Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks Chapter 1007: Summon Queen 9



To a large extent the team came here, thanks to the Mu family guards and Elder Li.


Although mercenaries have rich experience, their strength is too weak, experience is useless at all, and the more they go inside, the stronger the monsters become.


When I go back, I will be killed by powerful monsters. Now I can only bite the bullet and go up.


Ning Shu was even more sure that the Mu family had a conspiracy.


It’s basically the Mu family who are protecting the mercenaries.


Ning Shu couldn’t help rubbing his arms, feeling the coldness blowing towards his face.


“Bibo Hantan is coming.” The always calm Miss Mu’s voice contained excitement.


Everyone quickened their pace, and the scenery in front of them changed, and they saw a misty pool.


There is a lotus flower in the middle of the pool, and there are three Penglian lotus.


“Old Li, there are actually three Penglian this time.” Miss Mu’s voice was a little high.


A lotus has nine lotus seeds, so there are actually twenty lotus seeds now. One lotus seed is hard to find, let alone twenty lotus seeds.


Ning Shu felt that there were very dangerous eyes staring at them, causing people to stand upside down.


How many powerful monsters are there.


And Ning Shu doesn’t believe that there is no danger in this cold pool.


Ms. Mu took the lead in rushing over to Hantan, and she summoned her own summoned beast. Her summoned beast was a gorgeous and huge bird.


The bird looks like an enlarged peacock.


She jumped on the bird’s back, holding a delicate dagger in her hand, the blade gleaming coldly, intending to fetch lotus seeds from the air.


As soon as Miss Mu flew to the top of the cold pool, the water in the pool boiled, and fish with sharp mouths all turned blue and rushed towards Miss Mu.


Ms. Mu took a dagger and killed the fish that rushed towards her. The dead fish fell into the pool, and the fish in the pool immediately went to grab the body, and the pool water was dyed red.


“Elder Li.” Miss Mu squatted on the bird’s back and shouted to Elder Li by the pool.


Elder Li released his summoned beast, and the big snake swam to the cold pool and spat out the people in his belly. These dead people were mercenaries who died before.


The big snake vomited people, and the strange fish in the cold pool seemed to be hungry. The dense fish surrounded the corpses. Under the eyes of everyone, the corpses were gnawed into **** bones at once. .


It’s so brutal.


This little fish is so powerful, so there are no monsters coming out of the dark.


This is a dangerous place.


Ning Shu didn’t know if she could run out with her own strength.


The fish that ate the corpse tumbled violently in the water pool, and soon turned white and died.


So dead?


Ning Shu was stunned for a moment, then glanced at the coiled snake, snake venom! ! !


Without the interference of the strange fish in the cold pool, Miss Mu cut down the three lotus flowers with a dagger and put them away.


As soon as Miss Mu harvested the lotus seeds, a monster jumped out immediately.


A bear, and a bloodthirsty spider emperor, with a huge body, the most obvious being a huge abdomen, which is full of spider silk, and it is also poisonous spider silk, and the limbs are full of fluffy downy, look It is extraordinarily infiltrating.


As soon as this bloodthirsty spider emperor came out, it stinks.


And a tin bull.


Ning Shu: What the hell…


How does this work?


Ning Shu stepped back silently.


This situation must be escaped.


As for the lotus seeds, Ning Shu raised his head and glanced at the peacock flying in the air. Miss Mu stood on the back of the peacock, and it seemed that there was no hope.


“Lao Li, we’re leaving soon.” Miss Mu called to Mr. Li, throwing two lotus seeds to Mr. Li at the same time.


Old Li caught the lotus seeds, glanced at the monster that was about to riot, and set his eyes on the mercenary who was trembling with fright, and then his summoned beast swam towards the mercenary, facing the mercenary alone. took a bite.


The bitten mercenary cried out immediately, and Mr. Li stuffed the lotus seeds into the mercenary’s mouth.


Ning Shu reacted almost instantly and was about to run away.


This snake is highly venomous.


Ning Shu saw the mercenary with a scar on his face out of the corner of his eyes, dragged him and ran away quickly.


Old man Li saw Ning Shu escape, his face was a little ugly, he put the two lotus seeds into the mouths of the two mercenaries, and then his summoned beast rolled around him and ran away without a trace.


Lao Li almost finished all these things very quickly.


And the mercenaries who were bitten by the serpent were foaming at the mouth.


Don’t think that monsters are stupid. If you cultivate, you will naturally open up your intelligence. You have to live a long time to grow your intelligence.


Three powerful monsters trampled directly on the corpse of the lotus seeds that had been fed, and wanted to dig out the lotus seeds.


Li Lao wanted to let these monsters devour the poisonous bodies of the mercenaries.


But the three monsters only have two lotus seeds.


How to divide?


In short, the human routines and monsters may not be able to escape.


The atmosphere of the three monsters became tense.


Getting a lotus seed can make one’s strength soar.


Ning Shu pulled the mercenary for a while and stopped, she didn’t dare to run around in the jungle.


Danger is everywhere.


Ning Shu panted slightly, and the scarred mercenary sat down and gasped.


As expected, the mercenaries were used as cannon fodder, but the loss of two lotus seeds was really annoying.


“Thank you for saving me.” The Scar Mercenary said to Ning Shu, panting.


“It’s alright.” Ning Shu waved his hand, this person gave her a bottle of medicine before, just save it if you can.


“The two of us are left alive now.” Ning Shu said, “We will find a way to get out.”


Speaking of this, the Scar Mercenary’s face was not good, “We may not be able to get out, there are too many powerful monsters.”


This is not yet the center of the Death Mountains, and the chances of them surviving are relatively small.


“Let’s take one step at a time.” Ning Shu thought for a while, “Why don’t we go back to Hantan.”


“What are you going to do when you go back, the beasts are so powerful, we will die when we go back.” The Scar Mercenary disagreed.




Ning Shu vaguely heard a shrill sound of a cow, which sounded like the bark of a feral ox.


It stopped after two shrill calls, and the birds in the forest were startled.


“Is the iron bull dead?” Ning Shu asked uncertainly.


“The Bloodthirsty Spider King will spin silk, and it’s hard to escape if she gets caught, but her body is fragile.” said the scarred mercenary, “I don’t know what to do now.”


Ning Shu felt a slight tremor under his feet, which should be the bear.


Mom, you can hear the movement from such a distance, these beasts are simply powerful weapons, and compared to humans, they are simply too fragile.


“Get this on your body. This is the most disgusting smell of Warcraft. It was extracted from plants by pharmacists.” The Scar Mercenary took out the bottle and poured green liquid onto his skin. Then give the bottle to Ning Shu.


As soon as Ning Shu took the bottle and smelled it, she couldn’t take it anymore. The smell was really indescribable.


Ning Shu poured a little and rubbed it on his body, and the tip of his nose was filled with a strange smell.


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