Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks Chapter 2047: Perspective 25



The hands are cold in the summer, Mo Ming really has no anger at all, so he covers his chickens when it is cold. Of course, Ning Shu would not say this and asked, “Would you like to get you some warm water? bag.”


“The warm water bag is too hot again.” Mo Ming’s voice was nasal, and he didn’t do anything other than cover Ning Shu’s hand.


Ning Shu put his hand on the back of his hand and asked, “Are your feet cold?”


“Cool.” Mo Ming said.


Ning Shu slipped under the quilt and put his feet on Mo Ming’s. There was a cool air, but it was cool in summer.


Mo Ming’s body’s anger and energy have been leaked, and his body can’t contain any energy at all, so this is the situation now, and he still needs regular injections to ensure the nutrition the body needs.


Tough doll.


“Is it warm?” Ning Shu asked.


“It’s much warmer.” Mo Ming closed his eyes slightly, and fell asleep again after a while.


Mo Ming is the **** of sleep. He can fall asleep while sitting. When he falls asleep, his body consumes less energy.


It’s a form of self-preservation, like a snake hibernating.


Ning Shu gave Mo Ming a pulse, but he was still dead, and gave Mo Ming a touch of spiritual energy.


She has tried her best to prolong Mo Ming’s life, but she doesn’t know how long Mo Ming can last. As long as Zhao Liang’s clairvoyant is free from Zhao Liang, her mission is completed and she can leave.


Now Zhao Liang is lying in the hospital. He hasn’t opened rough stones for a long time, and he hasn’t been to the casino for a while.


Although there is money in hand, it is a mountain to eat. When there is no money, Zhao Liang will go to open the original, which is full of top-quality jade, and a sum of money can easily be obtained.


It is estimated that very few people dare to provoke Zhao Liang. The chief visited the doctor, and the second ancestor who bullied Zhao Liang before was pressed by the elders at home to visit the hospital.


Of course Zhao Liang chose… not to forgive these bastards.


Even if these parents give gifts and money, it’s all for the boss’s face, but Zhao Liang doesn’t care about this money, let these people get out of here with this money.


Fortune and misfortune depend on each other. Although Zhao Liang lost a finger, I am afraid that someone who wants to deal with Zhao Liang in the future will have to worry about the head of the military region. The name is there, and many places can travel unimpeded.


Have someone to help you.


Ning Shu’s idea was to let Zhao Liang play in the hospital every day.


In addition to Mo Ming’s conditioning every day, and then paying attention to the news sent by the private detective, the private detective alone made Ning Shu spend a lot of money.


This Qian Ningshu didn’t use the Mo family’s money. Although Mo Ming’s father gave a card to swipe at will, the swipe is also recorded.


When they got married, the Rou family also gave a lot of money, which was a necessary expense for private investigators, so as not to be blind.


Ning Shu makes soup for Mo Ming in different ways every day, and Mo Ming can drink half a bowl of soup, so Mo Ming’s mother can rest assured that the soup cooking business will be handed over to Ning Shu.


For the sake of this soup, Ning Shu really used all the skills in his life and felt that he had become a soup maker.


Not only did Ning Shu get news from private detectives every day, but Yu Linger also used Ning Shu as her support. When there was some movement in the hospital, Yu Linger called her.


Yu Linger cried and told Ning Shu how hard she was, Zhao Liang’s health was up and down, and her fingers couldn’t be protected.


At that time, Zhao Liang will be blamed on her head. It has to be said that Yu Linger still understands Zhao Liang’s character relatively well.


Ning Shu directly said that Zhao Liang had a problem, so he should notify his family and ask his family to sign, and he was also an immediate family member. Yu Linger just wanted to sign, but she couldn’t sign it. Mao is not related, boyfriend and girlfriend, and the law Do not recognize the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend.


Yu Linger cried even more sadly, “Zhao Liang has been keeping the family’s injuries a secret. If he informs his parents, then it will still be my fault.”


Ning Shu:……


“Doesn’t Zhao Liang have so many confidantes, you’re tired of taking care of him alone, wouldn’t it be good to call those confidantes over to take care of them together?” Ning Shu came up with an idea, the more messy the better.


I just want women to quietly wait to be pampered, but people also have emotions, and there will always be trouble.


“I don’t want to see those women.” Yu Linger said directly.


Ning Shu:……


“Then you’ll be tired. It won’t work, it won’t work, and I don’t know what to do. I’m going to make soup, and I’ll hang up.” Anyway, she didn’t want her signature.


Zhao Liang’s situation is good and bad, but she can’t keep her fingers. Yu Linger doesn’t want to take these responsibilities, and Zhao Liang will complain at that time.


“It’s Yu Linger’s phone again?” Mo Ming took out a flower from the basket, trimmed it with scissors, and inserted it into a plain vase.


He moves slowly.


Ning Shu nodded, “It’s that girl, right, she was temporarily blinded by lard,”


“She is willing, nothing in the world is worth the three words I am happy.” Mo Ming said lightly, “Try to contact her as little as possible, it will be deeply involved, and she will blame you in the future.”


“Understood.” Ning Shu took the scissors and began to trim the flowers.


Mo Ming glanced at Ning Shu, “You seem to…”


“Well, you said.” Ning Shu inserted the flowers into the vase.


“You seem to be paying more attention to Zhao Liang.” Mo Ming said.


Ning Shu’s expression remained unchanged, “I’m more concerned, I’m concerned about why he can suddenly soar into the sky, I’m actually just like Du Jun and the boys, I’m more curious about how Zhao Liang can extract from so many rough stones. Select the rough stone that contains the finest jade.”


“Those who have been in the casino for a lifetime can’t do it. It’s almost a chance.” Ning Shu did not deny that he was paying attention to Zhao Liang.


It is impossible for people to do things without showing a little bit of tricks. Ning Shu said: “Maybe it is such a skill that Zhao Liang soars into the sky.”


Mo Ming’s tone was light, “It’s just a moment of luck. Sometimes when the opportunity comes, you can’t hide. That person has the luck to rise.”


It’s not a moment of luck, luck always runs out one day, but Zhao Liang’s luck has always been so good.


“Okay, I’m just curious.” Ning Shu said, “But he doesn’t have any experience in appraising treasures, and he can even tell whether something is true or false. He doesn’t know what it’s called, but he can tell the difference between true and false. , don’t you think it’s strange?”


“There are so many strange things in the world, maybe it’s because of your attention to him, that the man thinks that you have an affair with him.” Mo Ming put down the scissors, looking a little sleepy, “There are personal opportunities for individuals. , don’t care about others.”


Ning Shu sighed, Mo Ming just saw through the vicissitudes of the world.


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