirit, who is precious as the Holy Lord, is far from his opponent.


Afterwards, he was naturally accepted as a true disciple by Chang Ling himself, becoming Wu Shan’s first disciple and grandson, and successfully infiltrating the inner circle of Feixianmen.


Spying on hostile sects is a routine operation.


Similar to Tianhe Holy Master, there are still many people in Feixianmen.


Not only did the local sects in Canglan Continent send a lot of spies, but even some sects in Qingmi Continent sent their disciples to hide.


It’s just that they were not as ‘lucky’ as the Holy Master of Tianhe, and they failed to gain the favor of Wushan’s master and apprentice.


Jiang Cheng doesn’t know anything about all this.


But as the fifth apprentice of Wushan, the Holy Master of Duanfeng, but he was very insightful.


On the first day that the Holy Master Tianhe worshiped Changling as his teacher, he saw through the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney of the other party. After all, everyone is the same kind.


“It’s really penetrated like a sieve.”


He gave Feixianmen the Nth bad review from the perspective of the sect master.


“The embankment of a thousand miles was destroyed in the ant’s nest. It’s a godsend that such a wonderful sect can exist safely.”


As an old leader, his strong professional instinct makes him a little disgusted.


Don’t you know you’re sitting in the crater?


It’s time to reform Feixianmen!


And it is a drastic change, and the door style must also be cleaned up.


But considering his own position, and looking at Feixianmen’s safe and sound situation, he could only swallow all these suggestions abruptly, which made him feel very uncomfortable.


Days passed, and Feixianmen finally welcomed an uninvited guest.


“We are from the Holy Land of Yuluo in Xianji Continent!”


“This is Qingyue, the third holy son of the Holy Land. Quickly let your head Jiang Cheng come out to meet him!”


After hearing the disciple’s report, the elders of Feixianmen were a little confused.


“What kind of sect is Yuluo Holy Land?”


“I haven’t heard of it.”


Limited to their strength and vision, Miaoyu and Chongwei and other local Taoist gods in Canglan Continent do not know the distribution of forces in Xianji Continent.


But they didn’t take it lightly.


“From Xianji Continent, it should be quite powerful, right?”


“Indeed, Xianji Continent, as the core of Xianwu Continent, cannot be underestimated.”


Everyone went to invite Wushan’s master and apprentice, and then they reported to Jiang Cheng.


After a while, Brother Cheng finally appeared on the main hall.


“A visitor from Xianji Continent?”


He wondered if he had nothing to do with that side. Could it be that his record spread and his reputation spread far and wide there.


So someone came here because of it?


Thinking of this, he is still somewhat proud.


“Announce them in!”


This brother sat on the throne and waved his hand casually, like an emperor receiving congratulations from a remote state.


Duanfeng and Tianhe, who were standing behind Wushan, were heart-pounding.


Others don’t know the Holy Land of Yuluo, but they have heard of them as the helms of the Three Sects and One Alliance.


That is a behemoth with a number of peak holy masters in charge of a holy lord!


Even if all the sects in the entire Canglan Continent are tied together, it will not be enough for everyone.


You’re sitting like I’m afraid it’s inappropriate?


Sure enough, the third Holy Son of Yuluo Holy Land, who was waiting outside, was immediately angry when he heard that Jiang Cheng would not come out to greet him.


“What a guts!”


“A broken sect in a remote area, dare to pose in front of my holy land!”


“It looks like this Feixianmen is not going to exist anymore?”


“Don’t be angry, the Son, don’t forget the purpose of this trip.”


(End of this chapter)




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